Democrats Swimming in Money – Part 3

Having shown financial transactions for the first and second quarter of 022 for the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee, we now look at the July, August and September report submitted to the Strate Board of Elections:

Third Quarter

The party took in $35,797, most of which came from Governor JB Pritzker, and spent $15,544.29 ending up with a super-healthy $60,806.26 at the beginning of the month before the November election.

Contributions from individuals follow:

  • $20 – E. Renee Hill of Marengo
  • $160 – Mary Johnson of Marengo
  • $750 – Jeannie Ridings of Crystal Lake
  • $210 – Nancy Schietzelt of Crystal Lake
  • $170 – Ruth Scifo of Crystal Lake
  • $200 – Kathryn Shackelford of Cary

Transfers from Political Action Committees are below:

  • $1,200 – Bill Foster for Congress
  • $30,000 – JB for Governor

There was an additional in-kind donation of $315.07 for postage from E. Renee Hill of Marengo.

Here’s how the $15,544.29 was spent:

  • $359, 85 for internet from Comcast
  • about $395 for electricity
  • $5,918.50 to Forest Printing of Forest Park for mailings on 8-1, 9-12 and 9-19
  • $2,000 to the Illinois Democratic County Chair’s Association for two brunch tables
  • $283 to Mary Johnson of Marengo for raffle winnings
  • $2,100 to Maria Manriguez of Woodstock for rent
  • $175 to the McHenry County Building Trades Council for a golf outing
  • $284.58 to Nationbuilder of LA, CA for website
  • $219.32 to Oriental Trader of Omaha, NE for Algonquin Founders Days parade supplies
  • $823 to Smith & Associates of Cary for insurance
  • $1,325.86 for P.O. Box and 9/ 22 postage
  • $823 untemized


Democrats Swimming in Money – Part 3 — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve learned over the years that there is very little difference between the two parties in IL.

    Both are corrupt.

    Both are complicit.

    Both lie.

  2. what do you mean pluto is going into aquarius on march 23 and the last time it happened was 1778 and the time before that was the protestant revolution??

    what do you mean major changes to communication, air travel, and governments getting overthrown?

    what do you mean pluto has been in capricorn since 2008 and astrologybros said we would see more authoritarian governments rise during that period?? What do you mean it will be in aquarius until about 2044?

    waht the HELL are you trying to tell me?????

    What do you mean pluto stays in a sign between 11 and 31 years???

    Pluto has destructive powers like Lord Shiva of Hinduism?

    Hey buddy just tell me what’s going in ENGLISH ok???!!!

    Are we gonna have a happening or this just gonna be another stupid nothingburger???

    I gotta go pick up the truck from the shop this week and i can’t be dealing with all this “collapse of government” monkeybusiness.

  3. what do you mean *other* bank failures?

    i was watching tv yesterday and the people on the news said the banks were fine.

    What’s going on here??

    What do you mean inflation isn’t going to cool off if we gotta bail out banks by printing up funny money to create liquidity?

    Why would we have to bail out banks?

    oy vey!!!

    I thought we were building back better?

  4. Psychoanaylsis? Freudian dream interpretations?

    Nah, i just need to go have a cold one with the boys.

    Military weakness?

    Multipolar world?

    China dictating the terms of trade and tech?

    Middle east and Russian alliance?

    The end of the petrodollar?

    ah geez dude i been saving all this money and you’re telling me we’re gonna have more inflation and that stocks aren’t safe? ah geez man.

    What do you mean i gotta buy the electric car but the battery is mined in Africa which is turning into a bunch of Chinese colonies?

    Why would the AFricans side with the chinamen instead of the good old us of a? Haven’t they heard all of the cool music we make over here?

    Psychological warfare waged against its own subjects? Surveillance of everything everywhere all the time?

    ah jeez dude you’re sounding like a conspiracy theorist.

    What do you mean there’s a GRANT for some town to build a park?

    A swingset? World war 3?

    WOah. I can’t keep up.

    The world is getting too crazy bro.

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