Sun-Times Features Kid-Friendly Drag Queen Lake in the Hills’ Bakery’s Finanacial Problem

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Part of thr press release from the Uprising Bakery quoted in the March 17, 3023, Chicago Sun-Times:

“Closing our doors is the direct result of the horrific attacks, endless harassment, and unrelenting negative misinformation about our establishment in the last 8 months.

“From an award-winning bakery that donates to local organizations and supports diversity and inclusion, we have been rebranded by misinformation as ‘gay only’ and ‘pedophiles.’ Local customers no longer come here because of the perceived threat that tarnished our good name and the fears of their license plates are photographed, and they are harassed.”


Sun-Times Features Kid-Friendly Drag Queen Lake in the Hills’ Bakery’s Finanacial Problem — 12 Comments

  1. Past pathetic playing the victim while grooming children. The UpRising Bakery*.

    *Toilet Plunger & Crisco included

  2. Misinformation…you see how the crazies use that word yet?

    The truth is like garlic to a vampire and that lesbian thinks anyone with a brain is buying that BS

  3. LOL.

    They are closing because they FAILED as a business.

    Their business decisions were an abject disaster.

    They wonder why they’re going broke?


  4. Will their plaintiff cries for help fall upon the deaf ears of their largest supporter?

    He being the omnipotent potentate of DEMOCRATS who himself journeyed to said location so that he
    may stand in solidarity with the degenerates he so claims to dearly love?



    Nah, ain’t gonna happen.

  5. “Boo Hoo! Take your crappy bakery down. It stunk.”

    How do you know, faggot, unless you were there.

    JT has another closet queen dealing with his inner homosexual desires.

  6. PorkBoy projecting, triggered and butthurt again. Damn, it’s a GREAT day!

  7. LOL Abe, you got that right. I suspect Porky’s upset at the closing since he had a part time job fluffing the drag queens in the kitchen to produce the cream for their cream filled pastries. That’s during the week. On the weekends we know where him and the rest of the butthole patrol are hanging out and performing. If you’re on the Kennedy and see a Prius with a COEXIST and pride flag stickers on the bumper be sure to beep and wave at the clowns in the car and say hi to Porkboy.

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