Russians Revive Greek Communists’ Children Stealing Tactic During Civil War

A really good book I recently read is “Eleni” by Nicholas Gage, a former New York Times reporter.

Ukrainian officials estimate that at least 16.000 children have been forcibly deported. NBC TV headline.

It’s about Gage’s search for information about his mother, who was killed by the Communists in the Geeek Civil War.

The most disturbing part of the book was of the Communists marching children over the mountains to Yugoslavia, where they were put in camps until relocated to other Communist countries.

Suhead from the Chicago Tribune.

We’re talking after the Second World War before 1950.

Now comes the Russian government into the Ukraine taking children to Russia.

With the Russia birth rate so low, one can understand the logic, if not the morality.

History repeating itself.


Russians Revive Greek Communists’ Children Stealing Tactic During Civil War — 5 Comments

  1. If Putin was an American, he would be voting DEMOCRAT because they so much in common.

  2. Why isn’t the Uprising Bakery bringing these kids in for tranny indoctrination and getting a check from donations and politician?

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  3. Abe, is that why Putin is claiming wokeness and inclusions as tools of the Satanist west? Learn a new word other than Democrat for your ED, Tovarich

  4. Idiot Cal, keep drinking the kook aid .

    Did it ever occur to you that these kids and Mom’s were ethnic Russians evacuated for their safety?

    Just give cokehead Zelensky more billions.

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