Poll Findings in Chicago Mayoral Race

Not that I care who wins the Chicago mayoral contest, but I thought some readers might be interested in the recent poll by the the Chicago Sun-Times, etc.

4% margin of error.

Chicago mayoral candidates.


Poll Findings in Chicago Mayoral Race — 8 Comments

  1. A sordid collection of moronic mopes, DEMOCRAT grifters one and all.

  2. You have to be careful about the “margin of effort”. Story of my life.

  3. How droll, Citizen Editor.

    Actually, your comment on my mistake brought forth a gale of laughter.

  4. all libtards but can’t wait to see how stupid chi town voters are and to see if they vote back in racist beetle juice again..

  5. The only things missing are pictures of my big ass and Kenneally. Most when comparing them say ‘Twins?’

  6. Getting rid of Lightfoot would be progress.

    My guess is considering the source and the large “undecided” vote, this poll is undercounting the Vallas vote.

    To prevent a Lightfoot vs. Vallas run off that Vallas could win, I think liberals with gravitate toward Chuy and abandon other candidates as the election gets closer.

  7. But Wilson is leading every Black ward.

    Sad for Beetlejuice. Her winged monkey police chief will soon retire to avoid a firing, then you’ll know Team Beetlejuice is doomed.

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