Democrats Roll Out Endorsements in Local Non-Partisan Elections

Here are theendorsements from the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee:


Democrats Roll Out Endorsements in Local Non-Partisan Elections — 10 Comments

  1. The DemoUnionSocialist Party has spoken.

    The Worker bees had better follow their directive.

    Resistance is futile 😆🤣

  2. What is the GOP doing for candidates?

    Are they involved in these contests?

    Making endorsements, contributing money, etc.?

    Since Cal hasn’t reported anything about that, I’m going to assume Republicans are doing nothing.

    We shall see which side wins: the side that does nothing or the side that does something.

    I’d put my bets on the side that does something, not the side that does nothing.

  3. These are non partisan elections, the GOP has stayed out of them. \\

    There in lies the problem, as the DEMOCRAT Socialists get it.

    Perhaps it time to get in the trenches and vet every candidate.

    These budding socialists start at the lowest office available to spread their messages.

    While many RINO thought that Trump was too much, he understood, who the enemy is and called them out.

    The GOP is generally to afraid to do so.

  4. Any suggestions from Republicans?

    No silly, not from Bruce and “We the People,” and certainly not from Tirio and his hired wife.

  5. RINO HUNTER understands!

    Start with regard Thorsen who still says the 2020 national election was fair!

    What do the crossed out names mean?

    Did those candy-dates withdraw, or are they really hated by the demturds?

  6. I can vouch that the sh!theel Dianis in Algonquin is a complete wooj communist and queer bakery fanboy.

    Waltmire in McHenry is an LGBTQ loser.

    A great candidate Caine is still running for Dist 300, right?

    Her name is crossed out.

  7. @Dingo the crossed out names are the true Republicans on the ballot. The non marked- non crossed are other democrats or Rinos.

    D300 in Algonquin

    Robert Reining
    Connie Cain
    Kristina Konstanty

  8. Half the “republicans” running against these dems wore masks and put masks on their kids, not to mention many got the jabs too.

    You’re not a conservative if you wore a mask and got a jab, you’re just a propagandized goon.

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