Richmond Drops Vehicle Sticker Requirement — 26 Comments

  1. She gets it. Revenue less expenses equals loss. I’ll buy her dinner at Paisanos. Lol.

  2. You’re assuming Cindy is a supporter of Trump and cares about Q. I get the impression she’s not a supporter of Trump and doesn’t think highly of Q. Which, good for her if that’s the case.

    I’ll check out the Substack though.

  3. Just trying to tickle that WAKE UP part of the brain Correcting. You liked EnjoyTheShow from a comment you made. Cindy delivers links I don’t disagree with. That makes me think she is awake. If you understood the Q puzzle and solved it then it all makes sense.

    Not an insult brw.

  4. Correcting I’ve been telling him that for months.
    How come he’s not attacking you with some homophobic attack?

  5. Village of Cary dropped the vehicle stickers over 15 years ago.

    The Village raised the communication tax to compensate for lost sticker revenue.

  6. Nob, that was only because they caught Paul Dianis with no stickers on the cars in his driveway.

  7. Dianis?

    Former Village Trustee for Cary.

    The one Police chief they had, forget his name, got fired for taking home an unclaimed stolen mountain bike–anyway–he would set up ROADBLOCKS in different neighborhoods in Cary, pulling everyone going through over, and asking “do you live here in Cary”?

    Well, yes I do…no sticker?

    Pull over there, and the underlying officer would write up a ticket for it.

    I would imagine the residents ire over this thieving Police Chief and his tactics may have had more of an impact than just Paul Dianis complaining of getting rid of the city sticker…but Dianis name did carry some weight in town for a while.

    Been nice not getting those dumb things every year, but am sure we’re paying for it in other ways.

    NO free lunch in city government–ever.

    Nor free mountain bikes.

  8. For a short time, anybody with a 60013-zip paid into Cary’s communication tax even if they didn’t live in Cary, that was corrected a month later.

    Paul and Gus took the wives out to dinner on the village credit card, they claimed it was village business, when that was discovered, they were forced to pay the village back.

  9. Cal I’ll tell Phil the tabs on me for you and your wife when you want to go.

    You’ll need an ID unlike voters in this state.

  10. Gus’s wife was HUGE back then—probably ran a big dinner tab that night on the village tab…thanks for sharing nob. Have a feeling Stephen Pokorny may know of some of these Cary Leadership thieves. Paging Pokorny. Tell us what you know or learned at your dad’s tavern. Gus (former Cary mayor) drank there often.

  11. Oh Bob. Do tell. Which tavern does our 1st responder Porkboy associated with? I’ll put it on the list not to patronize.

  12. It has been sold a couple times over since his dad owned it.

    His dad was an upstanding guy–veteran, supporter of Amvets and Jaycees meeting at the Pub, was a Fair and good man.

    Plenty of local Pols drank there so I assume Stephen knows some of the political skuttlebutt in Cary.

    He acts pretty strange on this Blog though.

  13. It skips a generation Bob. I think Porky got hit by the stupid stick. I hope it’s Colemans and not Tracks. It would really ruin any opinion I have.

  14. “You’ll need an ID unlike voters in this state.”

    Skinner won’t be getting carded though. 😉

  15. I’ll talk to Phil, Correcting. I remember the Excalibur days next to Half Day Inn. The good ole days.

  16. But during COVID mask time, there was mercifully no enforcement.

  17. Not being required to wear them at a restaurant seems merciful to me.

  18. No one and I mean NO ONE had any right to demand you wear anything!

    It was all a huge fear porn act that ended up with people demanding you jump to their tune of fear. Why would you let people push you around? Merciful is the fact that a lot of those nitwits lost their businesses for being Gestapo freaks trying to boss others around. Who appointed them the Lord of your life?

  19. I’ll answer that Cindy. The swamps and their cohorts known as the corrupt media and their teleprompter monkeys. Who knew the Wizard of Oz was able to tell us the future. Flying monkeys and an evil witch. Like you, I never wore a mask. Let’s see how IL Healthcare behaves after May 11, the day Covid actually and miraculously goes away. LOL

  20. If this small town can do it then all others should follow suit!!!

    Money suck days over.

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