Chicago Tribune Features Kid-Friendly Lake in the Hills Bakery’s Financial Problems on Page 3

It took a long time, but the Chicago Tribune finally noticed the latest fund raising pitch from Uprising Bakery:

Chicago Tribune March 21, 2023, page 3 article on Lake in the Hills Uprising Bakery.

The reporter describes the welcoming of children at drag queen shows with the words, “family friendly.”

There is some new information in the article’s last three paragraphs:


Chicago Tribune Features Kid-Friendly Lake in the Hills Bakery’s Financial Problems on Page 3 — 29 Comments

  1. Cal has your career reduced itself to pandering to the lowest common denominator, hate. Such a pity.

  2. More of that superior intellect from the resident closet queen slap dick.

  3. If your gonna bail out Silicon Valley carnivals and local cupcake freakshows, you damn well better pay off my overdue bar tab at Limpey’s Tavern.

  4. That hurts ‘Numbnut’ Pokorny. You may resume your ankle grabbing and prancing.

  5. I regularly point out Chicago media coverage of McHenry County events.

  6. Typical politicians answer. This is pandering to your hater crowd. Six articles about this in less than a week. How many other business closings do you cover?
    And you let the cowards hide behind screen names.
    You should change the name to the McHenry County Coalition of Christian Haters.
    That is your crowd old man, while you try to retain relevancy.

  7. A friend of mine said that he actually went to the Cafe and bought some pastries but complained that they smelled like fish. Not sure if that’s true or not. Just sayin…

  8. DJ, No just holding you by the ears.

    Steve not only are you homophobic but misogynistic as well.

  9. I’m going to go out on a limb here and conjecture that freak show bakery’s, is the Stephen ‘outrageous drag outfit capped off with ginormous fake titty hill’, he’s willing to die on.

  10. Isn’t it funny how shellayli smoking Porky always comes out in defense of the pervert lifestyle. He must be sad his gerbil ran away again. Makes one wonder what clown drag name he goes by.

  11. Congratulations, your random wordstring lucky horseshoe is still working.

  12. Hey man, I don’t drop in before your timeline and step all over your punchlines with those AKSHUALLYs Stephen jokes.

  13. Good for the landlord, word on the street is that the retail space will either be operated by a company that manufactures scissors or Red Lobster might take it over.

  14. I still don’t understand why you all hate baked goods so much.

  15. ole cal is a pandering fool.

    Lived a life of irrelevance, antiAmerican hate, and hypocrisy.

    cal has not earned an honest dollar in his adult life.

    cal loves parades with all the little kids and free candy.

    He is such a poor “blogger” that he posts bullshit crap from “friends of the blog” and photoshopped pictures.

    Time has passed you and your minions.

  16. I love it Cal. You were a politician and now you are a troll triggerer.

    I hope you laugh as much as I do at them freely outing their level of intellectuality.

  17. Things must be looking up for battle hardened comment warrior Tom. Snap benefits approved!

    Now log off your neighbors Wi-Fi and go check the mailbox.

  18. I heard ‘Chief \ Chef’ Colatori was opening up another Pizza place in Algonquin.

    Perhaps he can hire Sac and Kenneally to make pastry desserts and have tranny drag shows.

  19. Naw, dj. I am sitting by cal’s canal at his Florida home that Illinois tax dollars bought.

    I had to chase his bride out though since she lives in a separate state than her ole husband.

    Ole dj is the king of comedy for all the minions, but he does operate on a much too high of a level for most of the fools.

    dj reminds me of a third-rate comedian who eventually blows his brains out.

    It’s happened way too often.

  20. “canal” Mmmm, that means Gators.

    I’ve been looking for someone who will stunt hopscotch over a river of hungry gators, like in LIVE AND LET DIE (1973), stuntman’s record was five tries and 200 stiches.


  21. So Tom is in Cape Coral on a canal.

    Just what FL needs.

    More useless IL voters.
    I bet he saw Crist as the best thing to be governor and is praying bought and paid for DeSantis runs in 24

  22. Low I.Q. Little Tommy Snowflake has been triggered and is now butthurt from his experience. DAMN, it’s a wonderful day!

  23. >The reporter describes the welcoming of children at drag queen shows with the words, “family friendly.”

    Only if your family is perverted.

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