Election Judge Shortage

FROM: Sharon Repplinger | Election Judge Coordinator. McHenry County Clerk’s Office

We have had 96-yes, 96 judges cancelled since Monday, March 13th for working the April Election.

We need judges at the following locations- Please EMAIL me if you are willing to work for this election. Thank you.

  • Crystal Lake- Ridgefield Pres. Church (8505 Church St. Crystal Lake)-  1 DEM judge
  • Fox River Grove Fire Dept. (411 Algonquin Rd- Fox River Grove)- 2 DEM and 2 REP
  • Holiday Hills Vill. Hall (1304 Sunset Dr., Holiday Hills)- 1 DEM
  • Island Lake- St.Johns Luther. Church (405 W State Rd, Island Lake)- 2 REP
  • McHenry- McHenry City Hall (333 Green St., McHenry)- 1 REP
  • McHenry- VFW Clubhouse (3002 W Rte 120, McHenry)- 1 DEM
  • Marengo-Union Library (19714 E Grant Hwy, Marengo)- 1 Rep and 1 DEM
  • Marengo Park Distr. (825 Indian Oak Trl, Marengo)-  1 REP
  • Marengo- The Orchard Evangelical Free Church (20911 Ratfield Rd., Marengo)- 2 REP
  • Richmond- Nippersink Library (5418 Hill Rd., Richmond)- 2 REP (OR) 1 REP
  • Ringwood- Vill. Of Ringwood (6000 Barnard Mill Rd., Ringwood)- 1 DEM
  • Wonder Lake- Christ the King Church School (5006 E Wonder Lake Rd., Wonder Lake)- 1 REP and 1 DEM (OR) 2 REP
  • Wonder Lake- Greenwood Twp Mun. Building (5211 Miller Rd.)- 1 REP
  • Wonder Lake- Highland Shores Comm Building (9015 Woody Trl)- 1 DEM
  • Wonder Lake- Wonder Lake Comm. Building (4444 Thompson Rd.)- 1 REP (OR) 1 DEM

Call 815-334-4242.


Election Judge Shortage — 28 Comments

  1. LOL

    The Liberals, the Leftists, the Municipal workers, the teachers unions, the communits, and the Romney Republicans are GLEEFUL with this news.

    Here is their chance to force down failed, bureaucratic, LOSER policies that no-one outside of the establshment wants.

    Expand public schools!

    Mask the children!

    COVID lockdowns!

    Make failed/unused libraries BIGGER, more frequen drag shows for minors, make the local police deparments bigger with larger pensions and have them attack the citzenry with MORE ZEAL…..


  2. If that is the whole message, it isn’t well done.

    She says to email her, then gives only a phone number.

    Was there an email address you cut off, Cal?

  3. Cmon Cindy. Simpletons don’t realize they are being distracted by the jingling keys MSM. Mentally they are toddlers that keep believing what the TV tells them to believe.

    Now we have South Beach gun violence overnight. LOL. Many can’t connect the dots and think the CBDC is in their best interest.

    And let’s not overlook the fully vaxed meteorologist passing out on camera. Don’t worry the simps think they are the smartest idiot in the room.

  4. turnout will be low it’ll be an easy 200 and something dollars.

  5. I did not received the email directly for some reason.

    You see what I received.

  6. Here’s your chance JT put your money where your mouth is. Make sure our elections aren’t rigged.
    81M hah.

  7. It takes less than ten minutes to complete and email the application per the instructions on the clerk’s website at the link John Pletz gave.

  8. 96 in the last WEEK??!! Are republicans taking their ball and going home?

  9. How about you Roo?
    Nah, you’re to busy complaining, that’s a full time job for bitch like you.

  10. Pletz is running for park commissioner in Crystal Lake.

    JT and Cindy won’t be applying for this job.

    The article says people from both parties are needed.

    Yes tomorrow is a new moon.

    Yes tomorrow is the vernal equinox and change from Pisces to Aries.

    According to the star chart it says “your shit is all retarded.”

  11. Ya all can send your opinions with attachments.

    Click on this…watch that, read this…

    NO THANKS !!!

    It’s like Forest would say…..box of chocolates, never know what you’re going to get.

    Be careful what you open….could also be a can of WORMS….and

  12. That man has more degrees than you can spell. But you would never know that because you can’t listen to truth while you have your fingers stuck in your ears!

  13. Degrees matter when you like what the degreed person says.

    When you do not Ike what the degreed person says, you denigrate education.

    Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz, your favorite Clintons, the Bushes, the Obamas, Anthony Fauci, on and on share the best academic credentials.

    That had not coalesced support, among them nor for them.

  14. Sorry Cindy…..
    Can’t hear you….
    I’m reading my B-book and talking with G

  15. “That man has more degrees than you can spell.”
    BS(bullshit), MS (More of the Same) PHD (Piled Higher and Deeper)
    Got it.

  16. Cindy-“Why do you want to be a moron?” why do you?

    ” God created you wonderfully and marvelously so that toxins will be expelled by YOUR OWN body.”
    “The sugar is the least of your problems. What is your body going to do with all those chemicals?
    Cindy at least keep track of your own bullshit.

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