Democrats Swimming in Cash

At the end of last year the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee reported having ^64,537.94 in its checking account.

Let’s go back to the beginning of 2022 and trace income and outgo.

First Quarter of 2022

January 1, 2022, there was $27,655.29 on hand.

During January, February and March, $27,655.29 in cash and $1,172.63 worth of in-kind donations.

Here’s the cash:

  • $1,000 from Friends of Kristina Zahorik
  • $1,000 from Schneider for Congress
  • $230 from Robert Barton of Crystal Lake
  • $275 from Michael Bissett of Lake in the Hills
  • $200 from Anne Blohm of Crystal Lake
  • $220 from Suzette Bojarski of Lake in the Hills
  • $1,020 from Morgan Burkle of Crystal Lake
  • $200 from Carolyn Campbell of Crystal Lake
  • $200 from Michael Cortina (Algonquin Township Attorney) of Crystal Lake
  • $220 from Larry Dagley of Woodstock
  • $275 from Mary Ewert of Crystal Lake
  • $300 from Mary Johnson of Marengo
  • $200 from Renato Mariotti of Naperville
  • $230 from Thomas Pavelko of Crystal Lake
  • $200 from Maria Peterson of Barrington
  • $200 from Phil Pignataro of Algonquin
  • $160 from Cynthia Pilz of Fox River Grove
  • $220 from Susan Reed of Hebron
  • $750 from Jeannie Ridings of Crystal Lake
  • $350 from Ruth Scifo of Crystal Lake
  • $200 from Jeannine Thoms of Crystal Lake
  • $250 from Ray Thornton of Marengo
  • $400 from Michael Vijuk of Cary
  • $200 from David Wege of Crystal Lake

The in-kind contriutions follow:

  • $272.63 from Morgan Burkle for printing from Zippity Print of Cleveland
  • $900 from the Illinois Democratic County Chair’s Association for recruiting by Resistance Labs, LLC of San Francisco

$4,359.25 was spent:

  • $2,100 on rent
  • $500 on Vote Builder Access
  • about $300 on internet
  • about$150 on electricity

$35,351.04 was in the bank at the end of March.


Democrats Swimming in Cash — 14 Comments

  1. Excellent!

    Now we know who the enemies of Freedom & Liberty in McHenry County are.

  2. Yes we do.

    The right wing MAGA crowd.

    Those are the morons who want to deny the citizens that don’t think like them, of their constitutional rights.

    What is your limp ass going to do with that info, coward?

  3. What is your limp ass going to do with that info, coward?

  4. Compared to what some of the other people write here. So F*%#ing what?

  5. yep yep that is what they do keep printing money… till our value is in the bottom of the barrel … than go borrow from China!!! wasteful … that is all they know

  6. Knave Poo-Corny, your posts are sometimes funny, usually stupid, but always interesting from a clinical psychopathologic viewpoint.

    Have you tortured animals and pets?

    Do you dream of molesting little kids at the local homo bakery?

    Do you fantasise about killing get used in vats of blood?

  7. Roo, You have a rather demented mind. From the clinical viewpoint it appears you are the one who is twisted. Torturing animals, molesting children and vats of blood. Wow.
    I guess it’s terrible for you that the world, time, and society has passed you by.

  8. If any of you Dems have any money left, log onto my Boner Pill Website and take advantage of my 50 % off sale, on jars of Ginko Billaba.

    Cures obesity, hair loss and pet stains.

  9. I thought amounts under $1000 were not listed?

    What is the threshold.

    Last time I ever donated was when Prim ran against Nygren’s boy toy. Zinke.

    Didn’t want that political prostitute in office.

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