Pritzker Supporting School and Library Board Candidates — 10 Comments

  1. Your library’s and schools are going to be like those Altweekly newspapers, that only survive because of the message parlor and escort service ads.

  2. JB is scared like all the other libs. Bet he can’t even name a school district since he was probably away at a boarding school or in a private school.

  3. That’s why I support Putin.

    Ukrainian bodies are stacking up for what exactly? Gay pride parades in Kiev and jewish hate for Russia which cast them and their Marxist mayhem out?

    So Russia can be plundered by jewish oligarchs and banksters as in the 90s?

  4. Still no news from the federal government on their 2.6 year-old investigation of Pritzker’s toilets. They are investigating when Pritzker allegedly disconnected the toilets in one of his mansions to avoid paying his fair share of real estate taxes. You have to wonder when Pritzker and his wife go to that house how they handle numbers 1 and 2.

  5. Bred – the investigation is focused on the city/county permitting and assessing regime and staff that allowed it to happen.

    The Pritzgers paid back the $360k or so they avoided.

  6. where is the FBI on the tapes of him trying to buy a job from B???? again criminal F.T. he is.. we are ruining his chances to run for PREZ…

  7. We all were better off with Madigan in charge of the Democrat party sadly.

    Madigan kept the ultra left somewhat neutered and in check.

    Fatso has the $$$ and no restraints on liberalism/socialism.

  8. Fatso Kosher Pig has a device to wipe his own rear which he can’t reach.

    Is he going to order the His gestapo, the Illinois State Police to hunt down and silence terrorist parent who don’t cotton to 1st grade drag trans spectacles.

  9. I think Pritzker might be getting a bad rap on the toilets.

    The median useful life of a toilet that JB does his business in is between three and four months.

    It’s entirely possible that they all just happened to break at the same time.

  10. Billy bob, billy bob. You need to explain. Who the H disconnects their toilets? To save many thousands on their real estate tax bill? WHO? Who would stoop so low? The mostly corrupt media refuses to follow up and cover this. Of course most of the media is in the tank for democrats and democrat politicians.

    If fat governor runs for president, is there any media that will bring up toilets?

    If Pritzker does run, he could have a Democrat dream team VP of Woopi Golberg and him. Woopi has a huge following on her teevee show.

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