Wirepoints Revelation of Student Failure Goes National

From Wirepoints, reprinted with permission:

Wirepoints Study Draws National Attention

Not a single student can do math at grade level in 53 Illinois schools. For reading, it’s 30 schools.

CHICAGO – Last week, Wirepoints, a nonpartisan, Illinois-based research and news organization dedicated to connecting the dots between the health of America’s communities and the actions of their politicians, released a report titled, “Not a single student can do math at grade level in 53 Illinois schools.”

For reading, it’s 30 schools.

The study looked at state data that tracks reading and math scores for Illinois schools. According to the Illinois State Board of Education, in 30 Illinois schools not a single student could read at grade level. Twenty-two of those schools are part of the Chicago Public Schools. 

Wirepoints’ research found that the failure list in math is even longer. There are 53 schools statewide where not one single kid is proficient in math. Thirty-three of those schools are part of CPS.

The shocking data was picked up by outlets across the country, including FOX News Channel where it has been featured in four separate reports to date: 
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The original article concludes with this:

“In a sane world, schools that don’t and can’t teach a single student the most basic of skills would be shut down. But here, they carry on…the system thrives while students wither.” [Emphasis added.}

Fox and Friends First

The morning show brought Democrat State Senator Willie Preston on to respond to Wirepoints’ report about failing schools. Preston acknowledged the failure of Illinois’ public school system and the need for reform, saying: “Government isn’t the answer for all things… I think that we have to re-engage parents, have parents actively take a role inside the schools when they can, but in addition, we need to make certain that we spend our money in the right way as it pertains to our children’s education.”

Watch the full report here. 

 The Ingraham Angle 

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham featured the Wirepoints’ report in a segment detailing how devotion to “equity” is destroying student outcomes in education.

Watch the full report here.

Fox Business

Wirepoints data was also featured by host Stuart Varney on a Fox Business segment titled Failing our Children. 

Watch the full segment here 


Fox News recently featured Wirepoints’ report on the 53 and 30 Illinois schools with no students able to do math or read at grade level. The article drew national attention to the fact that Illinois schools are failing to teach students even basic skills despite the increasing amount of cash poured into the education system.

Read the full article here.

The report was also picked up by Daily CallerNottheBee.comGateway Pundit ZeroHedgeInstapunditHotAir.com and numerous other publications across the country. 


*** Please note: The various Fox News reports cite incorrect data. The correct information, as reported by Wirepoints is: There are 53 schools in Illinois, including both elementary and high schools, where not a single student is proficient in math. Thirty-three of those schools are in Chicago. In addition, there are 30 schools in Illinois, including both elementary and high school, where not a single student is proficient in reading. Twenty-two of those schools are in Chicago. 


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  1. It’s the lazy society we live in now.
    Parents are taught to coddle and

  2. But they know how to meme and be social influencers. That’ll get you a job to retire on. The solution is stupid people should not breed. Look at LITH and Crystal Lake areas for evidence.

  3. When the food trucks refuse to supply the South and West sides, and after the 2-3 mos. of cannibalization, the black crime problem in Chicago will be mostly solved.

  4. The cause of this failure is because of the failure of parents to teach their children discipline and values.

    School is used as free babysitting and meals.

    Add in the woke running classrooms, poor administration and weak foundational curriculum.

    Schools also need security guards or police on campus to maintain order but have taken the consequences of the paddle and out of school suspension which maintained order.

  5. Step 1: Lower the standards to hide the failures

    Step 2: Fail to reach the lowered standards, ignorance is bliss! Chicago is such a great city

  6. HA, NOTHING NEW HERE, libtards hard at work… getting woked and can’t even teach them the word STOP when a police tells you to STOP…

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