Algonquin District 300 School Board Recommendations

From School Board candidate Connie Cain:

Dear School District 300 Voter,

The Consolidated Election is the opportunity for each of us to have a voice in our Community Schools.

Our School Boards are the most consequential decision made in every Consolidated Election, impacting our entire community.

The investment in our Schools is locally funded.

Therefore, your voice counts immediately and directly for this election.

We have seen our public school’s performance slide over the last decade, which will be reversed if you vote to seat members of our Community on our School Board to refocus the school’s work to deliver on the promise of educating our children.

A vote for the Candidates below is a vote for Teachers.

They are challenged daily to carve out teaching time from the special emphasis initiatives from a State willing to overburden the classroom Teacher at the cost of our children’s education.

Our schools should challenge the gifted, support the challenged and make every child in between feel the joy of learning and deep confidence gained by embedding the knowledge and skills they need to compete and achieve.

The Candidates are working on getting out the vote and need your help. Vote for these Candidates by exercising your freedom to vote in one of three ways:

  • Vote by Mail,
  • Early Vote, or
  • on Election day, April 4th.

For Members of the D300 Board of Education

 Connie Cain – Dundee Township
• Robert Reining – Algonquin Township
• Kristina Konstanty – Rutland Township

Click here to access your sample ballot for Kane County.

Click here to access your sample ballot for McHenry County.

There is a time to talk, and there is a time to vote. Please Vote.


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