Shades of Nixon’s Enemies List

Republican President Richard M. Nixon had an “enemies list” on which he unleashed the Internal Revenue Service.

Today, the WIND email contains information of this modern day IRS personal visit to the first person to connect the IRS with censorship of conservative Tweeters:

IRS Suspiciously Visits Journalist Matt Taibbi Same Day He Testified Before Congress

‘”Isn’t that special?”

Fox News: The IRS was silent about how often it dispatches agents to people’s homes Tuesday on the heels of journalist Matt Taibbi saying he received an unannounced visit from Uncle Sam at his New Jersey residence. Taibbi, a Substack journalist who played a key role in Twitter owner Elon Musk’s efforts to reveal the social media juggernaut’s once-secret communications, was visited by an IRS agent on March 9. That was the same day he testified before the newly Republican-created Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government about what he learned about Twitter (Fox News).

Wall Street Journal: Typically when the IRS challenges some part of a tax return, it sends a letter. Or it might seek more information from the taxpayer or tax preparer. If the IRS wants to audit a return, it schedules a meeting at the agent’s office. It doesn’t drop by unannounced. The curious timing of this visit, on the heels of the FTC demand that Twitter turn over names of journalists, raises questions about potential intimidation. The fear of many Americans is that, flush with its new $80 billion in funding from Congress, the IRS will unleash its fearsome power against political opponents (Wall Street Journal).


Shades of Nixon’s Enemies List — 9 Comments

  1. I love it. Seinfeld the jew clips from Monk. Nixon was a weak and paranoid man unlike Trump. Why didn’t Carter get a letter at HW’s funeral. Why was his flag wrinkled during the funeral. I really love it. The pope is going into the hospital. What goes on at the vatican. LOL.

  2. What’s hiding in the Tik Tok bill? Time to wake up. If you thought the Patriot Act was bad here comes Patriot Act 2.0. Pay attention. I hope your smart tvs and other smart appliances are connected to the internet. LOL.

  3. The greater problem is that this is STILL happening.

    This isn’t the first time or first administration that has ostensibly nudged the IRS.

    It would make a nice little committee hearing.

    Do it quick.

  4. Nixon was the protege of Prescott Bush the father of George H.W. Bush.

    Nixon gained off the assassinations of JFK & RFK which he became a two term President.

    George Bush was in Dallas on November 22, 1963 and Ronald Reagan’s VP when the attempted assassination against Reagan took place ninety days into his first term.

    Remember Nixon gave Communist China our Industrial manufacturing industry so we could focus on service type work.

  5. During the first four year term of the Barak Hussein Obama regime, the IRS per Lois Lerner targeted conservative groups such as Tea Party for harassment.

  6. Slap, the Bushes are as corrupt as the Clinton’s, Biden’s and Obama’s but remember Trump is the problem. LOL.

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