Crystal Lake Police Accredidation Process Offers Continuing Way to Offer Comments

From the Crystal Lake Police:

Crystal Lake Police Accreditation Public Comment Portal

Crystal Lake Police squad cars parked at City Hall.

Crystal Lake, IL – The Crystal Lake Police Department is a nationally accredited law
enforcement agency through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies,
Inc. (CALEA).

A portion of this accreditation includes the opportunity for individuals to submit

  • comments,
  • commendations and
  • other information

regarding the quality of service or other information related to the accreditation process.

This was previously done every four years but is now available on a continual basis on the Department’s website. [Emphasis added.]

The portal can be found at


Crystal Lake Police Accredidation Process Offers Continuing Way to Offer Comments — 10 Comments

  1. LOL…they didn’t ask so many citizens of the city.

    The CLPD is a fraud, a joke, a political sewer.

    The upper brass are vile human beings.

    Their legacy is one of disgrace, dishonor, and politican SWAMP.

    Linder and Comey are “brethren”.

  2. The City of Crystal Lake Police Dept. Was misrun for years by the crooks called Nygren and Linder.

  3. He lives on as Randy Funk’s investigator of Andrew Gasser and has not finished his report started shortly after Funk took office in 2021.

  4. Ifhe does, wouldn’t you think it would be in the report Linder refuses to finish?

  5. Funk is likely doing an investigation regarding Miller, his secret bank accounts, debit gift cards, nepotism, bonuses and other issues.

    Kenneally looked the other way and refused to prosecute.

    A question I’d look into is who were Miller’s biggest political supporters and campaign funders?

  6. Miller being the center of Linders investigation rather than Gasser.

  7. Obviously Linder hasn’t completed his investigation.

    The question is who were Miller’s biggest supporters and political contributors and how were they connected to Kenneally?

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