Democrat Michael Cortina Resigns as Algonquin Township Attorney

Obtained through a Freedom of Information request, to which Algonquin Township took the longest time allowed by State law to reply:

“setting the suit”?

Cortina entered the local political arena by representing to-be-Supervisor Randy Funk, a fellow Lions Club member, in his suit to prohibit a referendum to abolish Algonquin Township.

At the time he had announced his intention to run for the Appellate Court on the Democratic Party ticket.

Following Funk’s election Cortina’s law firm, Amundsen Davis. was selected by Funk and approved by the Algonquin Township Trustees.

The attorney assigend the task, Carlos Arevalo, left Amundsen Davis and was subsecquently hired by Danijela Sandberg, the Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner. The Road District is a virtually independent unit of local government.

That’s when Cortina stepped up to the plate.

As far as I know, he had no background in township law.


Democrat Michael Cortina Resigns as Algonquin Township Attorney — 6 Comments

  1. I personally never cared for Cortina as he was extremely arrogant and had his nose in the air.

    Like Kenneally, Cortina was self serving and thinks he’s more intelligent than he really is.

    Wipe & Flush!

  2. maybe he’s just afraid of big ed zimel suplexing him through a table.

  3. ‘Amundsen & Davis’ doesn’t have an office address?

    What are they working out of their house or cars?

    Cortina simply quit.

    This is why Kenneally takes a government check as these kind of ‘fellas’ have to have the easy cases in my opinion.

    New nickname ‘Cut & Run Cortina’.

  4. Kinneally, the creep law firm did have a desk at the uprising queer bakery in LITH, but their stench even repelled the bakery’s slimy customers.

    So they were asked to depart.

    Cortina was mad as hell, but they relocated to Zahorik’s partially flooded basement. Cortina complained, but Zahorik pointed out they weren’t exactly pay rent.

    Cortina should be investigated for the Linder scam.

    Funk is furious, too. Maybe a complaint is needed to the Bar Board!

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