Local Democratic Party U.S. House Members Break with Biden over Gas Stoves

This headline from Epoch Times got me wondering how local Congress folks voted:

I looked their votes up and found all with a current or past connection to McHenry County voted in favor of gas stoves.

So score a win for NICOR, our local gas company, at whose Crystal Lake headquarters I held a summer job while in college unloading steel pipe, cleaning repossessed refrigerators and stoves, cutting grass and other menial tasks.

Congressmen and women I looked at follow:

  • Casten
  • Foster
  • Schakowsky
  • Schneider
  • Underwood

Here are all the votes:

From California Target Book.


Local Democratic Party U.S. House Members Break with Biden over Gas Stoves — 5 Comments

  1. Cal,

    Another local Democrat, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi (D, IL-08) also voted for the Palmer Amendment to HR 1 with the five you mentioned.

    Krishnamoorthi represents the Kane County sections of Algonquin & most of Huntley including 75% of Sun City.

    Guess the lobbying by NICOR Gas paid off.

    Also, guess the 181 Democrats who opposed this amendment give new meaning to the term “gaslighting”?

  2. I think Democrats should design a Federal Gas Stove and test it while filling a lawn mower, with those exploding Federal Gas Cans they designed a few years back.

  3. I think Cal may have looked at a different roll call.

    According to the roll call on the Palmer Amendment “B”, the only Illinois Democratic members of the U.S. House delegation to be among the 29 Democrats voting in favor are:

    Raja Krishnamoorthi, who represents the Kane County portions of Algonquin and most of Huntley (per my previous comment in this article) and Nikki Budzinski, the freshman downstate congresswoman representing the IL-13.

    All other Illnois Democrats in the U.S. House voted against the amendment.

  4. Breakdown of Illinois reps is as follows:

    -Democrats Budzinski and Krishnamoorthi voted YES along with ALL of the Republicans (Bost, Miller, & LaHood).
    -Democrat Robin Kelly did NOT VOTE.
    -The rest of the Democrats (Jackson, Ramirez, Garcia, Quigley, Casten, Davis, Schakowsky, Schneider, Foster, Underwood, & Sorensen) voted NO.

    Some people say Krishnamoorthi wants to run for U.S. Senate. He has a ton of money and has been in the news a lot lately. Durbin is not expected to run in 2026. Another name that gets brought up a lot as a replacement to Durbin is Underwood, though she could potentially wait two years and run in 2028 assuming Duckworth does not want a third term. Duckworth gave birth a few years ago so she might focus on being a mommy, like how Kinzinger had a baby and then did not seek reelection. (That was not the only factor in Kinzinger retiring, but it played some part.)


  5. ya think? is the woke getting a wokening..? or do you like the name stupid…

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