Message of the Day – An Editorial Cartoon — 6 Comments

  1. Honest Abe, let’s be honest.

    What about these crooked RINOs:

    Ogilvie: Liar and Fraud. Introduced state income tax after promising he wouldn’t. OK’d decriminalization of homosexual acts.

    Ryan: Corrupt, convicted felon and capital punishment eraser. “Special Friend” of Fidel Casto w/ a statue in Havana to prove it. Blocked from a Nobel Peace Prize by supporters of John Paul II in the Norwegian selection committee.

    Rauner: A piece of reeking sh–, Sanctuary State creepoid, Zionist, Rahm’s pal, forced taxpayers to pay for abortions, illegal alien college tuition.

    Edgar: Fraud, liar and scum. Claimed George Ryan introduced corruption into Sec. of State office. Unindicted MSI co-conspirator.
    Abortion ghoul who worked against conservatives in the GOP. Golf cheat and gun grabber. Likes his marijuana and visited Madigan IN BRAZIL. But why?

    Jim Thompson: closet case homosexual, East Bank Club sauna-predator, 9/11 Commission cover up prostitute. Taxaholic. Special visitor to the Clinton Whitehouse (5 times), for what? Blocked many IL corruption investigations. Madigan buddy. Late term abortion AOK, 9 months good, too,

  2. Dingo – Now let’s be honest.

    Which political party is and has been in control of Illinois for decades?

    Which political party is and has had control of Chicago for many, many decades ?

    Time to stop living in the past and begin acknowledging the present.

  3. I just got to get me one of dem dar journalism degrees.

    Than I could be expert on Economics, Medicine, Philosophy, Law and now Philosophy.

  4. Abe, what about the RINO loser Lee Daniels?

    How about this: both parties wrecked the state.

    Yes, the demoncrats were the driving force, but the cuckservative GOP was always complicit.

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