Another View of Democrats’ Plan to Give All Illegal Aliens Health Benefits

From State Senator Tom Bennett:

Title 42 Highlights Illinois’ Ballooning Undocumented Healthcare Program

May 12, 2023, marked the end of Title 42, which is a federal provision that allowed the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to expel or restrict the number of migrants entering the United States to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

As thousands amass at the United States border, its ending is highlighting a billion-dollar program in Illinois that provides free healthcare to undocumented immigrants.

The Health Benefits for Immigrant Seniors program was implemented in 2020 to provide benefits to undocumented immigrants ages 65 and older.

It has since been incrementally expanded to include individuals ages 42 and older, and renamed Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults (HBIA).

Because Democrats relied on an estimate provided by advocates that grossly underestimated the number of people who would enroll – and failed to verify that it would be accurate – the program exceeded its yearly appropriation in the first month it was in place.

As Democrats have expanded the program, that trend has only continued, and next year it will cost taxpayers $1.1 billion. Gov. JB Pritzker initially boasted about Illinois’ status as the only state in the nation offering healthcare to undocumented immigrants at this scale, but he is now walking back that enthusiasm as costs continue to rise. 

Despite ballooning costs, Democratic legislators continue pushing to further expand the program.

Senate Bill 122 would expand taxpayer-funded coverage to all undocumented adults.

This expansion would add an additional $380 million to the program’s cost, bringing the total tab for taxpayers to nearly $1.5 billion.

As pandemic-era funding dries up and the economy slows down, Senate Republicans are urging Democratic colleagues to consider budgetary pressures Illinois faces and be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars.

Senator Bennett believes that Illinois should first keep promises made to its vulnerable citizens, such as the developmentally disabled community whose programs have been underfunded by half a billion dollars over the last three years.


Another View of Democrats’ Plan to Give All Illegal Aliens Health Benefits — 12 Comments

  1. Buying votes for DEMOCRATS costs money, lots of money.

    But no worries, because one way or another the taxpayers will be forced
    to foot the bill.

    Praise be unto Pritzker and his ilk.

  2. This is like a huge magnet drawing immigrants from all over the globe to Illinois for excellent free health care while citizens born here pay huge premiums or have no health care.


  3. Wait until the Illinois Soviet under jewish Tyrant Rex, Fatso Pritzker, commands homeowners take in an illegal invader for every extra 400 feet of residence living space above 1000 sq. ft.

    ‘They are seeking asylum from their own sh!thole lands so they can turn America in a 3rd world rathole.’ Fatty will say, ‘and you better like it, or a you get a term in a reeducation camp or “J6” treatment!’

  4. Pristzer sucks for this reason!

    You don’t give illegal immigrants free medical care for people over 42.

    Unless it’s free healthcare for all deport

    Deport anyone receiving free anything.

    This is BS at the tax payers expense

  5. And I am a Viet nam veteran still trying to get my agent orange benefit .

    Have been trying for a year and a half.

    Have received 0 $

  6. i have a better idea give them all the libtard politician perks and salaries.. pensions, that way the common man won’t be burdened… you want’em you got em to take care of…

  7. Seems the Democrats are trying to rule over everything in this country.

    I hate Illinois and Pritzker even more.

    I am a senior citizen trying to live on Social Security.

    I am a born and raised citizen of this country.

    I worked and paid for years to get Soc. Sec. and now we may lose that.

    BUT outside people are allowed to come in and get handed EVERYTHING!!!

    Illinois wants to keep raising taxes which a lot of us can’t afford.

    The fat cats in this state DON’T give a damn about us.

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