Dems Target $300,000 Campaign against “Anti-equality, Anti-truth Agenda” School and Library Board Candidates

From the Democrati Party of Illinois:

The Democratic Party of Illinois Announces Electoral Program for Municipal Races Across the State

DPI is supporting pragmatic candidates to combat threats to Democratic values by far-right extremists running in local elections across Illinois

Chicago, IL– Today, the Democratic Party of Illinois (DPI) has released details of its unprecedented effort to prevent extremist conservatives from implementing regressive platforms on school and library boards throughout the state. As national groups continue to funnel dark money into Illinois to prop up fringe candidates, DPI is fighting back to defend its values of diversity, equity and inclusion that make our education system stronger for our children.

“Illinoisans deserve to know the truth about candidates’ ideologies before they head to the ballot box, and DPI will make sure voters have the resources they need to make their decision,” DPI Chair Lisa Hernandez said. 

“As conservative groups attempt to mask their radical agenda behind supposedly nonpartisan candidates, DPI is committed to supporting credible candidates who will oppose efforts to ban books, revise history, and limit reasonable sex education. We can’t afford to sit back while kids and families are at risk.”

Following an extensive analysis of over 500 districts, DPI has identified 84 recommended and 74 opposed candidates in school and library board races across the state.

Opposed candidates include those affiliated with extreme national conservative groups as well as those aiming to implement anti-equality, anti-truth agendas in their districts.

Some of their radical political platforms include banning books, teaching revisionist history, ignoring common sense public health measures, and blocking comprehensive sex education.

This unprecedented plan will include mail and digital advertising sent to a base of Democratic voters in target districts, reaching hundreds of thousands of individuals and households in Illinois. The paid communications program will highlight extremists on the ballot, support credible community advocates that DPI recommends, and direct voters to, where they can find additional information about races in their districts.

In addition, the Party is supporting direct voter contact efforts through consultation and candidate training led by DPI’s Regional Political Organizers. DPI will invest nearly $300,000 statewide to support recommended candidates and expose fringe candidates.

“We’re providing organizing support alongside direct mail and digital communications to make sure we reach voters where they are, especially in these typically low-information races. Many extreme national groups know that they can hide their regressive agendas behind so-called nonpartisan candidates due to a lack of access to clear and accurate information about the names appearing on ballots,” DPI Executive Director Ben Hardin said. “We’re proud to implement this innovative program to make sure voters everywhere can support candidates who align with their own values despite efforts from right wing groups to disguise their real platform and take over our school boards.”

This initiative is launching as DPI implements a new party building directive under the leadership of Chair Hernandez to provide year round support to Democrats through grassroots organizing and continuous voter engagement.


Dems Target $300,000 Campaign against “Anti-equality, Anti-truth Agenda” School and Library Board Candidates — 42 Comments

  1. The DPI missed opportunity in Huntley D158.

    While they flagged the 4 candidates being bankrolled by Catalina Lauf, at $15K thus far thru a WI-based PAC run by her treasurer as extremists, the Dems only flagged 2 out of remaining 8 candidates in D158 as recommended and neither are incumbents.

    That’s how bad D158 school board is.

    Of four incumbents on ballot of 12 candidates, only two were endorsed for reelection by Daily Herald.

    Conservatives will win some of the higher profile school board races.

    May mainstream candidates win April 4.

  2. This is a wake up call to the RINO’s gay bakers are on thing, but this is a orchestrated effort to affect non-partisan elections. When will the Republicans fight back?

  3. Mr. Lopez, are you for real? Or a double agent?

    Why does Ms. Lauf trigger you so. I spent a quarter hour talking to her, she seemed sincere and Conservative.

  4. I will say it again…

    Most all Illinois elections have predetermined outcomes.

    The only real question is how much $$$ the DemoUnionSocialist party needs to spend to maintain/gain power.

    Resistance is Futile

  5. DrRob, AZ SC ruled in Kari Lake’s favor on a stolen election. Over 130k fake signature ballots were being counted after election. It would never happen in mail in ballot central the corrupt state of IL.

    Back to Democrats and RINOs, here’s how they like to treat us:

    Democrat policies 101 …

    1) Create a problem that doesn’t exist like GLObAl WaRMinG.
    2) Use fake scientists, fake news, fake data to support your hoax.
    3) Use over-the-top fear tactics to scare people into believing it (the earth is going end in 12 years and all the cities will be underwater in 5 years, etc – if we don’t act NOW!)
    4) Use your fake news propagandists to amplify the fear.
    5) Use your fake fact checkers on the Left owned social media platforms to ban anyone who tells the truth.
    6) Demonize the truth tellers.
    7) Rake in trillions on the hoax that doesn’t exist – so you and your friends can get filthy rich and gain power. (you don’t have to spend a dime on the hoax because it doesn’t exist.)
    8) Rinse and repeat on the next “end-of-the-world” made-up fake crisis.

    Democrat policies 101 …

  6. This is rich, you are already setting up the excuses for a poor showing. Way to go sport.

  7. Here Porky, this is your leader that got 81m “legitimate” ballots. Being a creep yourself you won’t get it. Did your boyfriend leave in a huff this morning? You’re extra stalking today.

    Poor showing. Ask Katie Hobbs about a poor showing and how she needed to cheat using the Sinaloa Cartel just like Marc Kelly and the long departed McCain RINO.

  8. Also Cindy, looks like an interesting read. Your inner antisemite is going to offend the jews on this site by showing them the truth. LOL

  9. Chandragupta S. V., I thank you for your comments.

    I’m for real and I’m not a double anything. My work is true and while I’m not perfect, I serve only One agenda, with Scriptures as my guide, not the culture.

    I am known by people across the political spectrum as an advocate for the truth.

    For example, today, I had to challenge people who are conspiracy theorists concerning our elections.

    Catalina Lauf does not “trigger” me, nor does anyone else.

    Lauf must learn that she cannot accomplish what she wants to be done her way, but God’s way.

    It is good you spent 15 minutes talking to Lauf. I learned a very long time ago with discernment Lauf is not whom she claims to be. Lauf’s record proves she’s not a true social conservative.

    For example, last October, Lauf came out in favor of codifying same-sex marriage and said she would have voted same and repealed the Defense of Marriage Act. That thinking is proof she’s a cultural conservative, and not a true social conservative guided by God’s word.

    She also listened to very bad advice last year to remove from her campaign website her pro-life platform plank, along with her stance on 2nd Amendment after she won the IL-11 primary.

    She also showed cowardice by refusing to debate Congressman Bill Foster last year, and her 12.9 percentage points loss result of her being a bad candidate who’s not yet ready to serve in public office.

    Lauf turns 30 in just over a month, and I pray for her to see the errors of her ways, seek repentance so she can be prepared when her time comes, which I believe is a good 4 to 6 years away.

    Hope this helps you understand where I’m coming from and my labor of love serving God.

  10. “Waiting to post a response to everything I post really shows what a true LOSER you are”

  11. Lopez: “For example, today, I had to challenge people who are conspiracy theorists concerning our elections.”

    Question Lopez: What’s the lifespan of a conspiracy theory as you call them being proven truth? You better get up to speed on the buzzwords. That’s a JFK era Mockingbird Media term. You need to evolve and call it misinformation and disinformation. Kari Lake won her appeal on election corruption. I suppose that’s a conspiracy theory too.

    I think you’re too far gone in political analysis to recognize corrupt elections and corrupt voting systems. It’s sometimes hard to get out of the blue pilled haze.

    And Porky, I love it when you use words to describe me that I already used to describe you. Since I named Lil Joey Twinkie you’ll now be known as Ding Dong.

  12. v2“Waiting to post a response to everything I post really shows what a true LOSER you are”

  13. ROFLMAO.

    #savethegerbil. #mentalissues. #dingdong. #triggered. #butthurt.


  14. I love JT’s random Twitter accounts he posts. He is like look, see, I found my truth. You need a life. A truck, a Harley, a vette, yet you are here trying to convince us that you are the smartest guy in the room. We all know you are an overweight, hog riding, pole smoker.

  15. #twinkie. #polesmoker. #ilovewillsmith. #soyboy. #mommy.


  16. extremist
    conspiracy theorist
    kari lake
    voting is rigged
    81 m
    gay innuendo
    name calling

    We need bingo cards for this blog.

  17. You forgot BINGO and LOSER and HALSTED Avelar. The trolls get TRIGGERED and stalk and attack. I guess I need more soy sauce and empathy for their kind of intellectual abilities. And don’t forget LOL for good measure.

    What no answer for the Kari Lake win today? I’m sure the cream pumpers will get right on it.

    🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡

  18. “You need to evolve and call it misinformation and disinformation. Kari Lake won her appeal on election corruption. I suppose that’s a conspiracy theory too.”

    Actually, she did not. Of 7 pleas, 6 were dropped, as those allegations were properly decided by the lower court to be without basis or merit.

    One plea was returned to the lower court for review, in that they had improperly dismissed it as a technical matter of state case law, not on actual evidence.

    However, she might be able to argue this one again as it’s been sent back, but all interviewed agree she’d have to come up with actual evidence and hard numbers, none of which she’s been able to provide up until this point.

    Does that sound like a “win” to you JT?

    What about Bobby with the entire Illinois lists and data?

  19. Ho Ho has chimed in on the Lake verdict. Did you miss the 3 whistle-blowers that testified that non matching signature ballots were forced to be scanned by supervisors? Over 100k. Nah. Facts confuse you don’t they?

    1 is enough. We, well I, know that Richter creep and his buddy Hobbs cheated with the help of the sinaloa cartel.

  20. Mr. Lopez, sorry to break it to you, but various state’s Presidential elections were indeed rigged. GA, AZ, Penn., And in Pennsylvania, a brain damaged Jew did ‘win’ only to be shuffled off to an asylum a few weeks ago for defecating on his desk and urinating on the floor of his office in front of several people trying to reason with him, among other ‘unsenatorial” misconduct.

  21. Yeah Chandragupta S. V. and I have one for you.

    Senator Kyrsten Sinema trying to, how did Kirk Bado put it citing POLITICO where she referred to Democrats in Senate as “old dudes eating Jell-O”?:

    “As she races to stockpile campaign money and post an impressive, statement-making first-quarter fundraising number,” Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I) “has used a series of Republican-dominated receptions and retreats this year to belittle her Democratic colleagues, shower her GOP allies with praise and, in one case, quite literally give the middle finger to” the Biden administration. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, “who Sinema has assiduously courted, remains skeptical. …Believing she remains a Democrat at heart, McConnell has focused on trying to recruit a non-controversial Arizona Republican into the race, somebody who could attract the moderate GOP voters and independents Sinema would need to win the purple state as an independent. … One potential arrangement: Sinema could remain an independent but caucus with the Republicans in exchange for a ceasefire in spending from the NRSC and McConnell’s Super PAC.”

    Oh there’s more about Arizona that is fact, like a new big money player now has significant presence in AZ: Mat Ishbia, the new owner of the Phoenix Suns as well as the Phoenix Mercury.

    Older brother Justin is from Winnetka and dumped millions into elections last year in Florida.

    Now, Arizona will see Ishbia Brothers’ dollars with POTUS and the Sinema Senate races in 2024.

    I don’t do conspiracy theories, misinformation or disinformation, I only advocate the truth, and the truth is next year will be a challenge, and too bad Illinois will see little action nationally.

    Sinema POLITICO article:

  22. Sinema’s indie bid makes no sense for her own path forward and I see no way Republicans are going to win the Senate seat there.

    They would be better off focusing their resources on Senate races in Montana, Nevada, Ohio, and West Virginia which all look more promising.

    I’d even be less surprised if Republicans flipped Maine than Arizona.

  23. Where’s Fetterman? LOL.

    And Johnny Lopez aka Avelar. No comment on the Sinaloa Cartel involvement in AZ elections. I wonder why? You’re highly connected in your echo chamber. I’m sure it’s been debunked as a conspiracy theory. LOL again. What do your “fact checkers” say?

  24. Chandra….,

    Glad to see somebody’s figuring out the Jew control getting us into a war against Russia.

    Another ‘Anti-Semitic’ stereotype is the suspicion that Jews care more about their own kind, aka World Jewry, than about any goy-majority nation in which they are citizens.

    But who can deny this?

    Jewish behavior has been signaling this forever. Who can deny that Jews in Russia, Jews in Poland, Jews in Germany, Jews in UK, Jews in the US, Jews in Mexico, and etc., all feel closer to one another than to mere goys in their respective nations?

    How else can the New Cold War with Russia be explained except as a case of Russian Jews, US Jews, and World Jewry in general conspiring to gain total control of that nation, much like Jews have already done so in the US and UK?

    One thing the late Sheldon Adelson and Jonathan Pollard have in common is the conviction that Jewish loyalty must first-and-foremost be to Zion wherever Jews reside in the world. The real perversity, especially in the US, is that so many white goyim believe such an obligation belongs to whites as well, i.e. whites must favor Jews over whites.

    Israeli leaders don’t make pilgrimages to Christian holy places but just about every US politician must go to Israhell and grovel before the Wailing Wall.

    Lopez, you are a class A fool! A Shabbos goy fool.

  25. Ok Marc Avelar. Subscribe to Seth Keshel’s substack. It’s free. You might expand your current echo chamber on election “integrity” in this country. Focus on AZ. Doesn’t scripture advise you to invite opposing views? Mine does. I hope you find the truth which Politico and “fact checkers” do not provide. Enjoy the start of your journey my friend. I’ve got many more truth tellers to help you out just like Cindy provides to this audience.

  26. Paula Yensen is a crazy nut job, John.

    If you care about anything Christian or conservative, which seems to be a big part of your identity, you should not want her in office.

    I don’t care if she sounded confident or knew budget numbers at some forum.

    Yensen stands for kooky left wing stuff and you’ll get more of it in schools with her there.

    She’s the opposite of you.

    Don’t you see that?

    Don’t be so blinded by your dislike of Catalina Lauf that you start making poor decisions that affect children out of spite.

    I can’t imagine the mental gymnastics that someone with your politics would have to do to support Yensen.

    The people who you should support are the people who Catalina Lauf supports!

    Extremist? Extremist how?

    Did the antifa writer at Daily Herald tell you that?

    Come on, man.

  27. Correcting,

    Since I never mentioned my support for Dr. Paula Yensen here, you obviously got it off Twitter.

    I stand by my support for Yensen in D158.

    Biggest reason, she’s proven both in elective office (Lake in the Hills village trustee, McHenry County Board member), and her continuing service on the County’s Mental Health Board. And she was most vocal on the obscene levy D158 voted for last December.

    Mental Health is a growing challenge everywhere including our schools, yet no one discusses it. Yensen’s six years and counting on Mental Health Board would be a tremendous asset on the school board.

    My problems with the Lauf slate has little to do with Lauf herself. I’m not blinded by anything about Lauf as I easily see through her.

    (For example, Lauf still believes the “furries” in local schools and said so in an interview last week and her gaffes from last October trace back to D158, which motivates Lauf to give $15K of other people’s, meaning not her own, money).

    I openly back two of the 4. My reasons I don’t like Bittman and Galligar are they haven’t lived in the district long enough (Bittman six years, Galligar 3). Murray and Thompson both have well over a decade in-district.

    Biggest problem with the Lauf slate, through McHenry County Citizens for Lower Taxes (MCCFLT) is the lack of transparency. NO names of their leaders apart from Lauf’s treasurer in suburban St. Paul (WI side of border). I don’t like stealth candidates or mystery slates. I want to know who is backing these candidates. Like you said, we’re talking kids here.

    At least the non-Lauf slate members are honest to admit they’re self-funding.

    Don’t mean I won’t vote for some of them, just means I can’t vote for all of them.

    It’ll be interesting to hear how it goes in Marengo. I don’t believe Lauf will be in-person in Marengo tonight, nor is it important, as the candidates are the most important to be in person and the event should be about them.

  28. JT- “I’ve got many more truth tellers to help you out just like Cindy provides to this audience”

    LOL. The problem is nobody cares what you have to say other than nutty Cindy. You are a nobody sitting in your garage reading anything on Twitter that supports “your” narrative while staring at your Harley collecting dust. You are who we should listen to? You are the definition of a tool.

  29. When LOSERS speak 🙄. LOL. Note how they post 11m apart. Go on a date. Man Date trolls. LOL.

  30. Avelar self-unmasked!

    At least ‘Lopez’ is somewhat honest… unlike the foul harridan Yensen, Queer Bakery booster and Pig Pritzker whore.

    Yes, Yensen who defended fellow scum Acosta and Jack Franks.

    Yes, the same wicked hag Yensen who mysteriously broke democrat ranks for the Rat Sheriff Twaddleman.

  31. I am one of those with a “extremest political agenda” because I want kids to get a proper education. So be it. I will continue to fight for our students.

    I along with 2 moms threw a “prom” for 185 D300 seniors when the district shunned our seniors in 2021.

    My daughter was a plaintiff on Tom DeVores lawsuit that stopped the excluding and masking of our kids.

    Been to many rallies and BoE meetings fighting to get our kids back in school and unmasked.

    Ran for County board to be a voice.

    I was a poll watcher in the 2022 general election where judges were around 3-1 Democrat to Republican.

    Now I am running for D300 BoE to continue to stand up for our kids, parents and taxpayers.

    There are many open positions for Election judges for the April 4th consolidated election. Now is the time to step up and do your part.

    We need mere people to take a stand. There were too many empty or unchallenged seats in this consolidated election.

  32. Bob Reining,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I used your prom story with my endorsement letter for you, and I already cast my ballot for you.

    Will keep you in prayers.

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