Top Shelf Ice Cream Producer Tillamook Coming to Illinois

Found a fascinating economic expansion story by Brendon Moore in the Herald and Review today.

Oregan-based farmer cooperative Tillamook has bought an old Prairie Farms plant in Decatur and plans to use it to expand in the Midwest and East. Eventually, it will replace contact plants in Michigan and North Carolina.

The ice cream is called Tillilmook.

Currently, it is distributed in Koger, Target and Walmart.

The firm’s marketing plan is not to compete with the low-end store brands.

Tillamook Executive Vice President of Operations Mike Beaver is the one quoted.

Those who have read the label carefully know that Bryer’s no longer sells ice cream.

One can see that on the Walmart ad:

Bryers now is now known as “frozen dairy cream alternative.”

Tillamook costs less at Walmart and is actually ice cream:

Tillamook ice cream.

The company uses the same strategy as Oberweis, starting with high quality milk.

Wisconsin dairy farm supplying Oberweis Dairy.


Top Shelf Ice Cream Producer Tillamook Coming to Illinois — 28 Comments

  1. Special Illinois flavor offerings, Eternal Bleakness, Futility of Hope and Fetal Ball will be made available at your local Food Banks.

  2. However, the Decatur plant is going to institute a drag Fridays policy for its workforce.

  3. Ice cream is something no one should be ingesting. (Especially now that it is all poisoned by chemicals.)

  4. I buy only one kind of Breyers, a specific vanilla that only had three things in it.

    I will not purchase any longer if that changes.

    Not sure how “healthy” it is for you, but the only place I will eat out “ice cream” is from Julie Ann’s in Crystal Lake.

    Great family owned business.

    The owner is amazing.

    The custard is amazing!!!!

  5. But does Julie Anne’s have family friendly drag shows?

  6. Poo Korny: buy the failed queer bakery, rename it “Pokorny’s Place” and give free donuts to the queer LITH police force and runaway boys hustling in McHenry Co.

    You’ll garner national attn when your place is raided or egged by ‘right wing extremists.’

  7. Could this be one of the ultimate luxury brands that Nancy Pelosi enjoys during lock-downs?

  8. Cindy stop trying to explain excessive sugar intake is a leading cause of cancer. You will be labeled QAnon.

  9. I know what you’re talking about, SMG, in regard to the Breyers ice cream with few ingredients.

    It was used to make kolaczki cookies because it’s a very basic ice cream.

  10. The sugar is the least of your problems. What is your body going to do with all those chemicals?

  11. Cindy can’t eat ice cream. Too cold on her gums, plus she is lactose intolerant. Gives her the runs. Those poor Depends.

  12. ” God created you wonderfully and marvelously so that toxins will be expelled by YOUR OWN body.”

    “The sugar is the least of your problems. What is your body going to do with all those chemicals?

    Cindy at least keep track of your own bullshit.

  13. According to “Sugar Blues,” sugar replace lard in European diets.

  14. Cal if you ever had an oreo, a twinkle or a ho ho they’re still packing whipped beef lard.

    Imagine that I just named 3 members of the troll farm in this post. Trigger warning. Lol

  15. Breyers ice cream is still available, but you have to look at the carton closely to make sure that you’re buying ice cream rather than frozen dairy dessert.

    They really should make the packaging different.

  16. Billy Bob? Did you NOT see any of my posts? That ain’t ice cream. That’s chemicals.

  17. Cindy doesn’t sound like she eats anything….
    There’s a bit of chemicals in everything…
    OMG……or is it no MSG ?

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