School Board Candidates Tout Candidacies in Trout Valley

We the People, McHenry County held a precinct training session and school board candidates event in Trout Valley Sunday afternoon.

The following is from a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

The agenda for the Trout Valley event.
Bruce Johnson
Johnsburg’s Donald Kirk, running for the McHenry County College Board.
Courntey Hand, running for the Crystal Lake Grade School Board.
Crystal Lake Grade School Board candidate Kerri Johnson.
Crystal Lake High School Board candidate Kath Goergs.
Crystal Lake High School Board of Education candidate Kath Goergs affresses the crowd.
Cary Grade School Board candidates D26 Loraine Perry and Nancy Swart.
Huntley School District candidates’ campaign literature and buttons.
Huntley School Board candidates Andrew Bittman, Laura Murray and Michael Thompson.
District 300 School Board Candidates Dr. Laurie Parman and former Republican State Rep. candidate Connie Cain.
Connie Cain speaks to those assembled in Trout Valley.
Carl Kaminski, Karen Tirio, Tim Beck and Jacqueline Garretson.


School Board Candidates Tout Candidacies in Trout Valley — 26 Comments

  1. Terrific Bruce Johnson & wife opening up their home for this Sunday afternoon event, taking advantage of the week before the Super Bowl.

    The D300 pic with school board challengers Dr. Laurie Parman & Connie Cain, CPA should have a disclaimer that only 1 of them could win, even if they are the top-2 vote getters on April 4, due to township residency.

    Speaking of the Super Bowl, are any April 4 candidates hosting a Super Bowl party Sunday?

  2. I wonder if Donald practiced that pose. Donald! You look like you’re acting!

  3. These day care centers for your dopey kids, have turned into a 4th branch of government.

  4. Why do the men at these political event dress like slobs?

    Not to single out these two gentlemen, but c’mon…get some nice clothes!

    Stop dressing like you just woke up, got out of bed and just fed the chickens.

  5. My comment is directed to all male politicos at these events….not just these two gentlemen. I didn’t intend on singling out these two. I don’t even know them.

    The women dress nicely and appropriately.

    Why do the men at these event look like disheveled slobs? At EVERY political event.

  6. CLM what specifically you talking about concerning the men’s apparel at Bruce Johnson’s event?

    Only thing men have in common is they are wearing denim jeans and the women are not. One guy not wearing his shirt tucked in, but that’s it.

    Sounds like someone in the 90s who used to like casual Fridays, but made an unwritten rule workers could not wear denim jeans of any color.

    That’s when the term “business casual” became vogue.

    I’m sure at a public event meeting voters, both the men and women will dress appropriately.

  7. How about no jeans, nice collared shirt, tucked in, tie preferred, nice shoes, hair well kept, no hats indoors, a jacket less than 2 decades old, (and from other pictures/events): no stains, holes, dirt, foul language on the shirts, no t-shirts, no rotten gym shoes….just to name a few.

    We look like hillbillies.

  8. We look like hillbillies.

    This is mchenry county, remember people moved here in the 60’s to get away from Chicago, others have been here for longer, perhaps they are just dressing comfortable and would be phony if they were to clean up as you imply.

    HillBillie lives matter!

  9. BTW People will show up at church, funerals, and weddings wearing jeans and flip-flops. Society has been doomed for a long time now.

  10. Yes and Andy’s restaurant in Crystal Lake should get a sommelier, but for meth.

  11. CLM and Cindy,

    Well, when April 4 campaign season begins in earnest, and that date is February 23 when early voting and vote-by-mail begins, that’ll be the time to strongly encourage the men who are candidates to dress no less than business casual.

    Cindy mentioned church, and the event at Bruce Johnson’s home started at Noon on Sunday. Assuming all the men attending Sunday went to church in-person Sunday morning, did most/all these guys go home after church and change?

    Also, remember last fall, 7 incumbemt men (0 women) lost their bids for reelection to the McHenry County Board (5 Republicans, 2 Democrats, and one of each was an appointed incumbent).

    Could the fact the men were not snappier dressers be a reason for their losses?

    Something to think about.

  12. When I was knocking doors I did an experiment.

    One week I wore khaki pants and a polo with dress shoes and the next week I wore jeans with a button up.

    I remember more people being responsive to jeans and a button up than “business casual”.

    This all comes down to “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

    Best of luck to those trying to make a difference.

  13. ANDREW!!!

    Knocking on doors, nobody wants to answer a guy in a suit!

    That is the MOST ridiculous comparison you could EVER make!

    You’re not even clued into the reality of this conversation.

    You completely failed to see the point here.

    And John?

    Your reading comprehension leaves a bit to be desired.

    I didn’t mention ANYTHING about ANY event pictured.

    Do NOT ever try to put words in my mouth!

  14. Cindy, don’t try to talk tough when you can’t back it up.

    You seconded what CLM said. Next time be clear.

  15. This place is insane. The comment I seconded is not here any longer.

    Because Cal would NOT listen and STILL uses unreliable apps that cause his site and posts to NOT be answerable there are a few hours to days delays in postings. You cannot carry on any kind of conversation when there are such delays.

    John Lopez?

    YOU are a moron to say such a thing to an old woman.

    How dare you speak to a great-grandmother like you are some kind of street thug threatening me!!

  16. Cindy, No I wasn’t acting, actually I was embarrassed because I wasn’t totally prepared that day, I like to practice my speech until I have it down pat, something I learned at the Speech class I took at MCC while working on my Associate Degree years ago.

    I really didn’t want my pic taken at that point.

    It all turned out well anyway.

    I can tell you this, I won’t be acting when I’m elected to the Board in April.

    I will be a solid Conservative voice to keep costs down so that students can still receive a quality education at a reasonable price.

    To me, McHenry County College is a “treasure” in the County.

    While other community colleges were losing enrollment, MCC was gaining students.

    MCC has one of the lowest tuition rates among community colleges in the state, and is one of only a handful that offer industrial arts classes.

    I want to make sure MCC reflects the values of the County’s residents and doesn’t turn into a cultural center for those who somehow feel marginalized.

    Conservative values put MCC where it’s at, I will work to keep it that way.

    BTW, I think the comments on the men dressing more “business casual” is well taken.

  17. My “old woman” Cindy, “When Lindbergh landing in Paris” jokes, must have missed.

    But my God, is she like “23 skidoo” old, pre-Civil War or post?

    Please advise.

  18. We are in an era of undisciplined slobs.

    People dress, eat, and act like slobs in restaurants.

    Men in dirty clothes wearing baseball hats, people who can’t bother to dress any differently for court than for fishing.

    And manners?

    Remember the outrage when some guy yelled out during Obama’s SOTU, and the guy ended up censured by the house?

    Since then, it is the new norm: democrats yelled at Trump, republicans yelled at Biden.

    Unsurprisingly, children see this trend (and saw even more of it at home when schools were remote) and act accordingly.

  19. Going door to door I recommend not wearing gear from a sports team.

    It shouldn’t matter, but you can get off on the wrong foot if the person doesn’t like your team.

  20. Gary Mader is right. Sports teams are tricky… unless it’s a local high school. My CG gear worked well for me – so did my Navy and Air Force sweatshirts.

    Also going door to door in bad weather seems to make people more receptive.

    D2D wins.

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