Catalina Lauf Marengo Huntley School Board Candidate Event

The first two photos are from a Friend of McHenry County Blog.

Catalina spoke by teleconference over four large screen TVs.

About sixty people attended the event for District 158 school board candidates.

Catalina Lauf virtually hosting D158 McHenry County Citizens for Lower Taxes PAC event in Marengo, March 24, 2023, from Michael Thompson campaign Facebook page.
From left, Gina Galligar, Andy Bittman, Laura Murray and Michael Thomopson, D158 candidate slate of McHenry County Citizens for Lower Taxes PAC, Marengo, Mar 24, 2023, from Michael Thompson Facebook page


Catalina Lauf Marengo Huntley School Board Candidate Event — 30 Comments

  1. That’s about as good as it gets with Lauf.

    In 22 I attended 3 events where she was a no show.

    Just glad she spent some $$$ to help candidates.

  2. Ole cat is a grifter.

    But she did make sure each candidate met her requirement of having at least a 40% body fat reading at the weigh in.

    Keep on sending her a her cronies money so you all can feel good about your relevancy.

  3. A direct
    Donation or a mailing would have been a better use of time.

    If you can’t show up in person and waltz around for all of the creepy old men who showed up to gawk at you then you shouldn’t be nothing with this nonsense.

  4. All she is is trying to be is a social media influencer. There is no commitment on her part.

  5. How is Catalina a grifter if she GAVE 15 thousand dollars?

    Also, this event was FREE to attend.

    People don’t “feel good about [their] relevancy” by donating money.

    They do it to help.

    “They’re fat.”

    Yeah, but aren’t you a Nancy Zettler and JB Pritzker supporter?

  6. For pure hotness, I prefer ‘gawk’ing at my poster of Lily Langtry.

    Saw her as a lad at the Fort Worth Cattle Palace, shortly before the Corsicana Oil Boom and have been smitten ever since.

  7. A wash, and then dare to attend via teleconference as if a noblest, to “busy” to attend in person with her haute presence?

    I would have visibly walked during her “proverbial” diatribe, that everyone should pause to listen in awe.

    Spare us, while reminding everyone, just what if anything have you meaningly accomplished?

    Just an obversation, perhaps Lauf might want to get a job.

    Any job for that matter.

    Ya know, like many of us, pay your dues, understand the plight of those who work 8-12 hours a day/40/60 hours a week.

    This is not a dig, rather almost a prerequisite if a viable political candidate can even relate to the prolitariate or us “serfs.”

    Quality over pedigree, folks…..

  8. LOL Tom. Catalina should apply for a job at the WGN HR department running the scale. She would be great at recruiting.

    Was there a buffet too or just feed bags that drew these people in?

  9. LOL D “Judge Roy Bean” J!

    I’m probably one of very few readers of your comment who knows the historical contexts you mentioned, particularly the Navarro County reference.

    Have a great week in court at Law West of the Pecos!

  10. All the hate spun at Catalina. And it’s all from mopes.

    I remember Kathy Schultz saying , “Al (Jourdan) simply won’t allow hard corps conservatives. He wants people he can control.”

    And she was one of the controllees.

    She croaked soon after her retirement in AZ and could not spend much of her ill gotten pension.

    Her multimillionaire Centegra administrator 2nd husband laughed it all off down in Arizona at her fabled 5500 sq. ft pink palace with fake, but pretty good looking, giant saguaros.

  11. Yup, Avelar-Lopez just had to jump in with another swipe at Catalina.

    Did she spurn your advances Lopez?

    Yeah, I get it, she padded her resume a bit, claiming to be in the ‘Trump Administration’ when she was nothing but a low level coffee girl in some sleepy DC bureaucracy.

    But she outed Tirio, Reick, Sager, Buehler and that fat pig lawyer who was puppeted in as County GOP chair awhile back.

  12. Uh “Doctor Who”, what swipe?

    My comment with D J had nothing to do with Lauf.

    Believe me when I criticize Lauf, you’ll know it, and know she’ll have earned it.

    And when Lauf does something right, I’ll give her praise, too, and have done so in the past.

  13. “But she outed Tirio, Reick, Sager, Buehler and that fat pig lawyer who was puppeted in as County GOP chair awhile back.”

    How so? What are you talking about?

    She seems to have little interaction with any of those people directly and does not mention them when she talks or posts.

    By the way, the “fat pig lawyer who was puppeted in as the County GOP chair awhile back”

    is Tyler Wilke, who is a precinct committeeman and now the Vice Chairman of the party instead of the Chairman.

    Any elected PC could have ran for chair or vice chair against him. He won fair and square. How was he “puppeted”?

  14. Correcting, good catches all.

    Yes, Dunham Township Precinct Committeeperson Tyler Wilke won the McHenry County Republican Party chairmanship at the 2020 County convention when Diane Evertsen did not seek reelection.

    Last year, Wilke was challenged by then-County Board Member Jeff Thorsen along with Grafton Township Republican Chairman Orville Brettman who was in league with Dorr Township Republican Chair Karen Tirio.

    As expected and as anyone could predict, Thorsen and Wilke cut a deal and Thorsen elected County Republican chairman with Wilke elected vice chairman, shutting out the Brettman/Tirio ticket last July at the County convention.

  15. Lopez, ‘cut a deal’ is the problem.

    When you have swamp creatures, homos and RINOs running and ruining the GOP here, how on earth can you ever expect good results?

    Thorsen couldn’t even hold onto his own Co. Bd. seat.

    Reflect on their failures!

  16. Hasso, I’ve been very vocal about Thorsen’s loss along with the other 6 Republican incumbents (1 appointed) losses, along with the 2 Democratic incumbents (1 appointed). All the losses for McHenry County Board of 7 incumbents were men last fall.

    But end result, Republicans have a 13-5 supermajority on the McHenry County Board.

    After 2022, all countywide offices have elected Republicans, and County Clerk Joe Tirio easily defended his seat over an elected Democrat of McHenry Township.

    Results like that say Thorsen and McHenry County Republicans had a good year and did their job.

    Yes Lauf lost her race last fall, and only won the McHenry County portion of IL-11 with 53% of the vote where she needed to win her home county with 60%+ to offset DuPage & Kane counties losses. That was not the fault of McHenry County Republicans, but the candidate quality in Lauf.

    Going into next year, 3 of the 5 Democrats on the County Board are up for election (Meshes, Wegener, Ness), while Republicans have to defend Shorten & Reinert.

    Defending County Board Chairman Mike Buehler in his reelection to a 2nd term will depend on whom the Democrats nominate and thus far, no names circulating, yet.

    Come April 4, we’ll see how the landscape MAY change.

  17. I’m disgusted by the kind of “Republicans’ we have around here.

    Nick Provenzano and Kenneally and Tadelman are prime examples.

  18. But yet you don’t put yourself on the line and run. Another conservative coward.

  19. Turning the discussion back to D158, and yesterday’s Chicago Tribune feature article about local school board races:

    === * Tribune | Conservatives are targeting suburban school boards. And the elections are becoming political battlegrounds.: The Chicago suburbs have become a key battleground. From Oswego to Wheaton to Barrington to Lockport and beyond, tens of thousands of dollars are pouring into several ostensibly nonpartisan races ahead of the April 4 balloting as what have historically been low-interest elections are roiled by debates where Republican talking points such as “parental rights,” “gender ideology” and “critical race theory” are taking center stage. ===

    While not part of yesterday’s Chicago Tribune coverage, Huntley Community Unit School District 158 is the battleground in McHenry County, with 9 candidates running for 3, 4-year terms on the school board, and 3 candidates running for 1, 2-year term, and the Illinois Democrats only backed 1 candidate in each race.

    One of the conservative candidates running for the 2-year seat, Michael Thompson, is part of the Catalina Lauf slate, running under the McHenry County Citizens for Lower Taxes PAC, and Sunday afternoon, Thompson posted the following on Facebook:

    “With election day drawing closer, I would like to address some of the issues currently being raised on social media regarding funding and special interests. Unlike many of the posts, I will also provide all of the information below this, so that you can do your own research.

    “Catalina Lauf announced back in 2022 that she was starting a PAC to help local school board elections & counter the $800,000 Pritzker announced he was putting into 2023 school board races. She’s spoken publicly about it, noting these are leftover campaign funds from her previous run for Congress.

    “(There are no strings attached to it — she does not hold a political office, so what strings could there be?) She has offered it to a variety of non-profit causes as she cannot just keep that money. Some have decried ‘outside money,’ but the only thing outside Illinois is her accountant, as he’s based in Wisconsin. This money was raised locally for support in McHenry County.

    “Recognizing we needed money for signage and mailers to stand out with 12 candidates in this race, we reached out. The vast majority of it has been spent on postage, mailers, signage, and print materials. All of the spending is filed publicly with the PAC.

    “Why we prepared so well: Did you know that the Democratic party was robotexting targeted voters in the area as far back as October of 2022 offering to fully fund -their- 2023 campaigns if they would consider running for the D158 school board?

    “In fact, one of my Talamore [subdivision] neighbors, a registered Democrat, was the recipient of these calls and spoke with their organization a few times to see how much funding they were offering if she chose to run. They offered a sum conveniently under $5000 per candidate, so candidates accepting it would not have to report that they were taking it and could claim that they are ‘self funded.’

    “Remember that whenever you hear someone saying they are ‘self-funded.’ You can also go to Pritzker’s Defend Our Schools website to see exactly which D158 candidates he’s supporting in this race. On Friday, a round of mailers also went out to our community from Pritzker’s organization that is supporting these candidates.

    “Today’s Chicago Tribune has an article stating that Pritzker has given $300,000 to 84 school board candidates in 17 Illinois counties for this election.

    “Doing the math is easy here – it works out to a little over $3500 per candidate, which those candidates will not need to declare. Again, two of the D158 challengers he’s backing are listed on Pritzker’s site.

    “Had each of us taken money individually and kept it below $5000, we too would not have had to report. We -chose- to report everything in the interest of being fully transparent with voters.

    “There is a deceptively-edited video going around from the recent HEA Candidate Forum that removes important background info that Andy Bittman, Laura Murray, Gina Galligar, and I spoke to regarding our funding, and I would encourage everyone to watch the full forum video to view the unedited portion.

    “It’s very telling to me that people attacking the four of us are -only- focusing on OUR funding.

    “They aren’t attacking the actual issues in the district that we’re shining light on — the overspending on agendas that do not support children’s education, overspending/overstaffing on admins, underpayment of our teachers, staff, and bus drivers, the 44% reading at grade level, 40% doing math at grade level.

    “They know they cannot dispute any of these issues, because they’re true.

    “So, instead, they attack the fact that we created a budget and sought out funding for it — and then also attack our choice to be transparent about what we’re spending and where the funding came from.

    “It’s a strange tactic, indeed.

    “Everything on our end has been legally disclosed with the PAC – we chose to make it transparent to you, and we addressed it during the HEA forum as well.

    “I and the other Common Sense Candidates, Andy Bittman, Laura Murray, and Gina Galligar, are happy to discuss this and any other issues with you, our community, and our voters.

    “In the comments below, I will provide images and links to some of the things I’ve cited in my writeup.

    “I sincerely appreciate your support, and your vote, on April 4th.”

    Come next Tuesday night, D158 will be an interesting race to watch, given the Illinois Democrats could only back a total of 2 of 12 candidates for school board, Catalina Lauf is backing 4 self-described “common sense” candidates, the Daily Herald newspaper could only back two incumbents of the 4 running, and none of the candidates from the competing slates (Lauf vs. Illinois Democrats).

    Thompson’s correct, Lauf did talk about forming an Illinois PAC in an April 12 interview last year, possibly patterned after Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s “Farm Team PAC”.

    But like almost everything Lauf does politically, in my honest opinion Lauf showed her lack of honesty/integrity, experience and depth in the creation of the McHenry County Citizens for Lower Taxes PAC, given she kept her name out of the PAC, and let her Wisconsin-based (suburban St. Paul, MN) treasurer for her now-defunct congressional campaign also be the chairman, instead of recruiting a trusted ally in Illinois to lead the PAC if she didn’t want to do the same.

    Nevertheless, talk about a school district that clearly needs changes on the school board as D158 sorely needs.

  20. There’s the key to the problem, and I don’t came whether they went to college or what party or gender or planet they identify as, if a candidate is actually devoted to this, I vote for them: “It’s very telling to me that people attacking the four of us are -only- focusing on OUR funding.

    “They aren’t attacking the actual issues in the district that we’re shining light on — the overspending on agendas that do not support children’s education, overspending/overstaffing on admins, underpayment of our teachers, staff, and bus drivers, the 44% reading at grade level, 40% doing math at grade level.

  21. I had a few spirited exchanges here with Provenzano back in the day.

    Gotta say, no matter how I skewered his thinking on that issue, which was as I recall my blasting the cost of some multi-agency county task force, netting a 75 year old hobo with a joint, he’d always come back for more abuse.

    Dem Public Sector nuts are hard to crack!

  22. Lauf has no beef w/ Buehler or Tirio.

    Provenzano is long gone

    Get a clue.

    Lauf contributed because she wants the candidates and their supporter’s votes when she runs again.

    It’s called smart campaigning in off season .

    Shame the Party doesn’t get that

    What would the McHenry County Party look like if Brettman and Tirio had won and were running things.

    I suspect the local Republican Party would be relevant and more like Grafton and GOPAC – fundraising, being involved in local elections, training candidates, offering data, and making Liberals cry.

    I hear Thorsen had to get a job.

    Not sure if this is true but …maybe that’s why no one has heard from him.

  23. Martin, the voice of insanity couched in pretty emotions and platitudes of sugary puff.

    Tirio is the problem.

    Until he fixes the vote cheating and his shit software, fogetaboutit.

  24. Thorsen must pay BIG child support.

    He’s also another surrender monkey and Franks pal!

  25. “Until he fixes the vote cheating and his shit software, fogetaboutit.”

    Until the GOP comes up with candidates that are worth shit, fogetaboutit.

    Keep holding those conservative values while you keep losing ground.

    Can you say dinosaur, I thought you could.

  26. Depuis: you are daft.

    I can assure Franks & Thorsen aren’t buddies.

    Far from it.

    Franks organized the diseased and vicious picketers at Thorsen’s employer, some local bank.

    The bank wimps then fired Thorsen.

    Thorsen ‘started’ the feud w/ Franks when he called out some of the creepy and nasty things Franks was up to with his little prize pet and county misadministrator Austin, and Austin’s pet-stoogeboy.

    Franks then went ballistic —- almost as much as when his wife left a very nice letter on the kitchen table memorialising her displeasure with Frank’s’ womanizing, or when Madigan burned him for trying sneaky things to wreck his demonic daughter Lisa’s gubernatorial chances —-

    Frank’s stupider brother, a down at the heel lawyer who botched all kinds of cases at the SA’s office, can tell you some nice tales about his brother.

    I think he has an inferiority complex against Jack.

    Maybe Herbie prized Jacko and cast the duller son into the coal bin. Who knows.

    Franks did leave a nice slime trail at his alma mater, Georgetown.

    But Daddy smoothed everything over and spoilt Jacko was placed on a pedestal with his feet of clay.


    the chosen are the haters:

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