Vote Drop from 74% to 17% for Lightfoot Stimulates Thought about Course Correction for Democrats on Crime

The stunning reversal of fortune for Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot has signaled a change from the “Defund the Police” mantra following the George Floyd killing.

President Joe Biden reversed course on supporting lessening criminal penalties in the District of Columbia and is now accusing Republicans of wanting to defund the police.

Bill Clinton and Michael Bloomberg political advisor Douglas E. Schoen writes in The Hill:


Vote Drop from 74% to 17% for Lightfoot Stimulates Thought about Course Correction for Democrats on Crime — 21 Comments

  1. LOL. Wake up. George Floyd died from a fentynal overdose.

    The psy op’d are so weak minded.


    No critical thinking skills and reliance on the Mockingbird media to tell them what to think.

    They still believe a guy that never left his basement got 81m ballots.

    The sad thing is that the next generations and their stupid cell phones are more brainwashable than my generation.

  2. This could be a preemptive assumption that Lightfoot lost on the defund movement and crime alone.

    Taking into consideration the multitude of her clown show.

    The “Defund” movement as being the root cause will be answered come the runoff and should the Marxist Reperationist, Johnson, become elected.

    At which time, any Republicans left in Crook County may be begging for Lightfoot’s return and what this buffoon has in store for Detroit, errr, umm, Chicago…..

    Ya know, same ol’, same ol’.

    The teachers, pensioners, victims, entitlement seekers, and those with “bad-backs,” who can no longer work, are happy to oblige, so long as those checks keep ah coming……

  3. In any event, Vallas better hope Beetlejuice doesn’t endorse him. She probably won’t, being an anti-male racist and all.

  4. “The sad thing is that the next generations and their stupid cell phones are more brainwashable than my generation.”

    Except for you.

  5. You’re comparing two different things though: top two runoff election and primary.

    She got 74 percent in a runoff in 2019, but in the first round she got about 17.5 percent and this year she got 16.8.

    Of course, there were also more candidates in 2019 so her ~17 percent was more meaningful vs this year.

    It’s also hard to know if things have shifted away from “defund the police” when Brandon Johnson ran to Lori Lightfoot’s left and he came in second place, beat Lightfoot, and could win the runoff.

    We have to wait before we can draw many conclusions, but yes Lori has overstayed her welcome and is less popular now than in 2019.

    That is fair.

    Arguably only two candidates – Wilson and Vallas – ran as tough on crime candidates.

    Vallas and Wilson combined got fewer votes than Johnson, Lightfoot, and Garcia combined.

    Those three got a majority of votes.

    And Eric Adams was not the most “tough on crime” candidate in the NYC mayoral race either.

    Andrew Yang was to the right of Adams in the Democratic primary on the crime issue, and in the general election the Republican got like 27 percent.

    The Republican was the guy who started the Guardian Angels.

    So, how much has NYC really shifted?

    You could point to the San Fran recall election as a good example of a shifting tide, but you’ll see mixed results all over the country.

    In Seattle, an openly socialist city council member faced recall but she won.

    In Buffalo, an establishment Democrat defeated a socialist.

    Probably overall there is a swing going back to the middle, but nothing is guaranteed.

    The 2022 midterm elections were lackluster for Republicans.

    Now you’ll see Democrats running these weird amorphous squish candidates that try appealing to the far left and moderates at the same time.

    People like Joe Biden. Nobody knows what to make of these people.

    They stand for nothing.

    Maybe it’s good they’ll change their message with the times but it just feels greasy to me and I don’t respect it.

    It doesn’t mean these squishy candidates won’t ruin your city or country.

    It just means you’ll be left in the dark about what they’re going to do until they do it.

    But, by being everything to everyone through shameless pandering, they’re more electable, because democracy is retarded.

  6. Well Lightfoot can always go back on the road singing ‘Sundown’ and ‘The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald’ as well as playing ‘Uncle Woody’ from Sanford & Son.

  7. LOL Dyck. Now I have to listen to Gordon Lightfoot.

    Monk look in the mirror sport. I’m brainwashed? The truth really triggers dope addled simps like you. Do you have that 9/11 book report yet? LOL.

    Spend 13m of your life and watch the link. Oh that’s right it’s not a stupid Seinfeld or Monty Pithon link so it’s beyond your intelligence threshold.

  8. Monk do you ever notice when we type LOL, JT always responds LOL x4 or ROFLMAO. Must be his lack of self esteem or the size of his johnson. Always has to be bigger.

  9. Veneer. SMH. THE 2 pole smokers have spoken. Shellayli fest is in full swing tomorrow. Charge up that Prius. Walgreens has chapstick on sale.

  10. Monk other than being a dope addled troll, name one value add you and your fellow troll add. Was 9/11 a coordinated implosion? Who else is attending your butthole patrol fest tomorrow?

  11. JT, they are the same individual using two seperate accounts.

  12. We aren’t that desperate.
    “Was 9/11 a coordinated implosion?” Yeah sure, what ever your conspiracy theory heart desires. Your right about it all.
    Elvis is alive, the Cia killed Kennedy, the moon landing is fake, 911 is an inside job, virus don’t exist.
    Oh lordy I seen the light.
    Lordy lordy I seen the light.

  13. LOL. LOL. LOL.

    Conspiracy theories? The lefts answer to everything due to their cognitive dissonance.

    And Dyck. I’m supposed to be Cindy in their paranoid delusions too.

    Porky is nervous because his gerbil escaped, and he has alot of work to do on Halsted at the Shellayli Fest tomorrow. He’s checking his wardrobe for which drag queen he’s going as to service the boys on Halsted.

  14. Keep embracing your cult. Al Gore needs more brainwashed simps. I heard Greta Thunberg is into old wrinkley liberals. You should reach out. Not reach around on shellayli day.

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