DCFS Gives 16-Year Old Girl to 24-Year Old Pimp with Criminal Record as Foster Child

CBS’ Dave Savini scored a big one when he discovered a 24-year old pimp, a three-time convicted felon. was approved as a foster parent.

Worse, he was given a 16-year old girl, who the pimp is accused of forcing into prostitution.

Erick Johnson

In thw words of Cook County Public Guardian Charles Golbert,

“They licensed him as a foster parentt. They licensed this 24-year-old pimp as a foster parent for a 16-year-old girl who had a history – they were paying tax money as a foster parent while he was trafficking a 16-year-old girl in DCFS care.

“Over this whole year, this girl has been raped, she’s been trafficked, she’s has been abused, she’s been beaten up – and she’s been shot. She actually has a bullet in her leg.”

:How does someone with such a background get licensed?” Savini asks.

Golbert replies, “It’s of the level of negligence that’s criminal.”

Sratement from DCFS:

“In this case, the 16-year-old was placed with a friend of the family with the support of both her birth and adoptive mothers and the guardian ad litem in an effort to provide her with stability due to her history of running away from previous placements. Over the next several months DCFS regularly met with the friend of the family as well as the adoptive and birth mothers and the guardian ad litem on a placement plan. These are the individuals with parental rights and responsibilities related to the child and DCFS, therefore, works closely with them to determine an appropriate plan of action for the child. The child has since been removed from this household and there are no other foster or adoptive children living in this household. The child is currently in the care of a DCFS private partner and DCFS is working expeditiously to find a permanent and medically appropriate placement for this child that will provide her with the care she requires.”

Cook County Public Guardian Charles Golbert’s response to DCFS statement:

“This is so disingenuous and dishonest.  As you know, the teen expressed an interest in living with Johnson.  DCFS represented that Johnson had passed DCFS’s placement clearance, and that DCFS had approved Johnson as a paid fictive kin placement for her.  Under DCFS’s regulations, DCFS must perform a criminal background check on an individual before he or she can pass DCFS’s placement clearance.   

“DCFS either never did this required background check on Johnson or, if DCFS did do this required background check, it did not do so competently or was not concerned about his lengthy record.  We most certainly never told DCFS, or anyone else, that we supported DCFS placing her with Johnson if DCFS’s required background check came back to DCFS with a record as long as an arm including Johnson being a three-time felon.  Moreover, as is clear from Judge Murphy’s order, DCFS also never disclosed to the court that Johnson had this extensive criminal background despite DCFS passing him for placement clearance and approving him as a paid fictive kin placement.  It’s just so disingenuous.”


DCFS Gives 16-Year Old Girl to 24-Year Old Pimp with Criminal Record as Foster Child — 32 Comments

  1. And the FBI continues to hide the Epstein client list and bribery tapes. Why is that? Lol

  2. Any wonder, coming from the same Org that employee Carlos Acosta and his Supervisor were arrested for endangering the life of a child– Little AJ who lost his life.

    Stupid State run Group has never been right—in hiring, background checks, kids safety, pursuing bad parents.

    God Help the Children because the State isnt.

  3. Mr. Wire, what is it you propose?

    You complain, and rightfully so, about the lack of effectiveness of DCFS.

    If the state increases their budget you will scream about the nanny state and those damn libtards.

    I have one more question, How many foster children have you opened your home to?

  4. Opening ones home to foster children, is not pertinent here, as it will not alleviate the issue of mismanaged wards of the state.

  5. Lol Bob. You’ve cultivated a troll 1st responder. So Porky, what’s the true purpose of DCFS and CPS? Please enlighten us. This story is a glaring example.

    Was the girl pimped or was she identifying as a girl being pimped. You see how that works?

    It’s a good thing Porky has the week off due to Spring Break. He doesn’t have to hold the stop sign for the children as they cross the street after school.

  6. Maybe its not “more funding” thats needed Stephen, but better Leadership, as is done all the time in Private Industry when a business, or product or approach is failing miserably.

    DCFS has been through countless Presidents, appointed by countless Governors from all Parties.

    Something is very wrong that has little to do with “money” or taking in a Foster Child to cover for it.

    Sorry bro, they need a Trump type to come in and shake the whole place and system up…like your Party preaches so very often “Do it for the Children”…Trump type would not be allowed due to union rules, state regulations, power struggles, etc.

    So expect more of the same. Sorry.

    Cant even do proper Background checks to eliminate a criminal like this guy is about as sad as it gets…no Trump type?

    Than start at ground level with what you have and at least fix the background check process.

  7. On the plus side she stopped running away.

    Maybe DFCS needs to do a study on pimping as a method for preventing runaways.

    I’m sure cornpop has some federal dollars for that.

  8. It has been our experience that the ranks of DCFS are filled with TOTALLY INCOMPETENT morons that have zero interest in protecting anyone yet they pull down paychecks under that guise. Anyone that hasn’t already known this for YEARS is a fool with their head in the clouds. Never allow ANY DCFS staff anywhere near your children!

  9. “Opening ones home to foster children, is not pertinent here, as it will not alleviate the issue of mismanaged wards of the state.”

    Becomes an overall less strain on the system if more people volunteered.

    “like your Party” Seriously, I’ve said it a hundred times. I don’t vote democrat. If I don’t like the GOP they don’t get a vote.

    ” Something is very wrong that has little to do with “money” – Is it an over taxed system? Or do you believe people in those positions really don’t care?

  10. Cindy has made her proclamation, discussion over.

    With all those “totally incompetent” morons, that you’ve know about for years, how many have you rescued?
    Must be all that chistianity preventing you from acting.

  11. Kenneally will soon be accepting another award for his work in this matter.

    ‘I dinna do’s nuffins.’


  12. Many have been asking for the DCFS president or ceo or whatever the big shot is (he’s a fat black guy — I don’t remember his name) to be fired.

    JB Pritzker said no.

    This was the same guy who was held in contempt of court like 12 times.

    There are all sorts of scandals involving DCFS.

    Replacing the high level people would be a good place to start.

    Pritzker won’t do it.

    Many years ago there were a lot of scandals involving the VA.

    Replacements were made and now I don’t see them in the news nearly as much.

    Personnel matters.

  13. LOL Cindy. Our crossing guard 1st responder doesn’t vote Democrat. He’ll vote for swamp rat DeSantis before Trump. Care to say Porkboy?

  14. “Waiting to post a response to everything I post really shows what a true LOSER you are”
    Your words and you just can’t help yourself can you loser.

  15. LOL. Look in the mirror sport. You remind me of Lowitzki. Did you “Enjoy The Show” yet Porkboy or do you want to keep on losing?

    6 people got killed in TN. How many unborn are killed per day in liberal states like this? Give up your mace.

    PS. Crossing guard 1st responder if you think I wait for you to post look in the mirror. Sorry 1st responder or do you prefer Twinkie? Being the 1st to attack also doesn’t make you a 1st responder Twinkie. Ask Abe.

    LOFL. Keep em coming. I didn’t realize how many entertaining fools lurk here. Priceless.

  16. 8 minutes. Who needs help Twinkie? You must be really bored now that the kids are on spring break. Enjoy the Show. You’re part of it sport.

  17. Just a white teen girl.

    Nothing to see here.

    Move along.

    Quit being racist.

    The Congoid felon-pimp did buy the girl lipstick, a Big Mac and some coke (beverage & powder).

    That’s our shitty country now.

  18. What a mess these people all need to be fired, and we need to start all over again.

  19. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YUYCBfmIcHM

    Rather interesting

    At the end of the day what we have in DC is the Washington uniparty, controlled by the same Military Industrial Complex. All those weapons they keep churning out every day in the factories of Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Boeing…what do they do with them? Can’t just keep stockpiling, they’re running out of room to store the older weapons. Gotta keep stirring up wars somewhere to reduce inventory.

    Today we are at war with Eurasia. Tomorrow the enemy is definitely Eastasia. Then in the next election the enemy is back to Eurasia. Back and forth it goes. Forever wars!

  20. DEI in full effect no matter the outcome and/or cost, it’s the Illinois DEMOCRAT mob’s trademark.

  21. And yet another of “Bitchin with Abe.” todays episode is titled “Synapses, Do mine really work.”

  22. Abe, look at that it only took your stalker 1st responder 5 minutes to post his daily post after you.

    What did you say Porkboy, seek mental help? It seems your projecting sport. LOL.

  23. I see you have mastered the art of childish comebacks.
    “Projecting” the adult version of “I know you are but what am I.”
    Very Good.
    Tomorrow try using “I’m rubber and you’re glue….”

  24. and ol fatty tatty all he is concerned with is his LGBTQXYZ peeps… while this chit is going on under his toilet bowl rule… lets put this FYI under his Prez resume… that should make the stupids really vote for him…

  25. JT? LOL Pook doesn’t know what projection means. He stopped listening to anyone at kindergarten!!!

  26. Cindy I think I figured it out. The planets aligning causes mental anguish for the intelligencia on the blog. EnjoytheShow. Lol

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