Bob Anderson Goes after Township General Assistance, Cites Nunda Township

From townshipo investigator Bob Anderson:

Township 85 FOIA Report General Assistance Welfare Program A Welfare Swindle

1) Taxpayer Abuse
2) Lacks Accountability
3) Benefits Supervisors
4) Very Few Candidates Qualify
5) Abuse Of Tax Distribution
6) Law Breaking Fund Balances
7) Unnecessary Levies
8) Law Breaking Strictly Confidential Client Information
9) Violation Filing Annual Financial Reports Comptroller Office
10) Supervisors Not Performing General Assistance
11) Supervisors Not Following State Application Guidelines
12) Supervisors Over Distribution Grants Per Client
13) Concerning Misrepresentation Disbursement Money

What is General Assistance?

General Assistance is a township government welfare program that can provide ongoing financial assistance for those who qualify for grants of $350 to $400 each month.

Township Governments’ General Assistance Welfare Program is grossly abusing taxpayers that benefits the township supervisor, not the needy.

The General Assistance operational cost mainly goes to the supervisor, clerk, four trustees, employees and administration.

Nunda Township

95% Of General Assistance Is Wages, Benefits and Administration.
Supervisor $94,110, Clerk, $12,500, Trustees $7,800, Administration $90,000 (Total $204,410)
Amount Distributed ($10,000) to 25 Clients Average $400)
Averages About 0.5 Clients Week
Average Distribution About Week $192
General Assistance Fund Balance ($91,063) Would Last Over 9.1 Years)
General Assistance Levy ($32,000) Enough Four Year Distribution)
Fund Balance: Not to exceed 2.5 percent of operational cost of three year average.
Estimate 90% of townships breaking the law.

Illinois Office of Comptroller Report Card Act: Requires all local governments to submit a report card called the Annual Financial Reports to the Office of Comptroller.

Estimate 21% townships in violation.

Townships are Not performing General Assistance:

Estimate 25% not performing General Assistance function.


Bob Anderson Goes after Township General Assistance, Cites Nunda Township — 13 Comments

  1. This is a real thing? Unbelievable.

    I drive by Nunda and see a huge complex using lots of money daily.

    Facilities that seem a bit nebulous too(like that house on the hill.)

    will be leaving with my tax dollars in 432 days.

  2. Yes we know the pun was intended, it shows your preoccupation with phallic erotica.
    But you’re not a closet homosexual in the throes of a panic.

  3. Poor Bob. Yelling at clouds.

    He should get together with JT and they can rides Hogs and share stories of their irrelevance.

  4. Get a life Porky. Waiting to post a response to everything I post really shows what a true LOSER you are. Time to make the doughnuts sport.

  5. Porky is “on roll” today. Do they have a new drag queen that you’re milking in the kitchen today sport or are they coming out with a new cream filled pastry roll? Breaking News.

  6. I think JTs just feeling a little put out today, he’s arching his back and his tail is getting very bushy.

  7. “Waiting to post a response to everything I post really shows what a true LOSER you are”

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