Rich Miller Reports on Democratic Party Plan for School Board Elections

From the Editor of Capitol Fax comes this information about how the Illinois Democratic Party will assist the teachers’ unions to continue to elect the union favorites:

The plan is now coming into more focus. The Democratic Party of Illinois began by initially looking at 400-some races and then identifying more than 100 what they call “fringe” candidates in 60 different school board districts. All of those districts and most of those candidates will be targeted in what party officials say will be a “robust” campaign.

“It’s going to be very much a voter education program,” explained a Democratic Party of Illinois official. The state party will be “shedding light on the fact that there are candidates supported by these national extremist groups that are on their ballot.”

“We want to make investments that actually have some real effect at spreading the word about these extremist candidates,” the official said.

The party’s preferred candidates will receive on-the-ground help, like “cutting turf” for door-to-door canvassers. But they’ll also receive assistance with their messaging, plus the state party will sponsor or help with direct mail and digital ads, as well as opposition research.

The state party has been working on this plan for weeks and has reached out to local county parties, state central committeepersons, grassroots groups and unions (mainly the teachers unions and AFSCME), not only for help with candidates and identifying the radicals, but also with knowledge of important issues in the targeted districts.

These races are not partisan in the traditional sense because candidates often run on local slates. So, mailers paid for by the Democratic Party of Illinois could generate a backlash. But DPI is saying that they’ll mainly be communicating “to a base audience” of fellow Democrats. The party also says they’ll be deferring to local “partners” on “where to be involved louder than other areas.”

“A lot of these people, this was their first time running for office,” the party official said. While some have political experience, they are “looking for some guidance on how to structure their campaign, what kind of timeline to follow, how to target voters. So, we’re providing them with that sort of campaign expertise.”

Without intervention, the party official said, “We could easily see ourselves electing numerous extremist folks to these positions that have a ton of power.”


Rich Miller Reports on Democratic Party Plan for School Board Elections — 10 Comments

  1. It never stops with these shills.

    I mean, they always have an agenda.

    I’m not saying the republicans are innocent, but the Democrats are always shucking and jiving.

    Manipulation, lies, and an all-out effort to con the gullibles who fall for their crap.

  2. Its time for the local Republicans to get involved in these nonpartisan elections.

    These elections are where the democratics find and recruit.

    So while your neighbor or parent of your kids friend may be nice and all, its important to understand their world view.

    That world view will mean they do not support things like school choice or support CRT or sex ed for preschoolers

  3. My friend got a text from the democratic party asking if she would be interested in being paid to post on social media to assist local democrat candidates in Illinois school board races and detract from ‘far right candidates.’

    She is a registered democrat but hasn’t voted in a few years so that is how she thinks she got on their list.

    She was growing disillusioned with the party, now even more so.

    She is replying pretending she is interested to see what else they’ll say but is also amazed that these are the tactics they are using.

    For school board elections no less.

    So beware when you see people all-in for the democrat school board candidates and nothing good to say about the republican or nonpartisan ones.

    They could be getting Pritzker money for those talking points.

  4. Normalcy is ‘fringe’ for creeps like Yensen, Zahorik, Ness, Mahady, Lightfoot and Underwood.

  5. Steve, they are going to get a backlash from which there is no recovery.

  6. ** I mean, they always have an agenda.**

    LOL – they’re a political party.

    Of course they have an agenda. As they should.

  7. Buying elections, this is what the unions do in Illinois.

    The DemoSocialist Union agenda to destroy and deter any candidate that does not promote their policies clearly prevents many to run for office in Illinois.

  8. Re story of the “registered democrat” above.

    There is no such thing as a registered democrat or Republican in Illinois.

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