Final McHenry County College Faculty Woke Indoctrination Today – Part 6 -Still More on “-isms”

On September 20, 2022, McHenry County Blog revealed that top officials of McHenry County College had undergone training for

  • expanding diversity,
  • equity,
  • belongingness, and
  • inclusion

and found it desirable for all faculty and every other employee to be subjected to the same 8-hour indoctrination.

On March 14, 2023, the final class for faculty members will be held by Systemic Education Equity, LLC.

Dimensions of -isms – Part 2

  • Delve into the phenenomena of dominant culture
  • Determine ways to produce cultural humility
  • Name performance equityas smokescreens to systemic in action

The presentations for faculty, also being required of all other employees, is costing taxpayers $16,400.


Final McHenry County College Faculty Woke Indoctrination Today – Part 6 -Still More on “-isms” — 8 Comments

  1. More BULLSHIT.

    The death of Western civilization approaches.

    Just pull up a chair and watch; get out the popcorn, but you won’t like the ending.

  2. I’d show up in my Halloween Giant Penus costume, forcing MCC to either put me on paid mental health leave, or grant me tenure and laud me as a brave and inspired member of the faculty.

  3. PS > We’re paying to bailout rich east coast elites. Grab your ankles. Here comes a CBDC.

  4. This small portion of a current MCC class expose reveal has been shared on other platforms, and I will drop a snippet of it here as to the current curriculum and where the class stands in what is a basic Sociology Course.

    Mind you, the student must be mindful in providing the “correct” answer versus, regardless of opinion.

    Firstly, at the onset of the class, the student is asked, what preferred pronoun they would like to use, which is standard practice for all MCC classes.

    This week, for example, as part of an assignment, as written: Recently companies like Land O Lakes and Aunt Jemima Pancakes removed their LOGO.

    What is the importance of removing the Logos?

    What do they represent?

    Do you believe it is an important move by these companies.

    Use at least three of the following key terms as you present your thoughts.

    It should be pointed out not to challenge the professor nor deviate from the, “suggested” answer, unless your GPA is of no significance to you personally.

    Here is an example of a Chapter read pulled for this week:

    “Some laws that don’t seem race based still create racially differentiated outcomes. For example, federal law until 2010 handed out far tougher sentences to crack cocaine users (who were more likely to be black) than to users of powder cocaine (who were more likely to be white or Hispanic). If you possessed a huge amount of powder cocaine, like 500 grams. This disparity was rooted in the misperception of crack as a far more dangerous or damaging substance, when in fact it is actually quite similar to powder cocaine.

    During the 1980’s and 1990’s crack cocaine use soared, in part because of its lower price point. Black communities suffered disproportionately from what was called the “crack epidemic.”

    For obvious reasons, Writ Reveal, is not my name.

  5. Re 1:40 PM

    Every student has to provide a preferred pronoun that they would like to use.


    What is going on at the MCC?

    A portion of our real estate tax bill funds MCC and nonsense such as this?

  6. Are parents of students attending MCC after their high school graduation aware of the dei nonsense and indoctrination being forced onto their children?

    What are they doing about it?

    Unfortunately the highest levels of our U.S. Government, including military, treasury and others are weaving these dei divisive tactics into their operations.

  7. Bred, it’s called the world has passed you by old man.

    Most people with school age children that actually care about their children’s education and are involved, are aware.

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