Woodstock Offers Old Courthouse for Two Starting Out in Retail

From McHenry County:

Woodstock launches old courthouse business incubator program

Do you own a new or growing business?

The City of Woodstock has created a retail incubation program in the newly renovated Old Courthouse Center that may be perfect for you!

Old McHenry County Courthouse

The new incubator, THE 101, will provide a physical retail location for startup or online businesses ready to take on the challenge of operating a brick-and-mortar location.

Two businesses will be selected to test the market in downtown Woodstock while gaining retail experience under the mentorship of the City of Woodstock and the Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

You can learn more and apply by visiting www.choosewoodstock.com – but the application window closes at 5 p.m. this Friday, so get moving, and good luck!


Woodstock Offers Old Courthouse for Two Starting Out in Retail — 7 Comments

  1. How much for just a closet in that County Courthouse address?

    My Boner Pill Website sales are good but flat and this just might be the boost it needs.

  2. Maybe they could use a bakery, what with all the gays in Woodstock.

  3. Wow, attempted humor from Abram, at least he ain’t bitchin.

  4. This isn’t for currently failing businesses Pokey Boy.

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