Crystal Lake Park District Has Funny Way of Interpreting Community Survey

I just read the Spring 2023 Park Report. 

It says, “The Crystal Lake Park District recognizes the need for a community center, fitness area, walking track and public swimming pool for its residents.  These needs were confirmed by a recent community needs survey.”

Here are the actual results from the survey:

Q13. Please indicate if you or any member of your household has a need for each of the facilities/amenities listed.

The Park District has a funny way of interpreting community support.


Crystal Lake Park District Has Funny Way of Interpreting Community Survey — 19 Comments

  1. Then Mayor of Crystal Lake announces $400 B bid to host 2036 Summer Olympic Games.

    City overwhelmingly approves.

  2. This reminds me of up north, where Vilas County, WI voters soundly rejected and advisory referendum question asking to allow ATVs and UTVs on town and county roads.

    Then the county commissioners voted to do it anyway, with the president of the board saying, “this is not a democracy, it is a republic. If you don’t like what we do, vote us out.”

    Same answer here, seems to be what the CLPD is saying.

  3. That’s funny Cal, but actually they are correct.

    On average, 29.46% of the survey responders said they needed those facilities.

    The survey didn’t ask whether those facilities should be funded.

  4. Jeff? In what universe would one-quarter of people surveyed indicate support?

    Do you not see the 75% that indicated no support? Must be the new Oblablah math that makes people THAT stupid!

    Three out of four people say no and you think that is a sign to go ahead!

    You probably are down with “Believe what I say and not your lying eyes,” too.

    We truly have arrived in 1984, Winston.

  5. “Believe what I say and not your lying eyes,”
    Cindy that is what you do with all your nut job blogs you get your BS from.

  6. Would be nice if Cal actually linked to this stuff instead of weird isolated screenshots, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    BUT… this was NOT a poll.

    It did not say, “Do you support the building of these facilities?”

    It was a survey about need.

    If 30% of the community actually says they need a facility, that does show a need.

    And if even half of those 30% used it, it would likely be the most used park district facility.

  7. Martin? I asked a real question. Why are you being defensive? Sheesh. What a tool you people have turned each other into. You can’t have a conversation with anyone in here!

  8. Cindy, these trolls are one individual using multiple devices. Likely part of the UpRising Bakery assortment of homo’s, trannies, and child groomers.

  9. Slap? I don’t care how many people they pretend to be. They were talking about Vilas County. I wanted to ask about that. But, no. I got stupid indignation.

  10. D J Survey: Q14. If yes indicated in any Q13. categories, can you explain below, why your cheap ass hasn’t just joined L.A. Fitness? Or do you just expect everyone else to pay for your ‘wants’?

  11. I am not obliged to answer questions from random anonymous people, so I chose not to.

  12. The people of crystal lake have spoken so put these plans to bed great news

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