Will “Kid-Friendly” Drag Queen Bakery End Up in Crystal Lake or Woodstock?

The the WTTW story about Lake in the Hills’ Uprising Bakery’s planning to relocate within McHenry County got me thinking.

What town would be most friendly?

Will it be Crystal Lake, where the Park District hosted the rowing event for 2006 Gay Games?

A wonderfully satirical discourse on the event has been written by former Crystal Lake resident Allen Showalter, who left for the Carolinas well before the current exodus.

Most of my expansive coverage got eliminated when Google labeled this publication a “sham blog.”

In 2007, the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gay started participating in Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade.

Part of the 2022 PFLAG Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade entry.

The group has continued doing so.

Crystal Lake hasn’t had a stand-alone bakery since Jensen’s closed, but it does have Around the Clock, which bakes splendid goods.

And it has excellent donuts provided by Countryside.

Will it be Woodstock, whose Swiss Maid Bakery at the northeast corner of the Square has closed?

A reader alerted us to a Mexican bakery on the Square, El Tepeyac, and It’s a couple doors down from where Swiss Maid was.

Woodstock, under Mayor Brian Sager, now a Republican member of the McHenry County Board, initiated a Gay Pride Parade.

Turning Point entry in the 2021 Woodstock Gay Pride Parade.

That’s pretty sympatico with ideological mission of Uprising Bakery.

Woodstock even painted the stairs to the Square in the Gay Pride colors in 2021.

What are your idea of where Uprising Bakery will end up now that it has cash on hand?

$47,570 had been raised as of mid-afternoon Thursday, March 30, 2023, in the Uprising Bakery Go-FundMe solicitation. David Goldenberg, regional director for Anti-Deflamation League’s Midwest chapter.

In a March 23, 2023, article in the Chicago Tribune, the Crystal Lake resident said, ““It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or not. It doesn’t matter if you vote blue or red. We’re a bakery. That’s it.”

Sac told the Tribune, “I found baking to be a stress relief and coping skill as I struggled with mental and emotional health during high school.”

Continuing, she said she is looking for a location that is “a little more affordable, more inclusive or accepting, and tolerant.”


Will “Kid-Friendly” Drag Queen Bakery End Up in Crystal Lake or Woodstock? — 76 Comments

  1. Ya lost me at, “got me thinking.”

    cal doesn’t think; too hate filled with his antiAmerican beliefs.

  2. “$47,570”?

    Look all you self-flaggelating hairshirting donators.

    I once sat through a Theatre of the Ridiculous offering, laughed hysterically at cops reactions at the Stonewall rebellion and have witnessed at least a dozen jaw dropping parades in NOLO and the Keys.

    A little help here for my Rental Limo and Strippers I’ve reserved for this weekend. DJGoFundMe…..

  3. Deviance is better located in Crystal Lake/Cary area which is populated with liberal/progressive/Marxists.

    Maybe the Cary Ale House will make room for it.

    Just look out for the cream filled pastries.

  4. HonestAbe#1 when is your burglary victim support group meeting? You frail little man.

  5. >ideological mission

    That’s crazy, man. When I was a kid, bakeries were for baking. You bought donuts. It wasn’t about announcing your gender or sexual orientation, or having drag shows to entertain kids.

    I remember the smiley face cookie. It was a cookie with a smiley face. Around Halloween, they would make cookies that looked like pumpkins. Cookies were also decorated for the Cubs and White Sox.

    We didn’t go around with all the SEX stuff look at me look at me look at my SEX stuff. We just ordered a brownie…

    Bakeries are supposed to be about baking, not SEX stuff. Look I’m a MAN but I’m dressed as a WOMAN isn’t that neat? No. It’s not neat. Bake a loaf of bread.

  6. It should end up in the garbage can where it belongs. Or Portland/Seattle. Basically the same thing.

  7. God help us all if these are who we need to enlist should a war break out.

  8. Keep those donations coming.

    The more they dump into thin air, the less they have to spend on anything that would further their agenda in any impactful manner.

    I say we should help them raise more money.

  9. More proof there are alot of highly intelligent tolerant individuals in this world. What a joke.

    The politicians and WEF are laughing at people who donate.

    Psy op’d intelligencia that think young children watching perverts is normal. Priceless.

  10. Perverts on Parade!

    Watch out for your little kids. These people are sickos!

  11. LOL. Now Pervert? I thought I was a Duck this week? Lil Joey fantasies are priceless. The story is about drag fags in a bakery sport. Try to stay on topic.

    How’s the traffic on the Kennedy? Does Twinkie have his head in your lap?

  12. **Crystal Lake hasn’t had a stand-alone bakery since Jensen’s closed**

    Chesire Cakes

    Ana’s Cakes And Bakery

  13. I miss the Swiss Made Bakery in Woodstock.

    I stopped in for a cup of coffee and a caramel roll a couple of times a week before heading out to the Courthouse.

  14. Now WGN is pushing the creepy bakery again tonight.

    Wake up.

    You are being operant conditioned by your media.


  15. Channel 7 did a clip of this story on the 6 pm news.

    The news reader merely mentioned a “drag show” and not a child friendly or family friendly drag show.

    This is but one of millions of examples of news organizations over the years not telling everything, omitting important facts.

  16. Remember it’s a kid friendly drag show that brainwashed stupid parents bring their own kids to. Unbelievable. LITH leadership allows live show grooming. Do they have a clue?


    Stages of Grooming

    Target the victim.
    Earn trust from the victim and their guardian(s).
    Fill a need.
    Isolate the child.
    Lower inhibitions.
    Sexualize the relationship.
    Maintain control over the victim.

    Spot a Groomer

    The adult is overly interested in the child.
    The adult creates opportunities to be alone with the child.
    The adult is more interested in a relationship with the child than the adults.
    The adult has age and/or gender preferences for children.

    Signs of Online Grooming

    Child becomes secretive about online activities.
    Child is online too frequently.
    Child receive gifts, money or messages from strangers.
    Child is asked to meet up with people they’ve met online.
    Child has knowledge of inappropriate sex.
    The child is told to keep their online communications secret from their guardians.

    Online Grooming Prevention

    Hold family meetings about the dangers of online grooming.
    Know what apps your children have on their phones.
    Monitor your child’s social media use.
    Teach your children what is not OK behavior such as sharing personal
    Information with strangers online or agreeing to meet up with them.
    Talk to your children and keep the lines of communication open.
    Be clear with your children what sites and apps are allowed.
    Consider installing parental control software on their devices.
    Use Google Alerts with your child’s name to keep track of tags of comments and photos of your child.
    Report online grooming.

  17. More importantly, will Correcting be delivering my “violent end” to me in Crystal Lake or Woodstock?

    Someone you’ve never met, know nothing about, you wish violent terrible death upon because of a snarky comment in favor of baked goods.

    Ridiculous, you’ve got a lot of growing up to do.

  18. Are you screaming about unborn children Popcorn? Talk to Lowitzki. Your tax dollars are funding it.

    Selling pastries is not about indoctrinating children.. normal people get that. Did you donate to the GoFundMe yet?

  19. ‘violent end’ sounds like a villainess in some Batman movie.

    I’d like to take her to lunch, some place that pipes in ominous music.

  20. Sick people have sick ideas.

    Joseph, mellow skunk, nefarious, poo-korny have hundreds of ideas for children.

    They must be stopped.

  21. “…have hundreds of ideas for children.”

    Um, no. How about you?

  22. Red, he is over 20 bongs into his daily existence. Monk’s idea thought process is done at 10:30. I think Twinkie is on the same level as Monk right now.

  23. Nice try gaslighting, poopcorn, but the problem isn’t that you like baked goods.

    The problem is that you taunt people who think it’s inappropriate that a bakery is inviting children to watch a drag show.

    You have a mental and/or moral deficiency if you can’t understand why people would object to that.

  24. I get it, what I don’t get is the continued outrage.

    There wasn’t a drag show there last night, there isn’t one there this morning, there won’t be one there tonight.

    Seems like it’s just a bakery again.

    If its name and theme changed to “Drag Queen Bakery, all drag all the time” there may be a point to make but this really feels like beating a dead horse.

    I guarantee that Cal will post the bakery’s closing and he will again brand it “drag queen bakery” and he’ll post again when it re-opens, and again and again.

  25. That’s exactly what I told the Judge ‘corn’!

    All this, ‘who drove who’s truck?’, through the front of that Yoga Studio and Herbal Vitamin Store, doesn’t bring us closer as a society.

  26. On Saturday, April 1, at 10 AM, Channel 7 has a topic on drag queen on their Good Morning America teevee show.

  27. It’s TOTALLY NOT a dead horse. The people are outraged. Until they STOP throwing their Satanic culture in our faces, it WILL NOT End! Evil is trying to overthrow good. People are finally SICK OF IT! The only remedy is to drive them OUT of Canaan!

  28. If Cindy is trying to scare me, I was raised on Latin Gregorian Chanting, Bleeding Statues and Cardboard Box size Kneeling Confessionals.

    Not this Folk Music, Peace, Love, hand holding crap being served up today.

    But good luck with all that Devil stuff.

  29. “Bakeries are supposed to be about baking, not SEX stuff.

    “Look I’m a MAN but I’m dressed as a WOMAN isn’t that neat?


    “It’s not neat.

    “Bake a loaf of bread.”

    Then don’t go to that bakery – It’s simple and you don’t have the right to tell somebody how or what to do.

    Remember “All persons are created equal.”

    “You have a mental and/or moral deficiency if you can’t understand why people would object to that.”

    Not everybody has “your” morality.

  30. “It’s TOTALLY NOT a dead horse.

    The people are outraged.

    Until they STOP throwing their Satanic culture in our faces, it WILL NOT End!

    Evil is trying to overthrow good.

    People are finally SICK OF IT!

    The only remedy is to drive them OUT of Canaan!”

    Only nut job extremists like you moonbat and the brown shirt contributors here.

  31. Cindy, please use more caps and exclamation points. It’s the only way people will listen to you. Yep, you don’t seem insane.

  32. Cindy, Porkboy and his buddy Lil Joey have runny noses from last night.

    They’re attacking because they didn’t make enough money last night so they have to go to work today at the bakery for a woman named Sac.


  33. Thanks for shining a light on this evil, Cal!

    The child molesters are trying to normalize it.

    Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?

  34. And next year there will be another and another.

    While the dinosaurs will be fewer and fewer.

  35. “Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?”

    no is the a punk rock band?

    Rely on Christian mythology to make a point.

    Priceless as junior thinker would say.

  36. Uber Porkboy has spoken. Go blow your nose sport. You’ll get it all out eventually. Another “baker” has spoken. The Porkboy.

  37. Will not do well in cl this is where biz come to die!
    Move on …

  38. Demented leader of the US and his regime have, or had (might have been fired) a guy in charge of nuclear waste in the US. He was arrested for stealing a woman’s luggage at an airport. He was also seen in a photo online wearing a dress, lipstick and high heels. A free country to do whatever. So far. As long as no one is harmed, physically or emotionally.

  39. Only the best and brightest for the DIE administration. Just look at and listen to the clowns they trot out to be press secretaries. What an embarrassment just like this state led by Lord Fatboy and his Fat wife and the liberal intelligencia in Springfield

  40. We do have a right to tell people what they can’t do when it involves children.

    The fact that you simp so much for these perverts because you’re a spiteful little dork who thinks he’s cool by annoying Republicans on a BLOG is a sign of how anti-social you are, just like how you say you’re glad when people overdose on drugs. Stephen, you’re a piece of shit.

  41. “Anyone else see a pattern here?”

    That you have poor impulse control?

  42. When you see it you post it simpleton. The truth about liberals perversion must offend you. Go do a bong and watch your Seinfeld reruns and blow your nose.

  43. 16 now Lil Joey. Pointing out perversion offends you how unless you support perversion. Which is it?

    Watch the videos sport then tell me what you agree with.

    When the site works I post.

  44. Have not heard anything in about one week from Illinois Democrats about their love for toilets, drag queens and deviancy in library books for children.

    All quiet on the Illinois front for a brief spell.

  45. Because, bred winner, an election is in 3 days!

    They have to be pretend to not be insane in the lead up to the election to earn the votes of those gullible fools with their heads in the sand.

    Look at how Brandon Johnson said he was for defund the police and now he says he is not for it.

    They are duplicitous.

    It’s Machiavellian.

    If they have to lie, they will lie.

    If they have to cancel an event because of bad timing, they’ll do it.

    It doesn’t mean they have had a change of heart.

    They’ll come back louder and crazier than before. T

    hey’re just waiting for a better time.

  46. Correcting your an old ds piece of shit, dinosaur.

    If a parent want’s to take a child to a drag show that is their choice, if some loser wants to use drugs that is his choice to play the game.

    I’m not glad when they die, I simply don’t care.

    Correcting I used to think you were somewhat intelligent but I guess I was wrong.

    I didn’t always agree with you but you are just another right wing maga moron, and GOP ineffectual.

    The last argument of a losing debate, Insults.

  47. “Enjoy. Fear porn is what drives your reality. LOL.” and you spread the most Mr. Goebbels.

  48. Correcting, this isn’t a GOP blog, This is just a bitchin board for all the Dinosaurs to complain. You being their feeble ineffectual leader.

  49. Re 10:41 PM. Great point. Of course. Happens all the time. The last time of great consequence was the 2020 presidential campaign. Democrats mostly hid Biden at his home, had their allies quash big stories harmful to Biden, extolled him as a moderate, hid his obvious start of dementia, all the while ready to install Barak Hussein Obama’s people after Nov to continue with the Transformation of AmeriKa.

  50. Pokorny, your juvenile antics are going to get you into hot water.

    Please don’t expect me to save your warty rear.

  51. People are allowed to express their displeasure with parents making bad choices, with business owners making bad choices.

    Why does someone have to be “old” to disagree with what the bakery is doing?

    You’re an old man and you seem to have no problem with it.

    Plenty of people on this blog are younger than you and do have a problem with it.

    And businesses and parents can not do whatever they want.

    Kids can’t see rated R movies.

    Kids can’t buy tobacco, even with parental consent.

    Businesses can’t discriminate.

    It’s funny how you big government goons never mention this stuff but always turn into libertarians when it involves weird sexual stuff regarding CHILDREN.

    What the hell is the matter with you?

    Why do disabled people get aid?

    Why are there laws that restrict what children can do?

    Why is there social security?

    Because the government is paternalistic.

    I don’t see you bitching about high taxes or war.

    But suggest something is inappropriate for children, even if it’s through social pressure and not the government, and wingnuts like you come out of the woodwork!

    Your priorities are all retarded man.

    You think dunking on Republicans on a blog is cool but expressing concern about pervert stuff being aimed at children is what “old” people do.

    You object so much to being called a Democrat but you’re a useful idiot to them at best and a liar at worst.

    The most pathetic part about it is that Democrats don’t like you either because you’re too much of an asshole to get along with anybody.

  52. Correcting, Porkboy the Twinkie did a DNA test and found out his lineage includes the Podesta family. I trust you understand that one. Porkboy will run to his bong and lava lamp to have the truth come to him.

    Obviously he doesn’t understand fear porn which makes it even funnier. LOL

  53. They will be less profitable in either proposed city…

    Not sure what they’re thinking, but don’t really care.

  54. “Obviously he doesn’t understand fear porn which makes it even funnier. LOL” You are the one who spreads it, shortshanks

  55. If you have not heard of the term “fear porn”, it refers to mainstream media content that deliberately and enticingly plays on people’s fears about disaster, disease, and death.

    Not once has anyone done that in here by telling you the truth!

  56. Porkboy is the smartest doper on the board. Try learning about 5GW. You’re in it sport.

  57. Another last word. Lil Joey milks drag queens for Uprising Bakery along side Porkboy/Twinkie.

    Cindy you will never wake up brainwashed people like Lil.

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