McLaughlin Blames Deserts on Democrats’ Climate Change, Fears Death Valley for Business

From State Rep. Marty McLaughlin:

Rep. McLaughlin Encourages Meaningful Business and Economic Reforms

SPRINGFIELD… State Representative Martin McLaughlin (R-Barrington Hills) encourages his colleagues to focus on real economic and business reforms during the remaining days of legislative session.

“For over 40 years the General Assembly in Illinois has been run by Democrats with only a brief two-year period of a Republican majority. The policies enacted during the Madigan years are causing significant problems for residents across our state,” Rep. McLaughlin said.

“I have heard over and over in my three years as State Representative that we have growing Deserts here in Illinois.

  • Healthcare Deserts
  • Housing Deserts,
  • ood Deserts
  • Hospital Deserts, and
  • on and on. 

“What is causing these Deserts – Climate change?

“Could it be that poor policies have created disincentive for small businesses and services?

“I will agree that – yes – climate change is responsible for these deserts, but not in the way my Democratic colleagues believe.

“The anti-business policy climate in Springfield is the real culprit.

“However, to acknowledge these failed progressive policies as the main reason for all the “deserts” would require a serious look in the mirror.

“The first step to recovery is to acknowledge the failed anti-business policies such as workmen’s compensation, wage mandates, and, of course, the regressive tax policies that have created, and continue to create, hostile business environments.

“These policies are so bad that we are seeing business owners, banks, and capital markets will not even take the risk of investing in our communities because the red tape, rules, and regulation are prohibiting risk taking and investment opportunities.

“Let’s make sure Illinois doesn’t become ‘Death Valley’ for small business entrepreneurs in our once great state.

“Please, let’s join together to support pro-business policies that provide all Illinoisans an opportunity to succeed and thrive,” concluded Rep. McLaughlin.


McLaughlin Blames Deserts on Democrats’ Climate Change, Fears Death Valley for Business — 13 Comments

  1. That’s how DEMOCTATS roll in the “Sanctuary State” of Illinois.

    More people and businesses
    fleeing with each passing day and more criminals both elected as well as the usual street thugs running amuck.

    Support Illinois DEMOCRATS, take your children to a dragshow.

    It’s the DEI thing to do.

  2. This “great state” thingy these Pols evoke.

    My earliest political memory is of shoeboxes stuffed with money in a Springfield Motel Room, through the Madigan indictment and every bit of this Kleptocracy in between.

    When exactly does he think Illinois was great?

  3. I see the April fool has commented. Have you left Illinois yet abe? You talk a tough game yet you just cry in a corner tissue boy.

  4. Of course I will concede the point, if he has a Matthew Brady photograph, of Lincoln picking up after his dog on the Springfield Capital Lawn.

  5. ole abe. Please get a spine and join those leaving Illinois. You are a backward little bitching that can’t do much for yourself. Please for your own wellbeing get out.

  6. Oh lord, how ever will the people of Barrington Hills afford to buy bread for their children?

    If things keep going this way they may have to lay off their groundskeepers and mow their 5 acre lots themselves just to make ends meet.

    They may need to plow under their well manicured Kentucky Bluegrass and plant sorghum.

  7. And yet another installment of “Bitchin with Abe.” tonight’s episode is titled. “Limp thoughts and ED.”

  8. Marty is a good solid Republican.

    He is trying his best against the overwhelming stupidity of the
    DemoUnionSocialist party of brain dead zombies who dominate the landscape of Illinois.

  9. Cindy, Monk is going to need multiple bong hits to recover from that one. LOL.

    I’m sure he’ll go to his plethora of Seinfeld clips aka his safe space to retort.

    Abe you really have a following. I think Twinkie has a crush on you.

    And the class envy by the other one on display is more priceless.

    What’s the common denominator where the deserts exist besides the Dems and their rule?

  10. Good question D.J. asks,when was Illinois “great”?

    And Marty has capsulized what should have been the get the boots on the ground message at Lincoln Day dinner, not grandstanding by state senator. and a brief, incoherent intro from new Chairman.

    The shoeboxes are bigger nowadays ,come in different shapes and forms, “jobs”, lobbying, Madigan funded elections – and we’ve seen the Ness image being propped up, regularly.

    Such a sideshow, should be a big target; to get rid of the parasites who drain our state.

    Votes are out there.

    We have to get OUR people back to the polls.

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