John Kass Writes Column Instead of Rehab

Rehab from what?

Please understand that I’m in therapy at Shirley Ryan Ability Labs three times a week, though I skipped my Friday therapy sessions to write this column. I just had to write it, though I’m really not fully recovered from the stroke and quadruple bypass issues.  But I’ve got great therapists and I’m trying. My appetite is up. And I’m walking better every day. On Saturday I even made it to Soldier Field to see the beloved Chicago Fire win their second game in a row. God is great. Life is good. Betty and the boys and I want to thank you all for your love and support in this difficult time. Love to all. Peace.

The column is brilliant.

It is about the murder of the 25-year old black Chicago Policewoman in front of her home.

There is no paywall.


John Kass Writes Column Instead of Rehab — 7 Comments

  1. I agree. Kass is spot on. But how did we get here? RIGGED ELECTIONS WITH CORRUPT VOTING SYSTEMS

    Being reactive on that issue instead of proactive will continue to provide the exact same result.

    I hope Kass recovers.

    I read him daily on the train on my way to work and before the Tribune turned into fire pit kindling

  2. The problem with people like Kass is that they can’t look at the big picture.

    Sure, the little apes who murder the law abiding should get the chair….. but that’s now ruled out….. even if they murdered 10,000.

    But there’s something innate about congoids.

    They just can’t be ‘integrated’ into a 21st century stable society.

    All the affirmative action; wailing columnists (like the good Kass); ever lowering of standards; equal opportunity shibboleths; psuedoChristian ‘ethics’; constant negro TV commercials incompetent politicos like Lightfoot, nitwits like Steve Harvey and Lebron, Defense Secy Austin, Tim ‘the shim’ Evans, Marxist adulterers and doctoral thesis plagiarizes like MLK; renaming Ft. Hood and destroying statues of White heros like Lee, Calhoun, Columbus and Gen. Balbo, can’t change the 2 standard deviation average IQ deficits of our black ‘betters.’

    The Dilbert creator was spot on!

  3. Agree that Kass is spot on. But if you really read and reflect on the current state of affairs, one needs to look no further than the opening minutes of the inauguration of Brandon Johnson.

    Immediately following the singing of the national anthem, the “Black National Anthem” is preformed. ???

    So we have 13% of the population with their own anthem and an agenda of lawlessness without penalty in play, I guess there really no hope.

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