Kid-Friendly Uprising Bakery Announces Probable Going Out of Business

The Lake in the Hills Bakery, bar and restaurant has told the Northwest Herald that it may close.

Northwest Herald internet article promotion.

When announcing financial problems previously, the bakery ran a Go Fund Me solicitation.

Here is today’s pitch:

Uprising Bakery’s request for money.

Many businesses make a successful pitch to a narrow element of the public.

Uprising Bakier’s nitch pitch follows:

It also promoted its vegetarian and gluten free food.

But, it became best know for its children-friendly drag queen shows, even obtaining coverage beyond the Northwest Herald in the Chicago Tribune.

After people demonstrated against the kid-friendly drag queen shows, politicials started making pilgrimages to the bakery.

These included State Rep. Suzanne Ness, Governor JB Pritzker, Congressman Bill Foster and, reportedly, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.

State Rep. Suzanne Ness and Governor JB Pritzker demonstrate their support for Uprising Bakery.


Kid-Friendly Uprising Bakery Announces Probable Going Out of Business — 60 Comments

  1. Wasn’t Kenneally working there part-time helping to fill the doughnuts?

  2. Her five minutes of fame is up right?

    If you need to keep doing fundraisers to keep your business afloat, maybe it’s a sign you’re in the wrong business.

  3. The child grooming degenerates can get out and take that fat slob Marxist governor with them, the sooner the better.

  4. It was made public that the bakery was having financial trouble and struggling to stay open within the first couple of months after opening.

    The writing is on the wall from the entire staff walking out due to not being paid to endless strings of fundraisers.

    She chose to limit her clientele to a specific minority.

    By word of mouth, her product isn’t good enough to override her outrageous prices and bad business decisions.

  5. Vegan, cross dressing, LBGTQXYZ, not the right place, sounds like a Chicago type business, and as she mentions, BIDEN-OMICS has raised the costs to operate.

    Perhaps our resident RINO can explain.

  6. The bakery was investigated by USDA for claiming foods were organic and ended up not meeting the measurements of organic to conventional to qualify.

    I dont know how much the fine was but it certainly didnt help.

  7. Try a GoFundMe for a dog with cancer, use the proceeds to buy a plane ticket to Rio and win the Carnival Queen Grand prize.

  8. Truly a Damn Shame

    Representative Ness to the Rescue!!!!

    Eat more Pie Nessie.

    Invite Fatso Prickster to help.

  9. ” Perhaps our resident RINO can explain.”

    A bad business plan?

    Lack of capital funding?

    Bad advertising from the McHenry County Coalition of Christian Haters?

  10. Start off with a s***** product that nobody wants, isolate your clientele to lesa than 10% of the population plus a couple extra weirdos and politicians who pretend like they care…

    Add a dash of controversy and bake in an oven of victimhood And you have this disaster.

    Good riddance.

    I’ll take my cupcakes loaded with gluten, animal products and no whiney liberals and their cucked husbands.

  11. I see we hate a new cowardly member of the coalition.

    “Start off with a s***** product that nobody wants” You must have been there.

    Sieg Heil

  12. Real problems in the world and this article draws the most attention from the haters.

    A Bakery.

  13. Oh no…wherever will we go now to poison our children’s minds?

    Oh that’s right, we still have public schools.

    Silly me.

  14. See?

    This is exactly why I prefer freshly slaughtered free range chocolate bunnies.

    None of this organic bakery bull crap, TYVM!

  15. So we have a Bakery business that produces a less than mediocre product and is poorly run
    then bitches about not having public support and then wants donations

    I say WTF Bitch close it down

  16. It also appears, Stephen is just one more insensitive adjective away from a psych ward stay.

  17. Lol. I hear she’s opening shop on Halsted so Monk, Lil Joey and Porky can fill up on cream filled pastries before servicing young men and playing who’s packing the gerbil with their clients. The shellayli fest is in full swing. You 3 should pack into Monk’s Prius with the rainbow flag flying out the window and hurry down there. Then men are lining up.

  18. JT why do you still insist on projecting your sexual fantasies on everyone else. Get a grip and come to terms with already. I’m sure your wife will be relieved.

  19. I guess we now know who’s packing the gerbil. It’s always Porky. LOL. Let it out for air as you drive down for shellayli day servicing sport. What green drag queen are you going as? The board wants to know.

  20. And eat zee bugs and own nothing and be happy.

    The pump is being primed, not the kind Porky Monk and Lil Joey are doing tonight, for CBDC. Keep eyes wide open like Porky Monk and Lil Joey do on their kneepads.


  21. I really hope the owner can qualify for some public assistance now.

    That would be the ultimate revenge on the moron cry baby crowd.

    Abram what do you think?

    Oh, who am I kidding, Abram doesn’t think.

  22. LGBTQ+degenerate-0, People who don’t want kids indoctrinated and taught to strip for money -1
    Stay vigilant, friends!

    Cal when you ask your commenters questions you should really let them know who you are directing the question to. i.e. @MaryAnn etc.

  23. As a charter member of the “crowd”, if you have location info for any Russ Meyer 60’s, like ‘Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Fill!’ or ‘Supervixens’, I would like to petition for asylum there.

  24. Was not a very friendly nor inviting ad/logo with a clenched fist.

  25. Pokorny, JT is definitely divorced. Who would want to listen to that guy’s bs everyday. A know it all hog rider.

  26. LOL. Lil Joey and Porky describing their wives is priceless. I believe they only prefer the brothers when they service on Halsted. They prefer to suck on the BIG HOGS at their shellayli fest.

  27. C’mon, y’all. WE all know it’s because of Racism and phobias that caused her failure.

    Similar to lightfoot, who now claims she lost because of what???

    Racism and hatred towards lesbians.

  28. ^ It’s like Black Power but there is a whisk, bred winner.

    Instead of beating white supremacy they are beating eggs to make cake batter.

    Remember Black Lives Matter?

    It was a thing a while ago.

    If you go to the UU church you can meet people who are very woke and they can tell you more.

    I aint too good at explaining these things.

  29. Steve. Lesbian is an offensive term. That cross eyed nigro prefers carpet muncher. And looking at her spouse it’s definitely a plush shag that requires a bag on the head. Yikes.

  30. It’s a freaking business not a charity, if you can’t bring in revenues bc your products suck , your business fails, end of story!

    She keeps begging for others to support her while she provides nothing.

    Typical Socialist…

  31. Well when you have an evil business, that wants to make kids believe deviant sex is okay God eventually shows you who’s boss.

    Same thing will happen with the indoctrination centers we call public schools and school libraries and admins/teachers pushing this evil.

  32. Bred, you do know what they do with their fists, don’t you?
    Now you know why it is used as a symbol of their degenerate lifestyle.

    In other news – various sources on social media say that Lori Lightfoot will soon be employed
    at that establishment. Her position is yet to be announced.
    Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all!

  33. As soon as the ‘closed’ sign gets hung in the window, and they’re out of there, property values will go back up.

  34. “Bred, you do know what they do with their fists, don’t you?” Oh please do tell. Does this explanation come from past personal experience? You and your mentor should get together and swap stories.

  35. Porky uses both his fist and his lips. I hope you don’t get a splinter at your Shellayli Festival tonight. The BIG HOG line is waiting for your suppleness. LOL.

  36. I’m surprised that it isn’t a fist holding a toilet plunger for rectal insertion.

  37. And Correcting, remember the corrupt SVB our tax dollars bailed out gave over 73m to BLM/ANTIFA.

    Let that sink in along with Barney Frank being on the board of Signature Bank.

    As Trump said, the best is yet to come.

    Not the kind Porky, Monk and Lil Joey like.

  38. Steve ‘POKE-CORNHOLE’ (Pokorny) is upset. He was hoping to date one of the Draggies.

  39. Why dont’ they ask fatty taddy for a hand out?

    since it had no problem visiting their rainbow biz..

    i see, ask him for some of that tax $$ he is hiding..

  40. Jen at 8:57 am claimed the USDA inspected the bakery and found violations.

    There is no public record of that.

    The USDA inspects meat, poultry, and eggs at the producer level.

    Cal asked for evidence or a cite to back up Jen’s claim.

    I say Jen is a liar who made that up.

    The USDA does not investigate local bakeries.

  41. The USDA no longer inspects anything. Doesn’t matter, they were incompetent liars, anyway.

  42. The bred winner has been too smart than to get involved with any dialogue/discussion about someone named Pokorny. This post the only exception. This guy should be totally ignored.

  43. Degenerate Drag Queen supporting queers…move to San Francisco and spread your filthy wares.

  44. Cal:

    What’s the record for # of comments on a post?

    For what it’s worth it is very damn tough to succeed as a small business in Illinois at the moment.

    Sky high rents, high utilities and overhead are killers of prosperity.

    People just will not pay $5 for a donut or $30 for a cake.

  45. ‘8…9….10…. YOUR”RE OUT!!!’ This is the business model that Kenneally will follow when in private practice….. Donations! ‘Stare Decisis’!

    ‘I wasn’t staring at her butt.’


    You get what you pay for and in both not worth the money!

  46. Comment counts: a few years ago a post involving an incident in Marengo drew well over 100 comments.

  47. The owner of the bakery must have watched a lot of TV preachers when she was younger, because she’s adopted one of their classic fundraising tactics.

    Does anyone remember when Oral Roberts said that God would call him home if his flock didn’t come up with $8M?

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