Comment on Home Depot Shoplifting Policy Comes on Day Company Reports Falling Profits

First read “Doctor Who’s” comment:

“Saw a woman stealing in the Crystal Lake Home Depot and reported it to the front desk service Ctr.

“They actually told me they couldn’t do anything about because of ‘corporate policy’….

“So I got the store manager.

“This parrot repeated what his underling said about corporate.

“I said I’m sick of subsidizing such criminality through higher prices to cover the ‘shrinkage.’”

Now take a look at what I found today in WND’s email:

Home Depot’s Profits in Q1 Lowest Since 2009

ABCAfter years of explosive growth during the pandemic, Home Depot’s revenue during the first quarter fell short of expectations and the company cut its profit and sales outlook for the year, sending shares lower at the opening bell. Home Depot on Tuesday projected its first decline in annual revenue since 2009 in the aftermath of the bursting of the housing bubble and financial crisis. For the three months ended April 30, revenue dropped to $37.26 billion from last year’s $38.91 billion, and it was short of the $38.45 billion projected by analysts polled by Zacks Investment Research

I’ve had occasion to rent equipment from Home Depot.

Trucks aren’t returned but are not considered stolen for a month or until the credit card used to rent them stops paying.

One was found half a country away. The renter was living in it.

Another valuable item had a GPS attached. It was found in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on the way to Africa.


Comment on Home Depot Shoplifting Policy Comes on Day Company Reports Falling Profits — 3 Comments

  1. Helen Seinfeld : Nobody pays for everything.

    Jerry Seinfeld : You’re stealing too? What are you stealing?

    Morty Seinfeld : Nothing… batteries. Well, they wear out so quick.

    Jerry Seinfeld : Mom, you too?

    Helen Seinfeld : Sometimes your father forgets, so I have to steal them.

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