District 300 School Board Candidate Connie Cain on District Finances — 17 Comments

  1. Would actually prefer to see the ‘fuzzy math’ Connie’s using, to justify staying in that Illinois hellscape.

  2. Enough of the VILE, MISERABLE, FAILED Teacher’s Union.

    They are FRAUDS.

    They are FAILURES.

    They are in the deepest part of the government SWAMP.

    New Trier High School…the ostensible paragon of virtue representing the Illinois Teachers Unions BEST and finest school.

    The school has intact and involved families and if anything the school is FLUSH with CASH.

    What is the result?

    30% of students at New Trier High School are reading at GRADE LEVEL.

    Let’s face it.

    The Teacher’s Union is a corrupt, mafia-like, government SCAM…..defrauding the taxpayer.

    Anyone who runs for school board who is endorsed the the teachers’ union is part of the SCAM. They are frauds too.

    Wake up Illinois Tax Payers!

    You’re being ripped off.

  3. CLM? Odd that you should make mention of the biggest Jew spook school in the nation. Do the words target on your back mean anything to you?

  4. “For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son.” A jew.
    Jew Spook, is that a black Hebrew?

  5. Looks like I’d better restrain Cindy before she unsheathes her Scimitar and help Stephen find a peaceful, mutually agreeable trans-fat free, ummm I mean transgender solution.

  6. Cindy is like an old woman with dementia. Yelling at everything and everyone. She is a treat.

  7. How many of you fools are bots? No human has ever been that completely devoid of any sign of intelligence as the posers in here.

  8. Which you are one of the more prolific. I think you are our leader.

  9. This Cindy/Stephen thing, may I suggest calling in the Japanese Defense Forces to lead them to the coast, to minimize casualties? Like in Godzilla vs Mothra?

  10. Wow Cindy you really agitate the trolls. As usual Porky the Twinkie foaming at the mouth responds in under 6 minutes to your post. He’s a 1st responder. Remember that. Obviously he’s suffering from boredom since his crossing guard duties aren’t needed over spring break.

    CLM, is it the teachers that are the real problem or crooks in Springfield that lied and didn’t fund pensions and instead used it to buy votes? Me thinks the latter.

    Wasn’t Uncle Buck filmed at the west campus?

  11. I love how JT calls everyone else a troll yet he is the biggest troll here. Comments and responds by far, the most. Talk about boredom? What, too fat for your harley? It’s just holiday weight I’m sure. Dickiedoo.

  12. Thanks for proving my point Twinkie and Ding Dong.

    Did you watch Enjoy the Show yet?

    LOL. 2m apart. The foaming is priceless

    Pedals Porky? Obviously well educated on riding a motorcycle aren’t you. Hop on your 3 wheeled bicycle with a basket and pedal your ass to the grocery store.


  13. We have to present the cold hard facts to people.

    The Teacher’s Union is the problem.

    WHO represents the teacher’s union here in McHenry County?

    The BLAZIER family – who have been raping Illinois for 7 decades – and it’s a family affair.

    Amy Blazier is running for school board AGAIN.

    The Blazier family is considered exceptional citizens; they are SWAMP CREATURE frauds who are responsible for the failure of the education system, the disenfranchisement of student, and the Marxist advancement in education.


    We have to dump the Blazier family.

    They’ve helped destroy the state.

  14. Why do teachers need a union? Aren’t they individually smart enough, capable to negotiate a salary? A vacation? Benefits?

  15. CLM,

    I have plenty of reasons to despise New Trier High School, because it was my misfortune to be indoctrinated there for four years, but I don’t think your numbers on reading proficiency are accurate.

    The state average for reading proficiency is something like 30%. I just checked the numbers, and New Trier is at something like 80%.

    New Trier HS had very little to do with that number, though.

    The dirty little secret is that high per student spending does not have a great effect on student outcomes.

    The best predictor of student outcomes is the education level of the student’s parents.

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