Lake in the Hills Couple Arrested for Robbing Hoffman Estates Bike Shop

Nathanial Fletcher, 21, and Heather Zamet, 30, of Lake in the Hills.

Fox 32 reported Lake in the Hills’ “Nathanial Fletcher, 21, and Heather Zamet, 30, allegedly walked into Crank Revolution Bike Shop at 1636 W. Algonquin Road and implied they had a gun and demanded cash.”

The charges:

  • aggravated robbery
  • resisting arrest
  • batter and
  • possession of drug paraphernalia


Lake in the Hills Couple Arrested for Robbing Hoffman Estates Bike Shop — 26 Comments

  1. Drug paraphernalia? I would have never thought that looking at those pics. Monk’s son looks like an upstanding citizen

  2. No gun mentioned. Maybe they were stoned and forgot to bring it with.

  3. ^ People lie about having guns when they do robberies.

    It works quite often because people don’t want to find out whether the person is bluffing or not.

    These two look like druggies (and they had paraphernalia).

    Probably looking for money to buy their next fix.

    They won’t get in as much trouble as they would have for actually having a gun, but they’re still facing serious charges.

  4. Monk’s son, Nathaniel, at the arraignment/bond reduction hearing April 4, 2023:

    N. Fletcher: “Judge, Judge, I just wanna say one or two things at this point in time. That witch cougar Lady Zamet, which isn’t her real name, made me her personal sex slave. She got me hooked on something powerful. A purple powder and a strange Chinese vegetable from this Chinese guy called Pak Louie. Then she turned me into her sex slave, I had to do weird things all the time to please her, or I’d be sent to the dog house where she and her brother Napoleon would beat me naked in cage.

    Like this bike thing. She dumped 10 gallons on me from a nasty aquarium of crayfish one morning and said, “My slave Nathaniel —— Arise! -you will rob a bike shop or I will turn you into a human pinwheel. Like Judge, what could I do? She used her witch friends at Salvation Army to throw me outa PADS one night and told everybody I molested her dog. But I didn’t. That was her evil brother who was always stealing my Snap card and hypnotising me all the time to tell him my PIN code.”

    Judge Clough: “I think I’ve heard enough!”

    Fletcher: “No wait, Judge, I got proof. My iPhone has pictures and videos. The bike deal was Heather’s idea. I just went to see if she’d really do it. “

  5. JT is just a overweight hog riding divorcee, living his life on a blog from Richmond. Dreams do come true.

  6. LOL. Lil Joey are you sure I live in Richmond? Your fantasies are becoming quite rich. How many tattoos and piercings do I have and where are they in your fantasyland? LOL. Didn’t you identify me as Jumbo too? It’s almost Friday. Are you sure I don’t live in Ringwood? I hear the Rusty Nail has a good fish fry. Maybe you can put on your extra tight bike shorts, jam a large baked potato in the backside and pedal up the path so we can meet up this summer. I’ll look for the idiot with the pink helmet, tight bike shorts with a baked potato bulge and you can check out my HOG in the bathroom.

    Cal your blog is great to keep me laughing. The unawake idiots really are impressive.

  7. Cal. When will you start deleting the moronic posts day after day? Get some sanity back into your blog?

  8. LOL. Who specifically do you find offensive and moronic bred? There’s at least 5 on this board that add zero value and don’t educate.

    Did the baked potato visual with Lil Joey make the site moronic? Sometimes you have to deal with highly educated trolls differently.

    Who specifically being banned would make the blog more “sane”? I would love to hear it.

  9. Agree with bred winner. Gotten to be a garbage blog not worth following.

  10. I agree with bred winner and Joe Blow.

    Cal gives too much freedom of speech on this blog.

    It devolves into personal attacks and off topic stuff.

    Likely keeps your readership down, Cal, and certainly scares away potential thoughtful commenters. Y

    ou don’t have to be a blog Nazi like Rich Miller, but I would welcome more censorship on this blog.

    You’re the moderator.

    You don’t have to allow ANY comments!

    If people want to say something and are unable to post here, they can always start their own blogs.

    You should have done this long ago — established some rules.

    The site has gone downhill because you refuse to have order here.

    It’s like a bunch of monkeys flinging crap everywhere.

    Can we go 4 hours without someone posting their gay porn fan fictions here?

  11. The name of the store is
    “Crank Revolution”

    Addicts love the word Crank.

    I bet it set off a addiction impulse inside their brains
    making a robbery a plausible option for them that day.

    This is what addiction does.
    ALL simple thought processes are crossed up and not possible.
    Who would rob a bike store?

  12. So you are referring to Little Joey, Little Tommy, Porkboy and Monk, Correcting?

  13. Another installment of “Bitchin with Abe” tonights episode is titled “JT & Goebbels my Heros.”

  14. Abram “Can we go 4 hours without someone posting their gay porn fan fictions here?” Tell us please who does this?

  15. Correcting, Cal apparently didn’t read your request. He just posted another “kid friendly Drag Queen ” article which will get the troops fired up.

  16. uh oh their in trouble they did not commit the crime in Cook Cty where they would just be let go … right K.F?

  17. Cal I’ll volunteer to be content moderator if you need one. No charge. LOL.

    Lil Joey fantasies have now evolved. I’m now an overweight hog riding duck who can’t reach the “pedals” and watches gay porn. It’s opening day at Wrigley Lil Joey. Are you posting from The Man Hole having a beer with your friends before the opening pitch?

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