UPDATE: Police Report on St. Patrick’s Day Enhanced Enforcement – Four Drunk Drivers Arrested

From Huntley Police:

Huntley, IL – The Huntley Police Department announced that it issued

  • 4 seat belt citations and
  • 2 speeding citations

during the St. Patrick’s Day enforcement period.

From Algonquin Police:

Algonquin, IL – The Algonquin Police Department announced during the St. Patrick’s Day enforcement period that it made

  • 1 DUI arrest and issued
  • 1 seat belt citation
  • 3 misdemeanor traffic arrests
  • 2 uninsured motorist citations
  • 7 “Other moving” citations,
  • 5 equipment violations and
  • 1 illegal transportation of alcohol citation

From Lake in the Hills Police:

Lake in the Hills, IL – The Lake in the Hills Police Department joined forces with state and local law enforcement and highway safety partners in the St. Patrick’s Day enforcement campaign.

On 03-21-2023, the Lake in the Hills Police Department announced in the twenty grant hours, officers made twenty-five traffic stops, issuing a total of twenty-one citations;

From Cary Police:

Cary, IL – The Cary Police Department announced that it issued

  • 6 speeding citations
  • 2 unlawful possession of cannabis citations
  • 2 uninsured motorist vehicle citations and
  • 1 disobeyed traffic control signal citation
  • nineteen for speeding violations and
  • two for no valid insurance.

during the St. Patrick’s Day enforcement period.

From the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department:

During the mobilization, the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office issued the following citations / making the
following arrests:

  • 3 DUI arrests
  • 14 Seat Belt violation citations
  • 2 Driving While License Suspended / Revoked arrests
  • 2 Illegal Transportation of Cannabis by a Driver citations
  • 53 Speeding citations
  • 12 No Insurance citations

The money comes from the Federal government.


UPDATE: Police Report on St. Patrick’s Day Enhanced Enforcement – Four Drunk Drivers Arrested — 35 Comments

  1. Subbing for Honest Abram this morning.

    “If they weren’t sitting in the donut shop they probably would have gotten more. Cops suck.”

  2. “Only one”, geez you people are beat down and weak!

    Go to my website theprofessionaldruck.com and order your very own Console Mounted Beer Tap complete with full size refrigerated keg I designed for all makes and models.

  3. And he was an illegal alien (not from Ireland btw) who got patted on the head and swiftly released.

  4. Is this Racial Profiling by the Police?

    ..subtle mentioning that Irish people are drunks…..

    this is as bad as outlawing Watermelon on Martin Luther King day

  5. What they won’t do for overtime?

    Grants are Government Crack Cocaine.

    The state hates police officers and what they should have done is say no thank you, you are setting us up to fail.

    Why should we harass the folks for overtime?

    Without picking on any one department by name, got 1 ticket per hour.

    Each traffic stop is about a 10 minute encounter.

    Hardly worth paying someone time and a half for less than what a regular officer would normally get while handling service calls too.

    The Grant officer does nothing but traffic enforcement, no dispatched calls for service, should have gotten at least 3 per hour, which leaves time to set up again.

  6. “Is this Racial Profiling by the Police?”


    Watermelon doesn’t cause driving fatalities.

    Can you be any more ignorant?

  7. StormyD gets it. As if it doesn’t already exist today in one form or another, we are well
    on the way to a taxpayer funded police state.

  8. How do you connect out of control crime and living in a taxpayer funded police state.

    Do the neurons in the part of your brain that govern logic not work?

    Another edition of “Bitchin with Abe” this episode is titled “My brain hurts.”

  9. 4 more people to support the professional victims groups MADD and AAIM thru their taxpayer funded revenue generators. What a racket.

  10. Hollywood USED to romanticize the old Soviet Union with movies like, “The Way We Were,” “Enemy At The Gates”, etc. Lest we forget, ” antisemitism” was a crime in the old Soviet Union where Christian churches were TORCHED and synagogues left UNTOUCHED.

    Don’t EVER look for Heebiewood to make an ACCURATE movie about the Holodomor or the murderous Jews who orchestrated the Talmudic murders of MILLIONS of White Christian Gentiles.

  11. What’s the matter Lil Joey. Did you Jumbo Tool boyfriends reject you on Halsted last night? I’m now a broken record for informing people that these corrupt organizations are using safety to hoodwink the public? Again. What a fool you are. MADD and AAIM are grifters under the guise of making you feel safe.

  12. Correcting, I once witnessed the police respond to a shooting in Cary.

    You’ll never convince me of that.

  13. “under the guise of making you feel safe.” Perception is reality sport.
    Just look at the goofy shit you post from “your reality”, where it is always dark and gloomy.
    Now you can post with your usual homophobic rant.

  14. My perception of police officers, generally, is positive.

    In the last couple of years, I’ve had many interactions with the McHenry police department, all of which were satisfactory and pleasant under the circumstances. 👍

  15. I was a first responder for a few years, I knew the local police well.

  16. Porky being a community safety volunteer does not make 1 a first responder. All you did was direct traffic and help people cross the street.

    BTW. Your reality is gloom and doom Twinkie. Uninformed and living your whole blue pill existence.

    Enjoy The Show sport. This will help you understand your reality.


  17. This where JT quizzes you about the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts and ohhhh, let’s add Schwab this time.

  18. What’s the CAA Monk? Who’s your handlers? LOL

    I’m an asshole Porkboy? Do tell. I’d rather be an asshole than sit in section O. Aren’t you and your butt buddy Monk on Halsted every weekend?

    Is that where you were trained to do your mouth to pecker routine and unbelievable skills behind the keyboard?

    Got anymore Twinkie? Did you watch the movie sport? LOL. Make sure you get to the end.

  19. Which part Capt Psy Op? Twinkie obviously prefers to live in a delusional world.

    Who’s Peter Strzok’s father? What’s the CAA? Enjoy the show.


  20. JT? No, Pook got it mixed up. You are the hemorrhoid (that which irritates the asshole).

  21. LOFL Cindy. Off topic but you will get this. Why did the NE Journal of Medicine suppress antineoplastons as a cure for cancer. Watch what the Covid jab is doing now. BTW the video got banned. Cue the clowns. EnjoyTheShow. Watch the movie.


    This tik tok had close to $1 million views last night and over 25k retweets and, in 24 hours, was pulled down
    Do we still believe this is about a virus? They who want to control don’t want you to make discoveries. I tried to repost it, and it says “ under review” … UNDER review by WHO? I am leading the Microbiome Research clinically. Who else knows what Blautia or Roseburia does or what they are, or is it normal to have them? Please teach me… Here’s my advice; EDUCATE YOURSELF to stay alive. This is NOT about health… If it was… “discovering the loss of Bifidobacteria in severe covid patients would have hit mainstream media.” They would have pushed vitamins, exercise, and gut health for you to survive Covid. This is about control. This is about removing your freedom to speak and freedom to choose. Unite to fight for the truth. Stop the division. Your politician will not save you.
    was created to empower you, to #letdrsbedrs, to #Savethebif. This is my life’s mission NOW!! The moment they interfered with my research, they woke me up, and I am a hurricane in research. #WATCHME #ROAR.. No Dr will innovate if this continues… No Dr will try a drug or a treatment if medicine continues to be political. We cannot afford to interfere with research because we all will be patients. Research needs to be pure and unbiased and we MUST be able to challenge the narrative.

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