Algonquin Township Board Refuses to Approve Supervisor Randy Funk’s Choice of Jim Kelly as Attorney

After the resignation of Michael Cortina as Township Attorney on the day before a resolution to report “unethical conduct” to the Attorney Registation and Disciplinary Commission was on the agenda at a Special Meeting, Supervisor Randy Funk came up with the name of another fellow Crystal Lake Lions Club member, Jim Kelly.

Jim Kelly was Algonquin Township Attorney while Chuck Lutzow was Supervisor during the time when the Edgar County Watchdogs were suing for failure to provide information requested under the Freedom of Information Act and the when the Road District was seeking to be paid vacation pay for former Road Commissioner Bob Miller that had been taken from the Road District, rather than from the Town Fund.

Kelly had been approved by the current Board to assist in developing next year’s budget.

He and Trustee Millie Medendorp worked together on the project.

That subject had been completed last Wednesday when Funk asked for approval of his appointment of Kelly for broader duties.

Algonquin Township Board on May 10, 2023, with attorney Jim Kelly to the left of Supervisor Randy Funk.

“Jim has been at this forever,” Funk said.

“He’s very good at it.

“He’s very easy to work with.

“He was the past township lawyer [when] we went through this mess.

“The Trustees didn’t listen.

“We probably could have stopped [Robert] Hanlon before he got us up to $900,000.

“He knows his stuff.

“He’ll be honest with us.”

Trustee Ed Zimel told of talking with Jim Militello.

[Militello was the attorney for McHenry Township who got the law allowing the abolition of townships in McHenry County by referendum, the one sponsored by State Reps. David McSweeney and Jack Franks, declared unconstitutional.]

He said his rates were reasonable and came recommended.

Interjecting, Funk said Militello had “represented a lot of folks against the Algonquin Township Assessor.”

Funk claimed Kelly was “three or four times better than Militello.]”

He said an attorney was needed for the waste hauler contract and the Siemens security contract.

Trustee Theresa Fronczak reviewed the rates proposed by Kelly:

  • $250 per hour
  • $325 per hour for litigation, going up to $350 by November/December

Kelly said he earned much more from private clients.

Kelly said he had b een representing townships for the better part of two decades and had served eight years as an Assistant State’s Attorney concentrating on Freedom of Information and Open Meetings Acts enforcement.

Trustee Teresa Sharpe Decker moved to postpone the decision.

“We need a chance to interview others,” she explained.

“We need a lawyer now,” Funk asserted.

Trustee Medendorp suggested a week wouldn’t make much difference.

Apparently Militello was out of the country, returning this week.

“We should look at options,” said Medendorp.

“Why haven’t you put other attorneys in front of us?’

“It’s up to the Supervisor to appoint.

“I shall not call a special meeting to appoint an attorney.”

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.


Algonquin Township Board Refuses to Approve Supervisor Randy Funk’s Choice of Jim Kelly as Attorney — 11 Comments

  1. Cortina is an idiot and should be looked into in my opinion.

    I wouldn’t trust him with pocket change.

  2. Kenneally would have time to handle this light workload as you can’t spend all day jacking off.

  3. Funk has his hands full because those board members are absolute idiots. Whatever happened with that felon board member Zimel?

  4. Funky Funk got punked, just what he deserves with a whore like Kelly.

    Investigate Kelly’s consigliere and putrid past with another Algonquin Township crook: Bob Miller.

  5. What was Militello doing in Albania? Representing accused organ harvesters?

    Why would anyone vote for Jim Kelly, a stinking chump?

    What is going on under Kingpin Funk?



    What deal did Funk make with Kelly?

  6. Time to liquidate Algonquin Township and its taxpayer waste!

  7. Hey CLM is that more of those facts and great political insight you possess?

  8. More bitchin from the crowd. And yet the great “political discourse” by the great unwashed doesn’t even offer any names. Just bitchin. LOL

  9. If there’s a common theme between neighboring cities is unethical actions by city / village lawyers.

    Much like McCardle law firm who also has several ARDC compliments ready to file or submitted.

    McCardle himself has been also accused and actions pending of malfeasance by a former owner of a local restaurant in McHenry.

    What the hell is wrong with these village / city officials in hiring!

    Or is it just corruption as usual?

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