The Op-Ed Piece on the Democrats’ Gun Control Legislation that the Northwest Herald Refused to Publish

From McHenryt’s Tim Beck:

The Democrats’ Gun Legislation

The Northwest Herald recently publish an Op Ed entitled “McHenry County Board discounts reasonable gun law.” HB5471 was passed by Democrat legislators and signed by Governor JB Pritzker on January 10 th on the last day of the lame duck session of the Illinois legislature.

While the Northwest Herald’s Editorial Board refers to this legislation as a reasonable gun law, Conservatives use a different adjective – it is an unconstitutional law.

Conservatives cite the explicit language of the Second Amendment – our citizens’ right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

This unalienable right has been confirmed by the US Supreme Court several times over the past several decades, most notably in District of Columbia v. Heller in 2008.

The debate over HB5471 illustrates the growing divide between “Progressives” and Conservatives in our country.

Progressives oftentimes view the US Constitution as a “living document”, or simply a framework that should be reinterpreted to fit the latest issue of the day.

On the other hand, Conservatives reject that line of thinking and tend to be “originalists” – the Constitution’s words continue to mean exactly what they meant when written.

Although that viewpoint oftentimes frustrates Progressives, the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights were written to protect our citizens’ rights from the possibility of government tyranny.

The NWH Op Ed states that the Democrats’ law sounds like a reasonable approach to Protect Illinois Communities, and asks the question – “What is wrong with that?”

The Conservative response is that abridging the rights of law-abiding citizens does nothing to reduce the criminal use of firearms by violent offenders. Criminals do not care about laws passed by the Illinois legislature.

Many people do not know that the city of Highland Park had an assault weapons ban on the books since 2013.

Unfortunately, many progressives believe HB5471 would somehow achieve what the Highland Park ban could not.

Even if every gun were to be confiscated, the Democrats’ solution does not prevent an evil person from using an SUV to commit murder.

HB5471 bans future sales of certain types of firearms, and it requires the registration of those firearms currently owned.

Unless HB5471 is overturned, a law-abiding citizen who has never committed a crime will become a felon if they refuse to comply.

Although the legislation does not call for the confiscation of existing firearms, a number of prominent progressive politicians have declared that is exactly their goal.

In the eyes of Conservatives, it is fortunate that HB5471 was immediately challenged by a number of groups in various courts, and we are thankful a number of Temporary Restraining Orders are in place as this legislation is litigated.

In addition to the issue of violating the Second Amendment, some of the lawsuits are challenging the manner in which HB5471 was passed during the lame duck session.

The issues cited ask whether the process that was used was in violation of certain provisions in the Illinois Constitution, most notably the single-issue rule and the three readings rule.

In her March 1 st Op Ed, Kelli Wegener bemoans the fact that our county government used our tax dollars and countless hours of staff time to make a political statement to Governor Pritzker and the Democrat legislators.

Many Conservatives wish the Democrat party didn’t waste our tax dollars by passing an unconstitutional law, and we support the message that our County Board has delivered to Springfield.


The Op-Ed Piece on the Democrats’ Gun Control Legislation that the Northwest Herald Refused to Publish — 15 Comments

  1. “Progressives” – NO!

    Commies – YES!

    Past time to call them what we all know they are.

    FAT Boy and his ilk pulling the strings are behind it all.

  2. And another episode of “Bitchin with Abe.” todays episode title is “Cranial Apoplexy and reasonable thought.”
    Thank you for tuning in.

  3. I agree Abe. Make sure you watch the Enjoy The Show link I posted under the Reick thread. People like Twinkie have zero clue what has been done to him.

  4. Yes Abe watch the video, there is going to be a test later.
    The first question as always will be “tell me everything you know about Operation Mockingbird.”

  5. Says our newly minted 1st responder. LOL.

    Tell me all you know about the CAA Twinkie? Then go lick your Sean Penn bobblehead. LOL Again.

  6. Being a 1st responder to everything Abe posts makes you a troll butthurt boy. Chapped lips and aching butt? Man you have alot of problems for a 1st responder Twinkie.

  7. Is “bitchin with abe” a podcast? Looking for the episode where he cries about being burglarized.

  8. Every institution in this country is irredeemably corrupted, monetarily, sexually, politically. There is no center or base or remnant with which to rebuild the lost country, lost to the greedy Tribe.

    The fact that Spain has legalized bestiality is the indicator that the West is done.

    What color on the Rainbow Flag represents raped animals?

  9. Pokorny is a real pustule on rump of the local body politic.

    A gadfly and a goof.

  10. When was the last war that could be called “America defending itself”?


    This war the Hebrews are igniting against Russia is the phoniest war since Afghanistan.

    And we’ll end up getting mauled again, too.

  11. Curious: how does blowing up an $11 billion underwater gas pipeline comport with this “rules based order”?

    Those of us who served in the military are all telling our children to avoid it. It’s been bad for a very long time, even back in the 80s they were promoting based on race and always looking for an excuse to punish White soldiers.

    It was possible to get decent training, though, while getting paid and having a bit of adventure. After the twenty year adventure in Afghanistan, I think that’s worn off.

    No White American should join now, it’s not our country anymore. Go to community college or trade school and get a marketable skill. Find another way to learn how to shoot and live in the bush.

    I’m not sure the American technological “edge” is all it’s cut out to be. As much as I hate to admit it, it couldn’t pull off a victory in Afghanistan or Iraq.

    And the real tech jobs are all filled with Whites, a handful of Asians and some Hispanics.

    But mostly Pale. And you aren’t even getting top shelf Whites. It takes brains to operate some of the higher tech equipment and without White recruits, they won’t have enough of them.

    Navy vets I know are telling me there are real problems there, the young men I knew who went in and didn’t reenlist say buggery is rampant and job performance falling quickly. America is going to have some real problems in the near future.

  12. Northwest Herald is a rag sheet that’s why we canceled our subscription!

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