No Members of Congress Representing McHenry County Received FTX Cripto Cash

Dick Durbin, 2014.

In fact, the only national legislator who got a campaign contibution from Sam Bankman-Fried or his employees was U.S. Senator Dick Durbin.

Bankruptcy lawyers have sent notices such donations should be returned for process in bankruptcy court by the end of February.

Democrats and Republicans who received FTX cripto cash can be found here.


No Members of Congress Representing McHenry County Received FTX Cripto Cash — 11 Comments

  1. I wish they hadn’t arrested the crypto geek.

    I was kinda enjoying the lib gab shows and media curating ‘save the planet’ Sam and his multi- billion oopsie, after breaking every fraud law known to man.

  2. As we in Illinois know well – criminals of a feather flock together and that includes Dirty Dick Durbin, AKA D3.

  3. Cmon Abe, Durbin took his skim off our taxpayer dollare up front from Ukraine.

    Others waited for our tax dollars to buy FTX Coins thru Ukraine and the Scam Bankman Fraud to skim and donate tax dollars back to corrupt politicians.

    There are billions missing and SBF has no clue where it is because he used QuickBooks to track billions of dollars.

  4. McHenry County is too much rural America, too small town, too much flyover country for the money people to care about.

    That is the element of recent “populism” that is true.

  5. Martin, your analysis is unsound.

    The elites wrecking the country are far wirse than anti-ruralists.

    They are rootless cosmopolitans, Davos types, who are basically hypocrites/thieves/liars and who belittle people like me ‘clinging to my guns and Christian religion.”

    They are much like tapeworms.

    They are also state terrorists who engage in outright terror on a gigantic scale.

    SeymoreHersh justdropped this bomb in the Nordstream 1 + 2 sabotage:

    Not all Jews, of course, are neocon crazies . And not all neocons are Jews (like Bolton or the traitorous Cheneys, Kinzinger or Dubya).

    But the overwhelming majority are Jews. And they aretrying to trigger WWIII.

  6. LOL Nova. I posted that link in another thread. Is this one of the Davos Elite’s you’re referring to? A guy with no medical degree btw that is pushing death jabs on the masses. Now go buy your electric car.

    And don’t worry, most won’t want to know the US was behind blowing up those pipelines. The media told them Russia blew up their own pipelines. Case closed. LOL again. Bring on the cognitive dissonants like good ole Porkboy and Monk.

  7. Durbin is another of leeches in government that NEVER had a job in private industry, never had to make a payroll, never had to borrow money to keep things going or to grow.

    He, along with Biden, Obama, Harris, Schumer and more, all millionaires. When will the commonfolk vote in their own best interests and not the corrupt politicians.

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