Village of Algonquin Releases Citizen Survey Results

From the Village of Algonquin:

Algonquin Village Board Reviews Community Survey Results

Residents give high praise for quality of life and municipal services

ALGONQUIN, IL – The Algonquin Village Board recently evaluated the outcome of the 2022 Algonquin Community Survey, which has been conducted annually for the past eleven years.

The survey aims to gather feedback from residents on various aspects of quality of life in Algonquin, and to gauge their perception of the quality and significance of municipal services.

Residents expressed high approval in several areas including: your neighborhood as a place to live (95.2% positive rating), Algonquin as a place to live (94.8% positive rating), and Algonquin as a place to raise children (91.1% positive rating).

The highest rated Village services by residents include: 911 services; garbage collection; recycling; online payment options; and responding to citizen calls. Since the Village started conducting the annual Algonquin Community Survey, the quality of life and services offered to residents has increased 8.7%.

“Our goal as the Village Board is to make sure our residents have great services they can  rely on,” said Village President Debby Sosine. “We’re happy to see that our residents recognize these efforts.”

Furthermore, the following areas have seen the greatest advancements since the survey began in 2012: ease of car travel in Algonquin (29.4% improvement), employment opportunities (29.2% improvement), and traffic flow on major streets (28.7% improvement).

“Making it easier to travel around our community is important,” said Village President Debby Sosine. “Investments we’ve made to our local roadways and the completion of regional transportation projects will continue to have a positive impact on our community.”

The Village’s annual operating and capital budget is based on input from the Algonquin Community Survey to set goals and allocate resources.

The proposed budget for 2023-2024, which is currently being developed, will propose additional funding to improve the Village’s transportation network, park facilities, and water and sewer system.

To access the 2022 Algonquin Community Survey Report, and also previous results and the Comprehensive Results Dashboard, please visit


Village of Algonquin Releases Citizen Survey Results — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve been in the Algonquin WalMart and I don’t want to pile-on Illinois fattest State status.

    But is that “94.8 % positive rating” residents gave by count, or “94.8 %” by volume?

  2. BS poll.

    How many public ‘servants’ took the poll over 50x

    Even the Soviets’ rigged elections with uncontested races never went that high.

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