Will State Government Ride to the Rescue of Lake in the Hills Kid-Friendly Drag Queen Uprising Bakery?

More money from JB Prizker’s Administration:

Question: Will Uprising Bakery be eligible under two of the three categories:

  • Restaurants
  • Creative Arts Businesses

Gov. Pritzker Announces $175 Million Available in B2B Grants for Restaurants, Hotels and Creative Arts Businesses

Applications open April 5 – May 10 at Illinois.gov/B2B; community navigators available to conduct outreach and provide technical assistance to hardest hit communities

CHICAGO — Governor JB Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) today announced $175 million in available grant funding through the Back to Business (B2B) program. Following state recovery for businesses totaling nearly $1.5 billion, the latest American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) -funded opportunity is designed to provide additional support for the hardest-hit sectors, including restaurants (B2B Restaurants), hotels (B2B Hotels), and businesses or organizations in the creative arts sector (B2B Arts). To provide hands-on support and raise awareness about the program, the State has mobilized a network of more than 100 community navigators across Illinois.

“In the three years since COVID-19 brought our state, our nation, and our world to a standstill, Illinois businesses have come back swinging—in part thanks to our Back to Business program,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “My administration is committed to helping small business owners move past survival and onto long-term success—and this latest investment of $175 million in B2B grants does exactly that.”

As outlined in statute, B2B Arts and B2B Restaurants grant award amounts will be determined by revenue declines, as reflected on tax returns, and funding for hotels will be allocated by number of rooms. Applications are open from April 5 through May 10, 2023 and awards are expected to be made several weeks after the deadline date. All eligible applicants will receive a grant as long as the business meets eligibility requirements and submits proper documentation and attestations.

The program design is based on legislation establishing the Restaurant Employment and Stabilization Grant Program ($50 million), Hotel Jobs Recovery Grant Program ($75 million) and the Illinois Creative Recovery Grant program ($50 million). The funding is designed to offset losses and support job retention in the hardest-hit industries.

“Illinois’ businesses have made a strong recovery since the most difficult times of the pandemic and we’re proud to build upon that progress through additional support for hard-hit industries,” said DCEO Director Kristin A. Richards. “Restaurants, hotels and creative arts are industries designed to bring people together, and with an additional $175 million we are investing in communities and supporting continued economic development.”

DCEO has enlisted a robust network of more than 100 community navigators to conduct outreach and provide technical assistance in the hardest hit communities. Community Navigators will be conducting outreach, hosting webinars, and supporting prospective applicants to prepare before the application opens on April 5, 2023. This is in addition to available small business support available through Illinois’ network of Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs).

In order to manage a high volume of applications in a timely manner, DCEO has enlisted a program administrator – the National Community Reinvestment Coalition Community Development Fund (NCRC CDF) – to support with application review, provide technical portal support for applicants, manage the development of the application portal and provide support in processing payments.

“The impacts of the pandemic are far from over for small businesses and its aftermath continues to threaten their long-term success, especially for those owned by Black, Latino, and other underserved entrepreneurs,” said Marisa Calderon, Executive Director of NCRC CDF. “These grants will help to shore up small businesses, preserve what they have worked so hard to build, and save jobs in our communities.”

Eligibility, Application, and Awards

The B2B Restaurants (20 ILCS 605/605-1100), B2B Hotels (20 ILCS 605/605-1095) and B2B Arts (30 ILCS 709/40) programs were designed in accordance with state statute, which specified industries, buckets of funding, spending guidelines and more. A summary of the programs are included below:

In addition to webinars and outreach hosted by community navigators, DCEO will be hosting statewide information kick-off sessions on the dates below:

 B2B RestaurantsB2B HotelsB2B Arts
Funding Available$50 million$75 million$50 million
Award Range$5,000-$50,000?Up to $1,500 per room$5,000-$250,000
Impact of Receiving Prior AwardIneligible if business received any prior state relief funding (B2B, BIG, RRF) or more than 10K in local funding. Businesses who received federal funds, such as PPP are eligible.Amount of state or local grants received deducted from overall award amount.Grant based only on 2021 losses for businesses that received prior state relief funding (BIG or B2B).
Spending GuidelinesFlexible spending to support losses80% for payroll related costs; 20% flexible spendingFlexible spending to support losses
Examples of Eligible Businesses (for the full eligibility list and guidelines please visit Illinois.gov/B2B)RestaurantsTavernsBarsCaterersBreweriesWineriesFood TrucksHotelsMotelsInnsLodging sitesPerforming and presenting artsTheatersMuseumsCultural heritage organizations 

Statewide DCEO English-Language Webinars

  • Friday, March 24, 2023, 10:00 a.m.
  • Thursday, March 30, 2023, 10:00 a.m.
  • Thursday, April 6, 2023, 2:00 p.m.
  • Statewide Spanish-Language Webinar:
  • Subvenciones Back to Business (B2B por sus siglas en inglés) para restaurantes, hoteles, y empresas de artes creativas
  • Jueves, 30 de marzo de 11:00 a.m.

“Budgets are about priorities, and another $175 million for the B2B program is once again reiterating that small businesses are top of mind,” said Leader Jehan Gordon-Booth, (D-Peoria). “Small businesses are built on dreams. Whether it is a young person with a new plan, or a long-held idea for a second career, it is a priority that the State of Illinois do everything we can to help them thrive.”

“The Back to Business program and other relief efforts helped thousands of small businesses across Chicago and Illinois bounce back from the pandemic,” said State Senator Elgie?Sims, (D-Chicago). “Because Illinois has been responsible in our budgeting, we are able to provide funds for entrepreneurs and businesses that need it most.”

“Tourism businesses like restaurants, hotels, and arts organizations are the beating heart of not just my district’s local economy, but they are critical to the entire state,” said State Senator Sara Feigenholtz, (D-Chicago). “I look forward to businesses across Illinois being reinvigorated by these dollars as they gear up for what will be an incredible travel summer for our state.”

“We are excited to spread the word about the additional $175 million in available grant funding to businesses that need support,” said State Senator Celina Villanueva, (D-Chicago). “During previous rounds, I walked door to door with DCEO to make sure that small business owners, especially immigrant-owned businesses, knew about this opportunity so they can get the support that they need. I look forward to visiting my small business corridors again with this great news.”

“Chicago has seen an encouraging rise in tourism and the timing couldn’t be better for the small businesses in my district,” said State Rep. Theresa Mah, (D-Chicago). “We look forward to building upon this momentum as the state launches the next round of funding for restaurants, hotels and creative arts organizations.”

“These restaurant grants are a lifeline for local restaurants that are continuing to recover from the past few years,” said Sam Toia, President and CEO of Illinois Restaurant Association. “We are grateful to Governor Pritzker and DCEO for their partnership and ongoing support of the hospitality industry.”

“The hotel industry was among the hardest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. As occupancy numbers rise closer to pre-pandemic levels and the industry continues to recover, the funding from this grant will give us the boost we need to rehire workers and support the returning tourism demand,” said Michael Jacobson, President & CEO of the Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association. “I want to thank Governor Pritzker and DCEO for their efforts to support Illinois’ tourism economy and show the rest of the world that we are ready to welcome visitors to our communities.”

“This $50 million in relief funding for the creative sector couldn’t come at a more critical time,” says Claire Rice, Executive Director of Arts Alliance Illinois. “We just passed the three-year anniversary of the March 2020 shutdown, and our sector is still facing significant challenges: lower revenues, audience hesitancy, and increased expenses. We’re grateful to the State of Illinois for making this recovery funding possible, and the Alliance will work tirelessly with a large partner network to make sure that our colleagues in arts and culture across Illinois know that these invaluable dollars are available to help recoup some of their losses.”

B2B Restaurants, B2B Hotels and B2B Arts builds on the success of the Business Interruption Grants (BIG) program and the first round of the Back to Business (B2B) Programs, launched by the Pritzker administration to provide more than 15,000 awards to businesses totaling $536 million, with 47 percent of grants awarded to minority-owned businesses – a testament to the work of the community navigators program designed to help reach more underserved businesses in minority and rural communities across the state.

Since the onset of the pandemic, DCEO has allocated nearly $1.5 billion in pandemic-related support for businesses, including $536 million through B2B & BIG, $899 million in Child Care Restoration Grants (administered in partnership with DHS), $18.5 million in local CURE funding specifically allocated to businesses, $14 million in Emergency Hospitality Grants, and $3.5 million in BIG agriculture grants.


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  1. Why yes, more COVID monies that will be lost into the abyss paid for by taxpayers.

    Sure, why not?

    Tax reduction, 1040 income tax credit, motor fuel reimbursement, or credit For The elderly And disabled?

    Nawww, couldn’t do that.

    Let me guess, during the “vetting” process of applications, most of those monies will go to the “black and brown” people, and those LGBTXYZ persecuted groups.

  2. Just ridiculous.

    Next they’ll be selling child porn on the internet needing a State handout.

  3. Porky is praying for the grant so he can keep his weekday cream fluffing job on his drag queen friends. She gave him an employee of the month parking spot out back for his ability to produce more cream than his fellow fluffers Monk, Martin and Lil Joey.

  4. Jesus Christ Cal, triggered much?!

    I would have figured that they were making gay wedding cakes on your front yard the way you’re railing against them.

    Keep on punching sport!

  5. Lol Cal. How many different posting names doe Poopcorn have.

    Keep on punching sport?

    I wonder where he acquired that from?

    I suspect it’s one of the pole smoking community that post intellectually here.

  6. fatty taddy to the rescue..

    gots get them votes…

    mo free $$ … as the state goes to the crapper…

    cause this be impotent..

    he has to pay as his pic was taken in front of the place for his prez resume… portfolio…

  7. I said the ultimate revenge would be to get some government assistance.

    I hope she gets a grant. Just to piss off the Coalition of McHenry County Christian Haters.


    Be careful Of what you wish for.

  8. People here complain about having to put up with drag all the time, everywhere they go.

    Seems like everything on this blog is now a drag story.

    Yet you can’t stay away.

  9. If only the UpRising Bakery had the same support in sales as it does here they’d be opening up a second location and wouldn’t need donations. lol

  10. Congrats Cal.

    You got 2 members of the Prius driving pole smoker community on fire. I think Monk stole Porky’s gerbil on the ride down to the city for St Paddy’s day servicing.

    What are your drag clown names Porky and Monk?

  11. People who steer money to preferred (DEMOCRAT) causes in order to curry favor and by votes.

    It’s just that simple, got it now?

  12. Wondering if they’d fall for financing my Beef Butt Days Hay Bale Toss Championships, held in rural Ish Kibibble, Il., but on hold due to Covid, to pick up a quick $50 K.

    It’s a lock if I tell them Lincoln was a two-time champ back in the day.

  13. Ms. Sac hasn’t been able to pay her bills since she opened the bakery without fundraisers. Former employees are starting to come forward and out her scams publicly. She’s a con artist and nothing less. So she sure will get the B2B money. If she does close at the end of the month it’s because she took the gofundme donations and ran off. Enough has been raised to meet her demands primarily from the ADL associates. Not everyone can run a business and she cannot.

  14. HonestAbe#1, when is your burglary victim support group meeting? Better lock your doors and hide in a corner, tissue boy.

  15. Cal triggered a 3rd member of the Prius crew.

    Good job Cal.

    Maybe Lil Joey stole Porky’s gerbil

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    Hopefully Monk can post the experience he recorded on his GoPro.

  17. Something of far bigger moment happened today.

    The neocon jews running ‘our’ country have committed the biggest blunder since entry into WWI, Vietnam and Afghanistan combined.

    A Russian Chinese Axis of Antiwoke.

    The world’s foremost manufacturing powerhouse China allied with the world’s most advanced military Russia. I think that sums it up.

    Plus, over a hundred other countries happy to see the US get knocked off its pedestal. As per a previous segment, China’s economy, in terms of what its workers’ wages buy, is bigger than the US, and Russia’s is much larger than we give credit for. You can mess with statistics and measures, but the raw facts in the above statement hold sway.

    Meanwhile, as an example, the US military has a significant percentage of pilots unfit for duty because of vaccine injuries (the FAA reduced standards and looked the other way), and you can bet they have a problem with the other services too. Add to that they can’t seem to recruit. Lots of odds and ends here that add up to much worse than the whole “woke” thing.

    Plus, as Zerohedge reported, companies that had mandates are having trouble getting their workers back, and it’s looking like the vaccine injuries are showing up across the board. These are skilled, educated, trained workers that can’t be replaced by illegals. So, no, there will be no return of any significant manufacturing anytime soon to solve the supply chain crisis. And with the banks blowing up and inflation ready to kick into high gear on the printed bailouts, I’m not sure what the WEF will have left to run.

    Nobody here thinks anything through, just believing in that manifest destiny crap I suppose, while the other guys play the long game and have manoeuvred us into a no-win situation. The dollar based Pnozi scheme requires constant exponential growth in demand for dollars, and, like any Ponzi scheme, can’t be tapered, so even a slowdown in demand will collapse it all. Slow at first, then suddenly, and uncontrollably. They’ll try the digital currency, but that will only help to control us, they’ll still lose global dominance.

    Right now, the US and NATO and the Pentagoons look like the 3 stooges directing the Keystone cops.

    I can see why Putin and Xi smile a lot.

    Ukroids are finished.

  18. Losin’ Putin.

    Russia is the world’s most advanced military?


  19. Gary don’t confuse simps like Monk with reality. He needed 2 bong hits to respond showing his cognitive dissonance. It’s been years for the simp to explain Salvi’s property taxes and provide a rebuttal to proof 911 was a controlled implosion used to drag us into a useless war. Don’t worry. He’ll vote for bought and paid for DeSantis instead of Trump so he doesn’t have to listen to his media outlets say Trump. Funny the media is awful quiet on the Biden Pay to Play Crime Family. It reminds me of the Clintons

  20. “ It’s been years for the simp to explain Salvi’s property taxes…”

    It’s been years for the simp (Bobby Q) to explain….

    Same for Bobby Q on the elections. Had the entire state database. Years.

    LOL Veneer! Bobby Q – like he never even happened.

  21. LOL. Priceless. Piton explained it already. Are you drinking your bongwater sport? Here. Follow Seth Keshel. That ought to get your skidded up undies in a bunch. Only a dope head could believe Biden got 81m votes and Ds keep running this state since the 70s.

    You also conveniently fail to provide your expert appraisal opinions on 911. Why is that sport?

  22. I believe 81 million voters decided Trump was worse than Biden.

    That wasn’t me. But then found out that 81 million people had better judgment than I.

  23. 3 months ago our “Intelligence” agencies said that Putin was sick and ready to die soon.

    6 years ago they had the same intel on Little Rocketman.

    Why would we believe anything our “Intelligence” agencies say?

    Who are they and why are we paying them?

    I wonder if they were meteorologists before graduating to the Pentagon?

  24. Sexualization of children is really repugnant.

    Mr. Pokorny is really something.

    Something sick and bad.

    Something that needs to be done about taking out the trash.

  25. Monk. Died Suddenly. 2000 Mules. The smartest poster on the blog. Do another bong sport. You are easy like your buddy Porky in the milking room at Uprising Bakery. I hope you have leather seats in your Prius to wipe down after your visits to Halsted.

  26. “Sexualization of children is really repugnant.”

    I also agree, this is not about sexualizing children.

    This is about entertainment and freedom of speech.

    It is the parents right to expose them not yours.

    Go worship ma cow.

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