Official Covid Health Emergency Declared Over

From Steven Moore’s Unleash Prosperity Hotline #771:

The Longest 15 Days of Our Lives

After 1,196 days, the COVID public health emergency mercifully ended at 12:01 am this morning. 


Official Covid Health Emergency Declared Over — 12 Comments

  1. Darn it! Now we’ll need some new Q-spiracies to fill the void.

  2. Well there was a lot of money to steal and that does take time.

  3. There never was an emergency.

    Once again, the American idiots were duped by a corrupt government.

    Namely, Fauci and the DEMOCRATS.

  4. Abe it was a trial run to see what the tyrants could get away with.

    60% of my siblings fell for it.

    They regret it now.

    People actually believe their government has their best interest in mind.

    Those same people don’t have a clue who owns the Federal Reserve.

  5. This has large consequences for the health care industry, citizens of Illinois and Illinois government.

    The federal government will lower and in some cases end health insurance premium assistance for many individuals who purchase their own coverage.

    I know of a family who’s premium will change from $422 a month to $1608.
    They will no longer be able to afford insurance.

    Many companies have gone the easy way out and dumped their employees on Obama care forgoing a company plan.

    Hospitals will also be greatly affected.

    The days of the easy $$$ for Hospitals getting huge covid reimbursements from the federal government are gone.

    This is what has partly driven these emergency extensions.

    Watch for the health care groups to tighten up care in the future to maintain profits.

  6. Next up; Climate change and then Reparations.

    How trillions are now needed for redistribution.

    Then from there, will be reparation tax reimbursement for all the illegals let in who paid into the tax system, however, were not given medicare nor medicaid.

    Don’t thinks soo?

    give it 5 years….

  7. The Racket Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex: the Top 50 Names to know and the result of months of work, by a large team, which among other things followed leads from #TwitterFiles material.

  8. Can’t wait for the next fake evil corrupt controlling mandate a ton of ignorant people complied with. Coming to you soon.

  9. What a joke.

    Our governmental “authorities” are a jocular mess of losers, frauds, and inept monsters.

    They totally botched the COVID pandemic.

    If government did NOTHING, they would have done infinitely better at protecting the public.

    When will government learn Reagan’s principle:

    The 9 most dangerous words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

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