Huntley School Board Candidates at Huntley Expo

Huntley School Board candidates Michael Thompson, Laura Murray, Gina Galligar, and Andrew Bittman all attended the Huntley Expo today.

Huntley School Board candidate Michael Thompson engages voters.
Andrew Bittman speaks with a potential constituent.
The candidates: Andrew Bittman, Gina Galligar, Michael Thompson and Laura Murray.
Huntley School Board candidates Gina Galligar and Michael Thompson.


Huntley School Board Candidates at Huntley Expo — 4 Comments

  1. Had you asked them my guess is they would have told you.

    They were the busiest booth at the expo.

  2. Or, V Peschke and everyone else can go to the McHenry County Citizens for Lower Taxes PAC’s website, with links to each of their candidates’ websites, to learn more of what they stand for.

    Personally, I have mixed emotions about this slate of candidates, given the PAC has been bankrolled by Catalina Lauf’s congressional campaign ($15K thus far), and the chairman/treasurer of the PAC is the same treasurer for Lauf’s now defunct congressional campaign, as well as Lauf’s Defense of Freedom PAC.

    And the PAC’s chairman/treasurer is based in northwestern Wisconsin.

  3. To add to John’s comment, Thomas Datwyler, the treasurer for the PAC, has been associated with a number of financial scandals involving national campaigns.

    That guy is bad news.

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