Rembering That the Chicago Tribune Did Not Cover Chicago’s Charlie Kirk Turning Point, USA, Event

The WIND morning feed Thursday featured reports of Antifa protesting a Charlie Kirk appearance at UC Davis.

Antifa protestors tried to stop the big guy seen in the foreground from entering the Turning Point, USA, event. They did not and, when challoenged after he walked around them, Antifa declined to fight. Tweet here.

As in Chicago’s University of Illinois event, there were about a hundred demonstrators.

The Chicago Tribune had a major page three article featuring a large photo of the protestors.

Audience at the Chicago Charlie Kirk event for which the Chicago Tribune provided no coverage.

Now that I think about it, there was no follow-up story on the auditorium-filled event.


Rembering That the Chicago Tribune Did Not Cover Chicago’s Charlie Kirk Turning Point, USA, Event — 7 Comments

  1. Silly street gesturing by meathead, black hoodie garbed ‘Mary’s”, wildly swinging their bumbershoots.

    Pathetic performance and I hereby revoke every person in that video’s ManCards.

  2. If the Chiraq Libune did cover this event it would be in effect admitting that
    people do not like Leftists and their evil America hating agenda and are willing to come together
    under the 1st. Amendment to freely express their views and opinions.

  3. That tweet video was priceless.

    I wonder what those brats parents pay for their tuition to become so highly intelligent and skilled at the proper use of an umbrella.

  4. All the people standing up for evil and corruption, I sure hate to be them when they have to go before God.

    I am far from perfect, but I do not promote evil and corruption.

  5. if the news didn’t talk about it then it means kirk didn’t say anything controversial and there were no altercations.

    those are the only reasons they would cover it.

    they aren’t going to do a story just to tell you what he said or tell you how many people were there they aren’t real journalists bro they are sensationalists who only care about drama and violence.

    journalists are evil. you have to understand that

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