The Multi-Sex Bathroom Bill

Here’s the description of the all gender bathroom bill passed last week:

Synopsis As Introduced

Amends the Equitable Restrooms Act. Provides that, notwithstanding any other provision of law, any multiple-occupancy restroom may be identified as an all-gender multiple-occupancy restroom and designated for use by any person of any gender.

Requires that an all-gender multiple-occupancy restroom must include specified signage, stall dividers, and partitions for urinals.

Provides that any multiple-occupancy restroom may be converted into an all-gender multiple-occupancy restroom.

Provides that, if a facility commences construction, or commences alterations exceeding 50% of the facility, and implements an all-gender multiple-occupancy restroom, the all-gender multiple-occupancy restroom must satisfy or include specified requirements.

Requires certain newly constructed or previously existing restrooms to be designated as all-gender multiple-occupancy restrooms.

Provides that when plumbing fixtures in a facility must meet female-to-male ratio requirements, each individual fixture in an all-gender multiple-occupancy restroom may be counted toward the required number of either female or male toilet stalls.

Provides that if a fixture is counted toward the minimum required fixtures for females, that same fixture shall not also be counted toward the minimum required fixtures for males, and if a fixture is counted toward the minimum required fixtures for males, that same fixture shall not also be counted toward the minimum required fixtures for females.

Provides that during any inspection of a facility by a health officer, health inspector, or building inspector, the health officer, health inspector, or building inspector may inspect the facility to determine whether it complies with the provisions.

Requires the Department of Public Health to adopt rules to implement the provisions. Defines “multiple-occupancy restroom”. Contains other provisions. Makes other changes.

Effective immediately.

In the House Roll CaLL below, you will see local Republicans voted against the measure, while Democrate Suzanne Ness “took a walk,” as one says in Springfield, when one does not vote:

The all-gender bathroom bill, HB 1286, on which local Repulbcans voted, “No,” while local Democrat Suzanne Ness did not vote.


The Multi-Sex Bathroom Bill — 37 Comments

  1. I can’t wait to take a big nasty dump with Ness in the next stall.


  2. I can’t wait to see the shit show of gender neutral bathrooms, unfold in this country’s ‘Dive bars”.

  3. Dat dar must be some kinda real zinger hillbilly insult there Stephen?

    Ummm, congrats I’m guessing?

  4. Pritzker and Democrats are preoccupied with toilets.

    All of the Democrats voting for the toilet bill might like gatting part time jobs cleaning restrooms, washrooms and toilets.

  5. Then all the republicans will have to file for unemployment.

  6. Why are liberals so obsessed with shit. First blumpkin and now scat. Toilets are the biggest problems in this state?

    More concrete proof liberalism/ progressivism/marxism is a mental disorder.

  7. But you still keep losing to “people with mental disorders.”
    How’s that feel Dino.

  8. “Unemployment” is for suckers Stephen.

    I want that Democrat thingy, where all the Cavemen and Caveladies go out and happily gather berries and free stuff for you. Then totally vibe on your drum circles and cave paintings while gathered around campfires.

  9. Which reminds me, while these idiot Democrats are taking us back 50,000 years, I want you all to know I am still waiting for that Jetpack, everyone was promising me back in the day!

  10. Porkboy. You respond 3m after I post and I’m the LOSER? Got it sport. Go walk your gerbil. LOL.

    Foam at the mouth for a half hour this time Twinkie.

  11. Porkboy. I’m impressed you almost made it a half hour.

    Did you pick up after your gerbil?

    Shortshanks? LOFL.

    Is that what the men on Halsted call you?.

    No response to the video? The topic is about multi – sex bathrooms. Try to stay on topic.

  12. Blumpkin, scat and now dirty Sanchez. Like I said.

    I gave your daughter one Lil Joey and she liked it before she swallowed.


  13. Why are you both sidesing this argument, Cindy? The message you’re sending is that taking either side of the debate is the same and of no consequence. I don’t agree with that at all. What are you suggesting? That people who disagree with Pritzker not say they disagree because they’re being “distracted”? How would that help? Your take makes no sense. Jews and Chinamen are doing something so people shouldn’t pay attention to issues regarding transgenderism? “Satan” is doing bad stuff, so pay no attention to transgender legislation? Seriously? The argument is going to happen, it’s already happening. There are two sides. That’s really all there is to it. Any attempt to minimize this is an attempt to feel a false sense of moral and intellectual superiority.

  14. Just curious if Uprising Bakery is going to weigh in on the transgender chick murdering people in TN.

    Maybe NWH will send a crack propagandist to get the scoop.

  15. JT? Don’t start these people on believing in that stupid psyop! They’ve already bitten on all the lies thrown in their direction like a piranha feeding frenzy.

  16. Correcting? I’m not on any side of any argument. All of the arguments on here are falderal. The Phoenician navy has hornswoggled the world for thousands of years and their time is coming to an end. NONE of the chit in the headlines is good. Zero! None of it. Why waste your time chasing waterfalls? Live your own life as best you can. Have you forgotten that over three years ago I advised everyone to get out of Babylon? To stop listening to Satan? That I told everyone to go hug their neighbors? That the lies were going to be so deep that you would be in danger of falling for their fear porn and be miserable like they want you to feel? It’s ALL garbage. You are NOT fighting the good fight by arguing with people on the internet. Pray against these principalities and stay in gratefulness for the time you have. Get your mind back under your OWN control and stop giving them your precious life force.

  17. “Don’t start these people on believing in that stupid psyop! They’ve already bitten on all the lies thrown in their direction like a piranha feeding frenzy.”

    I know. Just like with Sandy Hook. And now Alex Jones is silent.

  18. I hope you watched Enjoy the Show Cindy. Correcting did. They’ll never wake up until they understand they’re living in a shaped reality.

    I think some are beyond the point of no return. One of my best friends being one of them. It’s hard to wake people up though I continue my mission.

    Enjoy your attacks as much as I enjoy mine. They’ll never get it.

    Now let’s get back to the reason a transgender woman identifying as a man shot up a catholic school. That’s right the gun did it. Wash Rinse Repeat to get rid of your God given rights.

    It’s good to be on the outside looking in at the creeps running this world. Many that post here don’t have a clue.

  19. Lol. I love how WGN downplays the transgender mental issues with the TN shooter. Give up your guns now.

    Good thing a Loyola Grad cop took down that mentally deranged trans person.

    Now let’s get back to drag shows for young children.

    Derangement 101 for 1000 Alex.

  20. Monk I hope you realize people that are awake know Alex Jones is a fool. Just like you and your QAnon stupidity. When you learn to solve a jigsaw puzzle you might be able to understand Q.

  21. It sounds like you have a pretty WEAK reason to ignore the assault on objective reality and the mutilation of children, Cindy.

  22. Correcting your post makes no sense towards Cindy. Explain. Wait until you see the truth coming out about the TN murders. The simps won’t be able to handle it. Hint. Shoes. LOL. It’s QAnon since the media didn’t tell them.

    Remember that Las Vegas was 1 deranged guy with a load of money shooting at a country music festival. It’s terrible to be awake and know the truth.

    Bring it on simps.

  23. Cindy says, “While you are arguing over politics (there are none), Satan has taken over the world laughing at you debating truly garbage dead ends.”

    It sounds like Cindy is saying arguing over an issue like the one mentioned in this post is a waste of time.

    I’m saying it’s not a waste of time.

  24. Yeah, don’t worry.

    Cal is going to post about the shooter’s shoes (were they Vans or Pumas?) as soon as he gets done doing his research on the FM signals coming from Ganymede, whether the Swastika comes from people watching the Big Dipper rotate around Polaris, if the Moon formed because of a large impact or whether it came from somewhere else, ley lines and pyramids, breakaway societies living under Antarctica, and the RESTRICT Act giving the government full control of the internet.

    And he’ll get to those topics just as soon as he’s done posting pictures of cranes and funny t-shirts he saw people wearing inside the Wal Mart.

  25. Correcting? Where were you (and your outrage) when we were trying to keep the gay rowers out of Crystal Lake?

    I was right next to Cal in the trenches.

    That was way back when these perversions were just starting to infiltrate the tranquil pocket of our northern Illinois lives.

    Did the hands of that clock stop?

    Time marches on.

    It’s like whistling at the wind.

    You are not going to stop evil by whistling. You fight evil by not complying.

    Do your own change.

    Shouting into the abyss will not be fruitful.

    I think if we had the opportunity to sit down and talk you would understand the many nuances of what this philosophy is but you aren’t going to understand the depths of this subject by reading tiny little snippets posted on a blog for the general public. (Some of which cannot even grasp really simple ideas.)

  26. The Transformation of the US began with Barak Hussein Obama’s promise of it and continues with the Biden regime and their apostle democrats all across the nation. So many parts of that transformation continue including the ongoing invasion on the southern borders.

  27. And then they wonder why these confused childreens pick up guns…

    just keep pushing the gender of what am I ??? BS to them…

    another Fatty Tatty Bill so he can put on his resume…

    look at the stupid i can do…

    for you too Merica..

    vote for me…

    FJP is my name…

    push the button for me…

    i’ll make you all crazier..

  28. Joseph writes: “Cindy smells.”

    He’s right, but neglected the rest:

    “Cindy smells rats like me.”

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