MonkeyPox Vaccinations in McHenry County — 24 Comments

  1. Dwight, the cream filled pastries kept certain posters here employed at Uprising. They know who they are.

  2. IF their numbers can be believed (seriously doubt all info from them), we have 218 complete morons in the county.

  3. Cindy look at the community and lifestyle of the people that would get that jab. Easily mentally manipulated by the Mockingbirds in the media.

  4. 21 monkey pox vaxxed at Uprising Freakery.

    654 exposed to monkey pox at Uprising, typically in the unisex washrooms.

    348 confirmed cases

    174 hospitalized

  5. Cindy put in your teeth and put cream on your bed sores. Your wanted in the rec room. It’s square dancing hour!

  6. Someone who can’t grasp the difference between your and you’re is NOT in my wheelhouse.

  7. Any word on how many monkeys were vaccinated for pervert-pox?

  8. Just a reminder that everyone Gov Agency in this country, has its very own Poindexter, ‘jiggling the weights’ on those Excel spreadsheets, until the results come up ‘just right’.

  9. Touchee Cindy. Simps have issues with grammar. Lol. Lil Joey only has 2 more days before his head games start. He seems like a foreigner type of fan.

  10. Cindy, the grammar police! Original! Go take YOUR chewables you nut.

  11. LOL Cindy. Lil Joey is now a psychiatrist. What kind of nut Lil Joey? I like pistachios myself unlike you who prefer them warm and fuzzy and hanging below a man’s pecker. What do you use to floss with? Nevermind. LOL

    Cindy make sure you read this since you understand how to comprehend reality.

  12. LOL Correcting. It’ll be at Porky’s house. He’s been known to produce good cream for that crowd between drag shows. Keep that creepy bisexual broad down in your neck of the woods.

  13. Pushing more Gov Juice on to people… when does it end… only the stupid…

  14. “JT? English majors can’t stop teaching. It’s a peccadillo.” Actually it’s called Anal Retention.

  15. Cindy. Porky might be correct since he’s a proven expert on that orifice and only let’s his gerbil out to take it for walks twice a day. LOL.

  16. So many fell for the lie of covid. Are they really going to fall for the joke is on us, again? I would NOT get any vaccine by the government for anything. I do NOT have the word S.T.U. P. I. D. Written on my forehead.

  17. Cmon SMG. You should trust the media propagandists and not your own common sense.

    Trump’s indicted and the Biden’s aren’t behind bars. Another move to wake up the simps.

  18. Nancy Pelosi

    The Grand Jury has acted upon the facts and the law.

    No one is above the law, and everyone has the right to a trial to prove innocence.

    Hopefully, the former President will peacefully respect the system, which grants him that right.


    Alot of Tito’s went into producing that post by Nancy. I’m surprised Cal didn’t go puke after reading it.

    I just laughed out loud. Nancy should start providing stock tips for options trading. If they cremate her she’ll burn down the whole funeral home.

  19. Willfully allowing an invasion of millions across the southern border of the US is OK per the Democrat Party, our judicial system and the mostly corrupt mainstream media. As was predicted decades ago by the Communists of USSR, the U.S. will destroy itself from within.

  20. Hey JT How many times has that gerbil bit your tongue for invading his space?

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