Bill Would Outlaw Declawing Cats

Democrats seems converned with pets this session.

First, there was the bill that would make it a crime to hold a pet on one’s lap while driving.

Now, another Democrat proposes making it illegal to declaw one’s cat.

Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t declaw Keely Cat, but we’re not talking voluntary good judgment, we’re talking state law.

“Ready for take-off. Now, if only a rabid bat will fly below me,” Keely Cat says.

Legislation outlawing cat declawing up for final passage in Illinois House

(The Center Square) – A proposal in Springfield would make it illegal to declaw cats.

The procedure is usually performed by owners who want to protect their furniture or avoid being scratched themselves. 

House Bill 1533 is sponsored by State Rep. Barbara Hernandez, D-Aurora, and would make it a finable offense to surgically remove a cat’s claws and ban any other surgical process that would alter a cat’s paws.

The measure is up for final passage in the Illinois House before it could be sent to the Senate. 

“It’s really hurtful and it can damage the behavior of the animal as well,” Hernandez said during a recent House Agriculture Committee hearing.

“If it’s a cat that is roaming around the streets, it is now defenseless.” 

Anyone caught declawing a cat would be subject to an Illinois Department of Agriculture fine of $500 for the first offense and $1,000 for a second violation.

State Rep. Charlie Meier, R-Okawville, said the measure will force some pet owners to give up their cats.

“A cat that has been raised and nurtured in a house for most of its life will maybe now be thrown outside,” Meier said. “They won’t last long out there, even if it does have claws.” 

The Illinois Humane Society brought the bill to Hernandez in January, she said.

“Declawed cats do tend to bite more, and so the concern from us and medical experts is that a bite is worse than a scratch,” said Marc Ayers, Illinois state director of the Humane Society.

New York was the first state to ban the procedure in 2019, followed by Maryland in 2022. 

The bill passed out of the Agriculture and Conservation Committee and is headed to the House floor. 


Bill Would Outlaw Declawing Cats — 27 Comments

  1. Don’t come crying to me when Illinois morgues are overflowing with victims of clawed cat attacks.

    Ummm, can these garbage people you keep electing, get any more ridiculous?

  2. I’m not a cat person. Declawing involves cutting off a portion of the finger which is cruel.

    I find it ironic that IL politicians are more concerned about a pets claws than an unborn child’s life being snuffed out in the womb.

    But alas we live in IL which embodies evil which happens do to elections being stolen

  3. This has nothing to do with loving animals, CLM.

    These are INSANE people looking in every corner for something to sponsor so as they will have a legacy of their time “in power”.

    These are fruit loops and nutcases that do NOT understand ANYTHING about governance.

    They are all seriously ill in the head and should NEVER be allowed to write ANY legislation ever.

    They have cushy jobs while they steal our money to pretend they are concerned. When are you people going to see through the scam they are all running on you?

  4. well since they can’t rule people now their going after animals .. can you say wacko’s… control freaks.. ?

  5. LOL Cindy. Stop speaking truth to the masses. They’ll run to get an aspirin.

  6. This is what our government in Springfield has devolved into under Fat Ass and his DEMOCRAT mob.

  7. Wheres that long time, not seen for awhile Mcc Blogger, Angel when you need him?

    He famous for his predictions of “Tick Tock Tick Tock…………..MEOW!”

    Memba all that?

    Here’s your chance Angel.

    Cat stuff.

  8. Probably succumbed to the jab. (In other words, his time ran out.)

  9. Cindy I’ll bet if you try real hard you can summon him from the dead. After all you do believe in spooks.

  10. I believe he took my suggestion seriously, he move to Brazil and became ‘The Girl From Ipanema’, full time for his Bosa Nova partner Samba.

  11. Who’s this Angel person? It looks like Monk, Porkboy or Lil Joey need to create an alternative persona. I think Shellayli Smoker is already taken.

  12. Angel was a part-time priest of the church of wokeism. He would pontificate and then finish his posts with the threat of tick-tock.

  13. Joey has long nails. The boys in the city like their bags scratched as he performs his services. LOL

  14. Cats need their claws at least to climb trees when being chased by fox and other predators.

    They do perform a service by getting rid of mice.

    Have observed some cats and would say they are immensely more intelligent and honest than are our Democrat politicians.

    A cat would be more intelligent and less of a threat at the helm than the moron we have now, Biden.

    A cat will not get us into a nuclear war, or a Viet Nam war with a phony bay of Tonkin.

  15. He’s got the vax scratch fever
    wah wah waaaaah

    vax scratch fever
    dingding dididing

  16. Captain are you implying cat owning Cal is closeted?

    He’s an ex politician but there’s a different word for that and it doesn’t involve any of the LGBT or Q letters.

    Just kidding Cal.

  17. I agree that cats should NOT be declawed.

    However, aren’t there more pressing things to address in the world.

    If the are so concerned about not declawing cats, perhaps they should not be forcing people to now have to get a rabie shot for cats.

    Just another way to control, make a profit and harm an animal.

    There is NO reason for an indoor cat to have a rabis shot.

    I am not sure if there is a need for dogs.

    It is said that only one rabie shot is needed for a life time.

    If this is true, they are killing our animals in the name of profit and control!

  18. There is no such thing as rabies. Just another scam to make your animals sick and die young while fleecing your pocketbook. The fear they instill in all is a bonus.

    wah wah waaaaah

    crack scratch fever
    dingding dididing

  20. I certainly agree there is no reason for indoor cats to be forced to get a rabies shot.

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