Reick Reports on Paying for Health Care Costs for Illegal Aliens and Democrats’ Attack on Crisis Pregancy Centers

From State Rep. Steve Reick:

This Week in Springfield: 

Legislative Update: 

This was a busy week in Springfield.

We were in session from Monday through Friday voting on hundreds of bills.

Next Friday marks the scheduled adjournment for this year’s legislative session – and as history has taught us, this last week is when all of the crazy stuff gets passed at the last minute.

There’s an old saying that nothing good happens after 2:00 AM, and that applies to the legislature as well.

Unfortunately during the last week of session we’re often in session after 2:00 AM. 

As we move further along in the budget process, the Revenue Committee has continued to meet to discuss potential bills to be included in the budget package to either enhance state revenues (read tax or fee increases) or to provide tax relief (mainly in the form of enhanced or new tax credits).

It is unlikely that the majority party will allow a bipartisan budget drafting process, but these public hearings do offer a good opportunity for us to ask questions and shine a spotlight on Illinois’ uncompetitive tax code.

Throughout these last few weeks of session, there has been an unending stream of groups advocating before the legislature for an increase in spending on programs and specific budget line-items.

We have not yet seen a budget proposal from the majority party, but the budget pressures our state faces continue to rise.

Below, I will highlight one program that has cost taxpayers more than four times the original cost estimate. 

Meanwhile, last week, we learned that the state is expected to bring in $738 million less revenue than previous projections.

So, while spending pressures rise, our state’s projected revenue is less than we expected earlier this year. 

Hot Topic of the Week: 

Undocumented Immigrant Healthcare Costs Far Outpace Cost Estimates

In May of 2022, legislation was passed on a party-line vote and was signed by the Governor that expanded Medicaid coverage in Illinois to cover undocumented immigrants who are 42 years old or older.

This Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults program was originally estimated to cost $220 million per year.

Last week we learned that the cost of this program will actually be around $1.1 billion per year. 

Typically costs of Medicaid are shared between state and federal taxpayer dollars through a federal matching system.

However, because the beneficiaries of this program are not U.S. citizens, Illinois is unable to access the matching federal dollars.

This means that Illinois taxpayers must cover the costs of this entire program. 

Medicaid is the largest area of spending within the State budget.

This spending cannot go unexamined or unchecked.

This is why my colleagues and I have called for this program to be paused and audited. 

While Illinois Republicans push for responsible spending and oversight, Illinois Democrats recently filed House Bill 1570, which would further expand the Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults programs to include adults aged 19-42.

This would mean every undocumented immigrant would be able to receive Medicaid benefits in Illinois. [Emphasis added.]

This continued expansion with no spending restraints is irresponsible and unsustainable. 

You can read more about this program and the unexpected increase in costs here

House Debates and Passes Bill to Allow Speech to be Policed on a “Case by Case Basis” 

The Illinois House voted on a bill this week that targets crisis pregnancy centers through enhancing actions that can be brought under the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act.

When the sponsor was asked basic questions about what qualified as a deceptive practice, the sponsor would only answer saying that the bill allowed the Illinois Attorney General to determine that on a “case-by-case basis.” 

Bills like this move us away from being a government of laws toward being a government of men.

I shared these thoughts on the House Floor: 

The Week Ahead

Next week is the last scheduled week of Legislative Session for this Spring. We are scheduled to be in Springfield from Monday, May 15th through Friday, May 19th.

The House and Senate are scheduled to adjourn on May 19th. 


Reick Reports on Paying for Health Care Costs for Illegal Aliens and Democrats’ Attack on Crisis Pregancy Centers — 20 Comments

  1. Brownsville Tx. has 15000 illegals 10 deep on Main Street, at the same time Sanctuary Illinois gets a busload of 45 and declares a State of Emergency.

  2. Not exactly an intellectual giant, is he.

    At least he’s not Leftist Sue Ness or Comrad Commissar Jan Schakowsky.

    Wow, the bar is so low these days.

  3. No No No….

    We don’t take care of seniors.

    Minimum Soc Security payment is below the minimum wage the libs say is in tolerable.

    Maybe think about taking care of US CITIZENS, not so called “Migrants”

  4. South Shore, Chicago voted for Joe Biden in 2020 by a whopping 97%

    This is how residents are reacting to 250-500 migrants coming to their area:

    Blacks on the southside are worried illegals will diminish their plantation handouts. What’s Reick doing about protecting the Chiraq plantation?

  5. Biden allows our nation to be invaded by millions across the southern borders. Wonder if he and and his regime floated the idea balloon to expand the invasion to ALL borders? The west coast, east coast, gulf coast, border with Canada? Might the balloon also include allowing airplanes from ANY country in the world to fly their invaders directly into major airports of sanctuary cities/states? Where is his compassion in having the invaders have to WALK through Mexico?

    He could very well accelerate his destruction and TRANSFORMATION of the US before he leaves on Jan 20 2025.

  6. I like Reick too, DrRob.

    I’ve voted for him multiple times.

    But my statements above still stand as true.

  7. DrRobb, Reick is an self-proclaimed atheist.

    Besides being, hopefully, a recent ex-drunk and convicted ex-drunk driver, he is a never-Trumper from ‘16.

    He proclaimed this personally to me at the ‘16 County Fair.

    I don’t know if he ever changed his tune or is still a swamp creature.

    I do know he remains a very lazy personality.

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