WBBM-TV Blanket Coverage of Kid-Friendly Uprising Bakery Story Continues

CBS picked up the press release from Lake in the Hills Uprising Bakery and ran a story last night.

This information new to me was included in the aricle:

But the attacks on the bakery continued and were not limited to vandalism, according to the bakery. A campaign was launched to “discredit, damage and defame Ms. [Corinna] Sac, her staff, her food, and her patrons,” with protesters spending more than 120 days on the row on the property, the bakery said.

Shot from CBS story.

The protesters photographed license plates of patrons and harassed them on social media, and Sac and her two young children were also doxed, according to the bakery.

“Ugly and abusive comments and threats have been published as well as depicting horrific acts against the family pet,” the bakery said…

The bakery also noted that Sac recently testified with the Anti-Defamation League before the Illinois House of Representatives about how she and her business had been targeted.

“The impact in Springfield was amazing,” Sac said in the release. “Many people knew of us but didn’t know exactly what happened and that it continues to happen. My testimony helped get the Civil Liability for Doxing Act; House Bill 2954 by the 103rd General Assembly, and the bill will now go to the legislative floor for passage into law.”

Sac added in the release: “If we have to go out, we will go out with a BANG and make it long-lasting and positive. I will do everything I can to make sure what happened to my American Dream doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

= = = = =

A summary of House Bill 2954 follows:

Synopsis As Introduced

Creates the Civil Liability for Doxing Act. Provides that an individual engages in the act of doxing when that individual intentionally publishes another person’s personally identifiable information without the consent of the person whose information is published and:

(1) the information is published with the intent that it be used to harm or harass the person whose information is published and with knowledge or reckless disregard that the person whose information is published would be reasonably likely to suffer death, bodily injury, or stalking; and

(2) the publishing of the information:

(i) causes the person whose information is published to suffer significant economic injury or mental anguish or to fear serious bodily injury or death of the person or a family or household member to the person; or

(ii) causes the person whose information is published to suffer a substantial life disruption.

Allows a person who is aggrieved by a violation of the Act to bring a civil action against the individual who committed the offense to recover damages and obtain any other appropriate relief.

Provides that an individual who is found liable under the Act shall be jointly and severally liable with each other individual, if any, who is found liable under the Act for damages arising from the same violation of the Act.

Allows a court to issue a temporary restraining order, emergency order of protection, or preliminary or permanent injunction to restrain and prevent the disclosure or continued disclosure of a person’s personally identifiable information or sensitive personal information.

Allows a civil action to be brought in any county in which an element of the offense occurred, or in which a person resides who is the subject of the personally identifiable information or sensitive personal information published in violation of the Act.

House Floor Amendment No. 1

Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Reinserts the provisions of the introduced bill with the following changes.

Adds a definition of “emotional distress”.

Replaces references to “mental anguish” with “emotional distress”.

Makes changes to the definitions of “family or household member”, “publish”, “stalk”, and “substantial life disruption”.

Authorizes a court to issue an order to prevent the publication of personally identifiable information or sensitive personal information if certain requirements are met.

Requires any injunctive relief that is granted to contain specified elements.

Deletes a provision which specified that the Act was to be construed liberally.

= = = = =

Lake in the Hills Democratic Party State Rep. Suzanne Ness is not a sponsor of the bill as of March 16, 2023.

CBS linked to other stories:

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To include this many links it is story last night shows someone certainly was deeply invested in what happened to Uprising Bakery.

The bakery’s press release included this part of its business plan:

UpRising Bakery & Café first opened in 2021. Sac said she had hoped to make difference by serving delicious food for all – including vegan and gluten-free options – and also by making wedding cakes for those in the LGBTQ+ community.

“Seeing gluten-free and vegan products sold with 350% markup saddened me. My heart broke reading emails from same-sex couples seeking a bakery for their wedding cake. People in this community need us.”


WBBM-TV Blanket Coverage of Kid-Friendly Uprising Bakery Story Continues — 31 Comments

  1. This important hurt feelings legislation, could have prevented the crying, recriminations and angst of the infamous 1997 Chuck E. Cheese Ball Pit Incident.

  2. Grooming 101.

    This business had an agenda which only appealed to child molesters and the woke.

    It couldn’t support itself based on its products and needed to repeatedly ask for donations by playing the victim card.

    This place should have been shut down as this is clearly not in a child’s best interest.

    Kenneally looking the other way again as he had Algonquin Township and likely supported this type of perversion. He was probably one of a few customers paying for the cream filled doughnuts likely using a $100 debit gift card.

  3. I’m sorry to have to say this but this all looks like a publicity stunt by UpRising Bakery & Café.

    The Shaw Media/Daily Herald article was clear to state no protestor against UpRising Bakery & Café has been seen on the shopping center premises since December 24.

    The article also said, unlike CBS2 News, inflation is a significant contributing factor to the losses UpRising Bakery facing.
    That sounds consistent with reality.

    The timing of UpRising’s owner making this may have to close announcement highly questionable.

    Two weeks prior to “closure” (and 2 1/2 weeks before big local school board elections where parents fighting the sexualization of kids at early age) also makes me think this is a publicity stunt.

    Didn’t UpRising Bakery host petition signing parties for the April 4 election late last year?

    Remember the date after the supposed closing, April 1st, and UpRising Bakery might say “fooled you!” or thank the community for contributing to the UpRising GoFundMe account.

    Let’s also remember, the controversy from last summer at UpRising Bakery didn’t ignite residents to file to run for Lake in the Hills village trustee in the April 4 election.

    The 3 incumbent trustees are running unopposed.

    If I’m proven wrong, so be it, but I’ve done my best to ensure the truth gets out about all going on with UpRising & the Village of Lake in the Hills.

    My work included confirming via FOIA what the contents of the settlement agreement was between UpRising Bakery, the ACLU of IL, and the Village of Lake in the Hills proving the Village wasn’t mau-maued by the ACLU with threat of costly litigation.

    If this announcement turns out to to be a faux closure or an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke in questionable taste, do not be surprised.

  4. This person opted to be more focused on things outside of being a bakery, and a decent bakery at that.

    Small business is rough in Illinois, but when you focus your business on such a small common denominator and then have publicity linked to things that may be seen as undesirable, it’s a recipe for disaster not success.

    The fact that she took time away from her flailing business to go to Springfield and awards ceremonies for her cause, just proves she feels she has bigger things than owner in mind.

    In truth if anyone looked up this owner she has run a few fundraisers to pay for her dream.

    At some point you just need to look in the mirror and say you’re now a good business owner, and move on.

  5. You gotta wonder if happy and smiling children running a lemonade stand in summer have more business acumen than the bakery owner in Lake in the Hills.

  6. LOL Porky, she’s opening on Halsted this summer. I suspect you look like a dog that got in mischief with a porcupine after your shellayli servicing last night. Is Monk helping you pull all the splinters out of your face and ass with his needle nose pliers? Did your pet gerbil survive?

  7. A quality bakery is welcomed and successful.

    Had the owners not chosen to interject their politics with tacky drag shows, they may well have survived.

    The Riverside Bakery in McHenry has had loyal customers forty years who have gone out of their way to travel to the Bakery for coffee cakes, turnovers, etc. that surpass any competition.

    Hard work and customer satisfaction ensure success, not drag shows.

    Uprising has no one to blame, but their own choices.

    By the way, were monkey pox VAX being offered too?

  8. I’m glad the rabidly anti-Christian ADL is outed as a font of degeneracy.

    “Judeo Christian” BS

    Lopez is ‘sorry’ — gimme a break!

    Poo Korny you may have to go back to the forest
    preserves for your cloacal ‘entertainment’.


    Boycott the grooming hellhole and shame its ‘Devo’ patrons like Ness and Fatty Zionist Prickster.

  9. IMHO, they made a bad gamble and were used by the BLM LQBTQXRP+ organizations and the financial aid that was provided them started to dry up and the negative publicity lost them 80% of their sales.

    Michael Jordan had it right when they tried using him.

    Even white people and Republicans buy my shoes, who should I take sides?

    Jumbo boy took his crap in their store, because he removed his toilets, and drove away.

    ba-bi now, go read your smut with your own children.

  10. What a great opportunity to start a T.I.F. District to help this business and other like minded businesses.

    Algonquin is such a blighted area where racism, homophobia and gender discrimination dominate the landscape not allowing such a business to survive.

    Uprising has such a tremendous business model and vision.

    Maybe the Honorable State Representative Ness can move her Yoga business into the T.I.F. district with Uprising Bakery and the Pritzker family can build a hotel there also.

    What a fun area it will be!!!

    Cal: Can you help get the ball rolling on a T.I.F. for these impoverished souls?

    Or at least start a Go Fund Me page for Uprising.

    I trust you will honestly handle the $$$ just as well as Lou Ness did with Turning Point.

  11. The McHnery County Health Department did select the bakery as a site to vaccinate for monkey pox.

  12. Monkeypox?

    Isn’t that our resident expert appraiser and structural engineer that drives a Prius?

    As Cindy would say it’s a made up fear porn disease and I agree with her.

  13. Lib Man, you do know this Barkery, sic, is located in LITH not Algonquin?

  14. Hey, she doubled down!

    Multiple times!

    Despite numerous people suggesting otherwise.

    Where are those she was so proud of to buy her cupcakes?

    Ya know, all those who stood in support?

    Where are they to help her business?!?

    Maybe when she knew she was going under would not have doubled down and kept pushing.


  15. Copy and paste, G-Man.

    Fakebook doesn’t allow real people to wander around in there.

  16. What in the would does a drag show have anything to do with selling baked goods.


    Don’t know what to think about all of this, but glad the woke corrupt evil couldn’t survive.

  17. Looks like McHenry County needs more homos and child grooming transvestites. Perhaps they could place an ad in the Northworst Herald and save two turds with one buttplug?

  18. Let’s examine her claim.

    She is closing based on “overwhelming harassment”?

    However, where was the “harassment” when she was a mere lesbian baker?


    However, she was still failing.

    Nobody cared that you were a lesbian baker.

    It’s when she started the indoctrination, and now she uses that as her reason for closing.

    Just an FYI, McHenry County Board Member, Hoff, was a strong supporter of this business.

  19. We would all do well if we kept our personal lives PRIVATE.

    No need to publicly state how we run our lives.

    However, the mostly corrupt dishonest main stream media has their own agenda.

  20. Life offers choices,

    Choices have consequences.

    ’nuff said?

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